Haunted Home
Case #11/ Riverview FL,  Home - 22 Sept 03
Background information/Interview:
A letter for assistance was sent to Florida Paranormal on 10 August 03.  Details on correspondance are as follows:
Before I go into ALL that is going on I thought I would send a short inquiry. Or a life line. Or a flare. Even an SOS !  :)
I am in Riverview and there is just SO much going on right NOW that life is becoming difficult. Please, if you are still a working group or know of a reputable working group in Florida I would VERY much appreciate knowing about it.
Thank you
Hello Kristy
We are still a working group, just finished an investigation in Green Cove Springs this week.  Can you please give us some back ground on events that are causing life to be difficult for you?
look forward to hearing back from you.
Tim Tedana
Florida Paranormal Research Foundation
(Response by client)
Tim? TIM??
Well, I'll take THAT as a sign you are the ones I've been hoping for!
And I honestly don't know where to begin OR how to NOT sound like a nut or a fool while I'm saying it.
Here goes. On July 30 2003 at 9:36p my phone rang. Caller ID said Faulkenburg Rd and a phone number. There was no message on the recorder.
On the 31st at 10:00 the phone rang and caller ID logged that it was Faulkenburg Rd again. Same number. I called the number. There was no tone, no answer , nothing. I tried several times. I called Verizon 411 and was told that this was a public access number but that it was not in use at this time. I checked twice.
Two days later when the phone ID'd the caller as Faulkenburg Rd I answered immediately altho the number was different. No one there and when I dialed the number the recording said that the number was no longer in service. I rechecked.
The next day Faulkenburg Rd called wanting to make a collect call from-unintelligible. The number was not in service and that call is still recorded on my machine.
What is so interesting about this is that I had been THINKING about laying flowers at one of those side of the road memorial signs on Faulkenburg Rd after seeing a woman more than a few times caring for it so diligently. I have never stopped at one of these memorials but this one ALWAYS drew my attention. After the collect call I visited the site and took a couple of pictures. There is no paranormal object in the pictures but the nice man came home with me.
His name is Tim P_______.
I have several EVP's of Tim but as I am just about three weeks new at this I haven't got great equipment or the budget for any right now and even though Tim is very talkative it sounds as though he is JUST out of the range to be heard loudly. Clearly doesn't strike me as a problem. But Tim seems to be willing to do his best!
There are also the voices of three other individuals recorded but Tim seems to have a MAJOR agenda and as I have been using a dowsing rod for a couple of years I am able to get many "yes" and "no" questions answered.
According to his well kept memorial sign Tim was born Dec 28 1969 and passed on Dec 18 of 2002.
The following information is what I believe to be true at this point. He was not married at the time of the car accident that took his life-but not his girl friends. He has an ex wife. He still had his mustache at the time of his passing. His second to the oldest brother got his prize yellow motorcycle (pictured at his memorial) He is a high school math teacher. He knows I am lousy with numbers. He didn't have a pet cat. He is the second to the youngest of four boys. His parents are both still living and still married. He tried to contact his brothers after his passing. He tried to contact the still living grandparents after his passing but only managed to frighten them which upset him. He says that people like me that can see and/or hear and/or feel folks like him (in my case badly) look "different' than people that can't and he saw me drive by his memorial more than once.
I HAVE learned that when asking "yes and no" with these nice folks you have to be VERY careful as they are LITERAL. To try to be on the lighter side I once said to a nice woman that "wasn't my house Grand Central?" She said it was NOT. So what I have written down may not be 100% correct but it is what I got.
Tim is also adamant about getting my attention about some confusion is important papers and is very much in evident after I go to bed. As he is very forceful it is very uncomfortable for me to stay in bed while he is there and I can't seem to convince him I will do my best come the day time. It has been three nights since I've been able to sleep. He is her now, I believe. He is very noticeable. I asked him if he would be that "in evident" if I tried to get us some help. He said yes.
That is my story up to this point. I have the phone records, I have the phone recordings, I have a log of incidents, my husband has been here for two of the calls, I have myself video taped asking questions and getting reply's on the dowsing rods, I have five taped sessions with voices very clear in several reply's and I have many pictures with paranormal evidence which experience assures ME that they are NOT errors in photography!
This is what I know. This is what I believe to be the truth. I have contacted Ronda Beamer of Ronda's Paranormal to help me access public records about a Tim P_____ to verify any or all of the mentioned information. I hope you can be of help also. I sure do need to get some rest.
Thank you,
Correspondence between the client and FPRF continued almost daily.  Ms V______ sought the assistance of  Dr Andrew Nichols of the American Institute of Parapsychology but did not receive the help or answers she sought.  It was eventually decided to sent a point person to the home to investigate the case in person.  Mr. Tyson Anderson was assigned to the case.  Below is his report.
Residential Investigations
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Report by Tyson Anderson - 22 Sept 03   Location: Tampa, FL  Client: Kris ______
Arrived at the clients houses at 2:05 in the afternoon and was warmly received by Miss _________ who had been dozing outside by her pool. The reason for this she said was because she was afraid to go inside, that it hurt her when they were around hugging at her and pushing at her. She said that the house had been so full of energy earlier that it had seemed filled with mist. After accepting a glass of lemonade I brought out the forms and had her sign the release from first. I then started with the other forms, as this was not a single phenomenon we were dealing with I found the forms a little hard to use and decided to go with the first time she noticed it and generalized information about the multiple phenomenon. Her first phenomenon happened while she was sitting in the living room chair and it came to her attention that her legs where very cold, much colder than they should be. At first Ms. _________ thought it was due to poor circulation. However the feeling persisted and she felt surprise. As to the end of this phenomenon she says that she still feels cold. After ward she was feeling overwhelmed and pleased. Miss. _________ wears reading glasses which had been worn at the time of this phenomenon. She is not color blind and due to medication is sensitive to light. Miss _________ also maintains that she has very sensitive hearing doe not use a hearing aid and was not actively listening at the time.. She also maintains that she has a good sense of smell and can normally identify odors. She is allergic to penicillin and was not and is not suffering from a cold.
           Several times in her house she has smelled two different odors, that of stale cigar smoke, and that of what Miss _________ described as expensive perfume. Neither smoke and I can only assume that it was not her perfume. The stale smoke smell appears in and around an old chair and the smell of perfume in the computer room hallway. The odors have not changed and lasted about 10 minutes she said. The apparitions do make physical contact with her and this causes her physical pain. Other physical phenomenon that have occurred are heat cold, and electric tingling, physical touch, and once the feel of a dogs nosed pressed against her cheek. This she said was Bear, her old dog, at this I felt a little skeptical. No identifying marks have been left. Ms. _________ is currently taking prescribed pain medication due to a car wreck she was in and she does not drink.  
Having established these facts I went onto the second questionnaire, once again covering several different phenomenon. The only witnessed event took place on August 18th around 2:00PM when Miss. _________s friend Helen Cook came to visit her friend. Miss _________ said that someone was with her. Said spirit then sat on Miss. _________ crushing her into her seat. The person turned out to be Miss. Cook’s grandfather. They then proceeded to ask questions to which Miss _________ claimed to know have been able to already know the answer and she got them right. I have yet to contact Miss Cook Regarding this incident. The weather had been hot and humid with no lightening or thunder and no precipitation. There were not any accompanying temperature variations or electrical problems.
A second incident occurred on an August Monday of indeterminate date under the same atmospheric conditions. No witnesses other than Miss _________ were present .at the time. She was doing cleaning in the attic while on a ladder. While she was working a dark, large, male, figure which she mistook for her husband came up and stood behind her. As there was no reassuring greeting she felt that her husband was mad at her and turned to ask him what was wrong. However nothing was there, the figure had vanished. Due to Miss _________’s position at the time she was unable to ascertain whether it cast a shadow. The apparition did not move objects or make eye contact. The apparition did not try to make any recognizable form of contact and moved from behind her to a closer position to her also behind. Despite this she said the apparition was clothed in jeans and a T-shirt. It was visible for 15-20s. She had not been sleeping before the sighting but was tired as she was working. She did not scream as she had originally mistook it for her husband. After it had vanished she said to it “don’t tell me your one of those men who stands around watching women work.”  No picture or video was taken of the apparition and she did not attempt to approach the apparition. Miss. _________ believes the apparition was watching her and has experienced similar instances before although she does not know of anybody who has had similar experiences before. During this sighting no animals were present, no objects broke and no noises were heard.
However during other instances to which she made reference the pet ferret reacted to an unknown forces presence.
I then asked if I could do a walk through with my camera. As we had been outdoors on her patio because she felt safe there we moved inside. Once inside I started taking pictures. Miss. _________ constantly urged the spirits to come out so I could get pictures of them so that I and Mr. Tedana would see she was not insane especially since she had taken so long to get a hold of us. As I walked through she warned me that I had stepped into a portal, 2:45PM, where I felt a cold draft. Upon investigation there was a nearby AC vent not necessarily pointed at the spot, however I felt it necessary to discount this occurrence as supernatural. As I entered the computer room she said that one of the spirits liked to hang around there and that it was there. She removed her necklace and started to use it as a pendulum instructing the spirit as to what was yes and what was no. During this instead of observing the necklace I took pictures. On one of my pictures an orb like object appeared. However as this bright object appeared over a computer screen I believe I might need to discount it. As I poked around in the rooms I started getting an electric creepy crawlie feeling, 3:10PM. The TV had been left on an oldies music station to which I had not been paying attention. Miss. _________ and I adjourned once again outside in order that I might listen to her EVPs and see some photographs. Only one EVP was able to be located, it was on magnetic tape and a separated unidirectional mike was used to record the sound. On it a heart beat is clearly audible while Miss. _________’s voice sounds in the background. After once of her questions a edgy electric noise like a voice mated with Stephen Hawking’s voice program on acid sounded. I could not make out what had been said. After this I came back in and took some more pictures Miss. _________ remained outside for a bit and when she came back in she asked what I was listening to. What I did not take note of was that the station had somehow switched to blue grass a single channel away. The remote lay on top of the TV where it had been left and was undisturbed. I walked through again taking pictures. Then we moved toward the bedroom where she said most of the activity took place. I took some pictures and she then took out some dowsing rods and proceeded to use them asking questions of the spirits. The rods would cross or spread apart in answer to her questions while I kept shooting, none of those pictures revealed anything. Miss _________ claimed to be speaking with 4 different entities within the dowsing session. One was a woman, one was a young man named Tim killed in a motorcycle accident who she claims owned a cherry red motor cycle. This was the only one who wanted something she claims. There was also an old 96 year old man named George, and an unnamed “mean man” who she claimed kept grabbing hold of the rods to refuse anyone to answer her. This mean man was shoved out of the way by George. It is this “mean man” that is the focal point of our investigation as Miss. _________ claims it has attached itself to her and wants it removed as well as the others removed. During this at approximately 3:45PM there was a perfect crystalline ping which came from the adjacent bathroom. I went to go see what it was but could find no solution. I checked the faucet heads and shower head yet all were dry. There were no cracks in any of the glass. And no noticeable temperature difference might have caused a sudden flux in the glass. Miss _________ said this sound was produced occasionally when one of the spirits came through the glass. After this and taking a few more pictures I left around 3:56PM and let her know that we would keep in contact with her.

Tyson Anderson
7 Nov 03 Case Status : Closed - Findings  Inconclusive

Last contact with client was made on 3 Nov.  She stated that while she still felt an energy in the house she was learning to deal with it via some spiritual teachings with local metaphysical groups and reading books.  At this point in time she has decided that a new phase of her life is opening up and has decided to learn to deal with this herself, indicating a full blown investigation would not be required at this time.  Case is closed for now as 'inconclusive' only because findings of an actual haunting could not be documented from several sources as a science team was not formed.  Initial preliminary photo's taken on-site by Tyson Anderson during the initial interview however, did show a presence of an anomaly.
~ Tim Tedana ~

FPRF Investigation Coordinator

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation