Haunted Home
Case #12/ Pt St Lucie FL,  Home -  Oct 03
Background information/Interview:
A letter for assistance was sent to Florida Paranormal on 5 Sept 03.  Details on correspondence are as follows:
Hi my name is Jennifer and I need some consultation and guidance. I have no idea on how to get to a person to talk about my situation. If you can provide any assistance I would appreciate it.
Thank You!
Hello Jennifer,
Can you give us some more specifics on the nature of your problem?
Tim Tedana
Florida Paranormal Research Foundation
Hi Again,
I tried to send you this the other day and it kept getting returned.  I hope this makes it to you!
It really isn't a problem, just things are happening that I can't explain.  The two most predominate instances are...
In an old table there is an imprint of what looks to be like a male fairy, he has very spiky hair and pointed ears.  Very easy to distinguish the face.  This imprint is as if someone made a carving into the table, but the carving isn't down to the wood.  There is still a layer of paint underneath.  Just to the right of the imprint it looks like the word Hi in a childs writing.  This was noticed about a year ago and the imprint is growing and changing.
The other instance is, well, understand I'm in sales and carry a 8 1/2 X 11 page binder all the time.  One day I left my book open as usual, and when I returned within 5 minutes the same type of drawing which is actually like embossed was imprinted through 4 pages of my book.  This time it was hard to see a face but it looked pretty clear that there was a body, arms, legs, and torso.
There are many other unusual things that are happening.  They are not all at home, like the planner incident happened at work.  As soon as I saw it the first thing I thought of was the table.  Is there anyway I could talk to someone whether on the phone or in person about this?
I'm getting the chills and so did my husband when he told me.  We just had another experience.  A few nights ago I finally told my husband about all the events and he actually took it in without thinking I'm crazy.  Anyway, he just explained an event to me that happened to him today.  We use the table that has the face on it in our bedroom.. He walked by the same area of the table and saw spinning on the ceiling, what looked to be just like a hurricane that you would see on the news with the radar.  It was the size of  a small basketball.  He said it stayed in front of him against the ceiling as he was walking into the bathroom.  When he got into the bathroom, it disappeared.
Also I didn't think of mentioning it before but I will now.  The other night he and I were having a very difficult conversation, when we laid down in bed and turned off the lights, I actually had my eyes open in the dark and I saw a very faint light shoot against the wall like a mini shooting star.  I starting to think it may had been a reflection of a car passing down the road, which in itself is a stretch.  As I continued to look around wondering what I had just seen, I could feel something like a shadow swoop over my face.  As I kept my eyes open there was a lot of movement and activity in the room of different shapes and sizes of shadows.
What could be going on here Tim?  I'm starting to get a little concerned.  Would you please share some other experiences of yours?  I don't know why this is happening.  Why do these things occur?  What motivates them?  I really do not think they are here to cause any serious trouble.  I really want to get to the bottom of this.
Hello Jenn,
Having trouble getting a team together to make the trip down there.  Will contact you again when things seem clearer on folks agendas.  
Thanks for your continued efforts.  Minor strange things keep happening.  I really appreciate your support in all this!  It is a bit hard to handle when I'm not sure what is going on and most people are not a good source of support.  On top of everything else going on  my life, the last thing I need to be told is that Im crazy!  Have a great day and keep in touch.
Residential Investigations
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20 Oct 03 - Update
As of this date a spiritual investigation has not yet taken place.  Presently, FPRF which at one time had on its team's spiritual roster 3 very talented mediums/psychics,  is down to one (Deb Nichols) from Jacksonville, FL. Finding true talented gifted individuals in this realm who are 'the real thing' and who do investigations for the pure sake of helping souls on both sides of the veil - while learning more of the unseen energies in this realm is extremely rare (our mediums do not charge clients for interventions).  These pioneers open themselves up to free  captive or trapped souls.  Often  times however, they can experience a backlash (spiritual in nature) against them.  A strange phenomena that we've taken note of.  It takes a true person of high sincerity to see these cases through and continue on as a beckon of light.  The search to continue adding  true talent for the spiritual team continues at this point in time.  The case at present ,  remains open.

8 Nov 03 Case Status -  Closed, findings inconclusive

Client contacted FPRF and stated that since the initial interview accomplished by Marlene Pardo, the events have ceased.  Marlene's photographs did not reveal anything out of the ordinary nor did her recordings pick up any strange EVPs.    At this time the client stated that a full blown investigation would not be necessary since all activity seems to have stopped.
Initial  interview & preliminary investigation - accomplished 11 Oct 03 by Marlene Pardo
The investigation went very well.  We were there about 2 hours, and we had a chance to interview both Jennifer and her husband together and then separately.   Following the questionnaire format you sent me and throwing in some other questions this is a bit more background on what's happening in the home.  They've lived there about 2 years.  The whole development is about 20 years old, and they knew the original owners of the house which were the persons who sold them the house.  It seems they are still in touch with them occasionally and they're alive.  They were a middle-aged Swedish couple who had lived in the house alone, their children were grown up and in college already.  I verified with them, that most likely these owners had not practiced any type of rituals inside the home.  Jennifer has been the one that has seen and felt the most going on in the house.  She feels it took about a year after living there for her to realize that something paranormal was happening in the home.  There have no been no deaths in the home, or with any of the neighbors, no fatal accidents on the road nearby.  
Their home has a split level design, and the area of their bedroom, the master bathroom and the garage seem to be at the center of the disturbances.  These 3 areas all share the same wall.  The table she describes in her email is in the master bedroom.  Also the TV that has switched on and off by itself is in this room, and when her husband witnessed the small hurricane it was in this room.  The only other witness to a disturbance was Jennifer's mom.  She described a situation when they were sitting at the dining room table, which is right outside of the master bedroom, when they heard a soft growling.  She described it almost as in someone's stomach growling.  They checked the dogs and it wasn't them, and they could find no other source for the noise.  This has been the only audio disturbance.  No smells have been experienced ever, nor have they felt any cold spots in any area of the home.  Jennifer also claims that sometime their dogs both flip out and bark for no reason, or track something with their eyes through the sliding glass doors.  Jennifer also showed me the page in her work diary which had been scribbled in while she was at work, the scratching is very similar to what is appearing on the table, and was pressed hard enough to go through 4 pages.  The table does has an area where the word Hi appears.  They told me that they bought this table and another one where their television sits from an elderly gentlemen about 2 years ago who is a family friend.  They don't know if he's still alive, but I personally feel that the furniture is not the problem, it's where they're situated.    
Before going there my digital camera was not working right, so I didn't take it, I just took, my regular 35 MM and the digital recorder.  I took some pictures throughout the house and their bedroom.  I needed to switch out the roll to take pictures of the garage, and the camera stopped working.  I couldn't get the film to load correctly.  I have had this camera for several years, and I've never had this problem before.  I tried and tried, and not until I walked out of the house, and into the driveway was I able to load the film and get it to work.  I had also placed the digital recorder in their master bedroom for about 45 mins, I brought it out to the dining room, and then for good measure left it about 30 mins in another bedroom that serves as an office.  This room along with a guest bedroom, sit on the other side of the house.  Guess what, no recording was measured when it was sitting in their master bedroom.  Everything else did, even when it was sitting in the office, you could still hear our voices in the background coming from the dining room area.  I listened to the recording on the way home, and couldn't hear anything unusual, but today I am planning to sit down with some ear phones, and take a closer listen to it.I will let you know if any evp's were recorded.
This is my impression of this couple.  She seems like a down to earth person, and he does also, even though he is much more skeptical of the whole paranormal explanation than she is.   She feels watched, and has also seen shadows out of her peripheral vision.  Usually the shadow is standing, in other words watching her.  She usually feels it at home, but occasionally has felt it at work.  I don't think she's lying, however I did question her on previous psychic experiences, and she described a situation when she was 17 years old and she was having an argument with her step father who had forced to wash dishes in the sink.  She says that as her stepfather was shouting to her in one ear, she was staring down at a cup in the sink, which started to moved and flutter against the sink bottom.  Her step-father was so busy shouting at her that he didn't notice it.  She says this flipped her out.  Could be a small telekinetic episode, which has sometimes been documented with teenagers in stressful living conditions.  Outside of this, nothing else.  Her husband claims he has never experienced anything paranormal.  Neither one has impaired vision or hearing, they claim not to be taking any prescription drugs, and they don't seem to be the type to take illegal drugs either.
This is what I felt during the time I was there.  The house seemed comfortable, and I didn't feel anything unusual.  Their bedroom is a little dark, but it was OK.  However when I looked out through a window on the door that leads from the kitchen to the garage, I felt something.  When I walked into the garage, it got worse.  While we were out there, Jennifer also showed me a 2nd refrigerator they have in the garage, in which the controls had been rolled up to freezing and several soft drinks inside of it popped due to the drop in temperature.  She showed me how the controls are way in the back and cannot be switched by accident.  For future reference I feel that the area of the corner in the garage where the water heater sits, which is the wall that is shared with the bedroom and the bathroom, and the attic door that is in the garage is the center of what's happening.  You can check against this later on when a psychic investigation team is sent, which I do recommend.  I will be getting the photos developed shortly, and hopefully something will be there, and I will keep you posted on the EVP situation.

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation