Haunted Apartment
Case #1/(Spiritual Investigative Team) - 2 Oct 02
Report by:  T. Tedana
A female client contacted an FPRF member, Monica Tedana  to aid in determining if  her apartment had an entity residing with her.  Monica is known in the local area for her abilities to pick up anomalies in what would, to the normal human senses, appear to be vacant space.  Other members of the team were unavailable for this investigation. The client reported that apparent abnormal occurrences began shortly after her boyfriend had moved in.  She sensed (I know, this is very subjective) and reported feelings of being watched,  cold spots, lights flickering,  etc.  We arrived around 7:30 in the evening.  The air did have an ‘electric’ feel to it when we entered.  I set up recording equipment in an attempt to capture EVP’s, and took sample readings of the rooms throughout the apartment using a TriField EMF Meter (Model 100 XE).  I also began taking random pictures using a Digital camera.  The Sony Nite-Shot was not utilized due to that fact that we had no one to operate it.  Monica simply closed her eyes and started walking around.  She sensed two entities in the house, but only one was what you would call  a negative type.  This was the one causing the problems.  She walked around the dwelling, eyes closed, trying to pinpoint where she sensed it.  It seemed to her as though it was roving around avoiding the camera flash.  It appeared to be moving between the bedroom and the living room.  Monica eventually walked towards a corner of the living room and ‘sensed’ that the entity  had finally stopped there.  The Tri-field meter picked up nothing.  I then took a picture to where she was indicating.  The resulting image verified that some type of anomaly was indeed there.  We showed the digital image taken on the camera to the client.  She then indicated she wanted it out of her home.  We informed her that all we could do was talk to it.  The choice was ultimately up to it.
Monica sensed it was a female, and a very angry one.   She  told the entity that we wanted to communicate with her.  We had brought a ouija board as this method is a lot less evasive than actual channeling (which is very draining for the medium).  The anomaly communicated very little through the board.  Simply spelled out, “my home, get out”.  We prompted several questions.  We did get a name; the anomaly called itself  - Ethyl (most likely, Ethel...through our experiences using the board we've learned that sprits misspell a lot).   Other than that, it just kept repeating for us to ‘get out, my home’.   Monica and the client told it repeatedly that it could not stay in that dwelling and that it had to go.  It continued to spell out  “no, my home – get out”.  This line of communication proved fruitless and, after a while, Monica decided that perhaps she could channel it.  This worried me a bit because Monica usually only channels one of two trusted guide entities she has.  This was new ground for us.  I was also uneasy that channeling a negative entity could also leave a ‘residual’ effect on her, or perhaps it may decide it didn’t want to leave her body afterwards.  We discussed it and Monica felt confidant she could do it (her guide/guardian was also there), reluctantly I agreed.  We asked the client what she wanted us to do and she said essentially, “make it go away”.  Monica then invited the entity into her explaining what she intended to do, Monica then slowly went into trance.  When it finally took hold it was very odd seeing a negative energy in her.  Her eyes remained closed during the entire time but she turned her head as if though she were looking about.  'It' touched its face and felt her hair, breathing in deeply while doing so and suddenly started weeping.  Her nose started to run and ‘it’ touched her nose area.  ‘It’ spoke softly as it cried.  “My nose is running, do you know how good it feels just to ‘feel’ your nose running?” It said, as it continued to touch her face.  When I spoke to it, her face turned into pure rage.  I will not say exactly word for word what was spoken but she was very, very angry with men.  I just so happen to be a man!  We found out the reason for her deep hatred towards men.  Apparently, she was only around 20 years old when she was murdered.  The murder took place in the 1930’s.  A group of men followed her from a bar.  They raped her and afterwards, killed her.  She was not ready to die; she had her whole life in front of her.  All she would say, with great hatred in her voice, was that she died so “men could have their fun and games”.  Whenever I attempted to speak to her she would just start cursing.  I allowed the client (also female) to speak to her.  She did.  The entities disposition towards the client was entirely opposite the response I received.  She smiled gently and spoke softly to her.  We found out that she (the entity) simply hung out at the, now bar/restaurant where (she was taken from before being murdered) she last visited on this realm  and now would simply watch the customers, coming, leaving and interacting.  She continued to speak full of distain for men, saying “men, just wanting to play their games. Playing with women’s affections”.  But then she also said in a lower voice “but now I see many women who are just as bad as men now”.  She said she saw the client walk in one day (the client’s new boyfriend works at the establishment).  She said of the client “her light was so bright…so pure…so beautiful”.  She followed her home.  She said she followed her to ‘protect’ her from men…all men, including her new love interest.  She said this was her home now and she was there to protect.  After hearing the story I again address the entity.  Her face immediately transformed into a mask of disgust again when she turned to face me.  I softly told her that she had died and was stuck here in this world because of the ill feelings she had at the time of her death, I understand her feelings and she had every right to feel that way.  I understood.  She then shot back laughingly “understand, you understand?  You are a man, you cannot...you can never  understand!” and then she proceeded into a angry triad.  I let her have her say until she calmed down slightly and then I started again. I explained to her in detail (simply summarizing here) that there is no death, there was simply a transforming back to what she was. An eternal spirit.  I also explained views on reincarnation and of guides and angels and of the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ that occurs when souls are reborn in each life to learn knowledge and lessons.  I explained that she was still trapped within this veil of forgetfulness and would remain that way until she could go home.  I mentioned she did not have to continue in this hellish existence as a shadow no one sees and who is alone and filled with hatred.  She then shot back at me several rebuttal’s (she really did hate men).  I then attempted another strategy, I told her (I called her by her name throughout to make it more personal) to think back to a time before the moment of her death…of loved ones she once knew.  Her face changed slightly.  I then asked her to think back when she was a little girl, at home with her parents…Christmas time. Thanksgiving.  I asked her to focus on those memories.  She did, the hatred on her face slowly left…as she began to remember…tears again started.  I asked her if she remembered what her mother and father looked like, their faces.  She said ‘yes’.  I told her that "They have been waiting so long for you to come home, they miss you”.  She sobbed.  I said to her “if you think of them, they will come…they have been waiting for you to allow them to appear to you. I asked her to focus on their faces and think of them.  “Can you sense them near?”  She said ‘yes’.  I asked her if she saw a light coming…she said ‘yes’ but did want to look at it.  I told her not to be afraid, it was her mother and father,  to turn and look into their eyes.  She then said, ‘but if I leave. who will take care of her?”  I told her that she could come back afterwards…after going home and re-learning who she is.  If she really wanted, she could come back as a guardian full of knowledge and then she could really help instead of simply being a ‘shadow on the walls’.  I then asked her to turn and look into her parent’s eyes.  She did.  I asked her what she saw…she simply said ‘Mom,..Dad..I see them’.  I then asked, what do you see in their eyes?  She responded, “Love, they say they’ve missed me so.”  I asked her to take their hands and go home with them.  For a brief moment, there was only silence, Monica suddenly fell over hard (have to remember that for next time..be near to catch).  All was quiet for a minute as I went to make sure Monica was alright.  The air ‘felt’ different.  Ethyl had apparently departed.  During the investigative review, it is to be noted that the EMF meter  never displayed anything out of the ordinary during the event.  EVP recordings also picked up nothing but a lot of tape hiss and mechanical background noise.  Images were picked up on digital camera however.  We could have definitely used at least one Scientific Investigator as I was attempting to double as a counselor and a scientific investigator,  and it was impossible to do anything on the later role once the channeling began.  As a follow-up we checked back in a few days and then later, a few weeks to see how things were going at the apartment.  The client reports that everything is now peaceful.
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