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Beautfort, North Carolina

( by Donna Sage Hunter.)

I have attached a picture I took of an old Civil War Jail and Court from the 1800s town square of Beaufort, North Carolina, that has been preserved for the tourists.. Beaufort is the 3rd oldest town in North Carolina that lies along the Atlantic Oceanside...We go to visit where Black Beard the Pirate once owned a home and the Old Burial Grounds with many a savory character buried there with many stories to match also from Revolutionary times as well as during the Civil War in this area and burial grounds surrounding an old, white clapboard church with gothic shaped windows full of colored picture glass and the grounds are covered with ancient pecan trees full of birds and squirrels overhead, the world is shut out and the past whispers too you, as you step amongst the old graves, flowered bushes and wisteria in full color everywhere...the grounds covered with moss on old crevices and bricked graves...wild ponies live on a island just a stones throw across the bay, brought over on ships from centuries before, still wild along the beach, grazing on the grasses and bushes, manes blowing and whinny's heard on the salty air....In the preserved old part of Beaufort, in the town square, beside the Old Jailhouse and Courtroom is stocks still standing as testament to the people that were placed in these for punishment in those days...I looked from the right side of the clear paned windows into the big, old building and looked thru to the other side of the room thru the other window only seeing the old trees thru them...I had been taking pictures of all kinds of awesome things and thought as I clicked off another digital picture how really cool it would be too get a picture of something in the hazy emptiness in the sultry, humid, sunny glow inside...later, as I looked thru my photo shots, much to my surprise I noticed some figures on the bottom right side of my photo of inside the old place...it seems to be a woman with a man with a hat, maybe a confederate hat sitting next to her...I've sent this to a couple of sites and have had this looked at by many....I thought since I was here at this site checking out a friends website, I would share this picture and the story of how I came by it...
Thank You.
Love and Light ..
Donna Sage Hunter  
02 05 07
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