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Case #15/ Jacksonville FL,  Home Scientific  Team Investigation  - 20 Dec 03
Residential Investigations
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Scientific Investigation - 20 Dec 03
Team Members Present:  Marleen Nichols, Kimberly Cummings, Jennifer Kovouras, Bill Lee
As I drove into the area on my way to the client’s house, I had a passenger in the car, meeting up someone else in the neighborhood. My passenger is also extremely sensitive and as we took the first turn in the road, we were both struck with the realization that the area was Very Heavy feeling. I turned and commented that something awful had to have happened up here, as it was VERY, VERY bloody and violent feeling. My passenger was also of the opinion that a lot of the action, what ever it was, was even more intense on the hill on the right of us. What a way to start. The original time had been set before sunset; and unfortunately, the area seems to have a mind of its’ own, and lots of secrets. We had pre-arranged to meet as a group. 3 of us were together and to meet Tiffani, who kept telling me she was on the road we were. Strangely enough that was true. The road has 2 T- intersections, and yet, only 3 of them are named the same. When you look it up on Map Quest, there is no mention of which side you may need; or the fact there are 2. By the time we retrieved Tiffani, we were already aware that things are not exactly as they seem there. There is a church you pass, that has no cemetery, and is backed into a hill. It is of a Very old American Faith, and you can feel the age and energy of the entire area. Until I had gone out to this investigation, I had no idea that Jacksonville has such a bloody, deeply violent history connected to the Civil War. It immediately got my attention and I hadn’t even arrived onsite yet. We passed a Park, a Memorial that seemed and felt out of place as well. Looking at it, it got my attention, the whole place calls out to you and was very distracting. My curiosity was at full attention.
Finally we arrived at the house, and parked. Each of us took a feel around as we got out of our vehicles. There is a heaviness that almost makes the wooded street seem darker. This area screams for attention. As I looked around, we made introductions, and split up each in our own directions. The client informed us that they are the first to live in this original residence since it had been renovated. It is an original that had no electrical or indoor plumbing. Old place, old land and deeply family. An initial walk through set me a bit off balance. I started through the kitchen and back hall near the master bedroom, just wanting to get a feel. The back door leads out to a porch, into the backyard, which is connected to a very, very old cemetery. The back hall felt  like there was a pitch in the foundation and threw me a bit off balance, yet I am still not sure that the floors aren’t level. For some reason – I choose to avoid the master bedroom at that time. Going back into the house, I became aware that the children in the family are intensively sensitive, themselves. A very psychic family lives in this active dwelling place.
I proceeded through the house and went into the hall that the 3 bedrooms and other bath meet in. The hall energy was very different when I entered it and I immediately met with a feeling that there were ‘things’ there. As I was feeling around, I became aware of at least 2 spirits. I started getting warmth down my back like someone was within inches (2-4), and watching over my shoulder.  I turned around quickly as to see who was behind me and met “face to face” with a tall soldier, bearded, probably Confederate, who disappeared quickly. He wasn’t expecting or wanting to be seen. Then I saw the woman I called ‘The Nanny”, a Very Tall, very dark black woman dressed in a long dress. She felt and appears to be close to 6 foot tall (extremely tall especially for the era I feel her to be related to), and aproned, Very caring, and quiet. She doesn’t like being pried into though. I turned to my right and entered the office and met the husband in the office. It has very different energy than in the hall. I felt a door where there is a wall and that there used to be steps out of the door. There is also a VERY big problem of some sort between the house next door and something with this house. There seems to be a history within a history. This house and area is the most unique and layered place I have ever worked, or investigated, and will be an ongoing piece of work. The energy in the office is completely different than that of the bedroom it faces, which is normally the children’s playroom. It had an energy block, a door, when I entered it, and faced a boy of about 12-13, Matt, who is very big and tall for his age. On the wall of this room, backwards, is written the name Josh, clearly. The male child in the house, 3 yrs at this time wrote it for his friend, Josh, to tell his parents about him, I believe. Josh is only about 5-6. These boys are related by choice, not by blood. Josh and Matt are spirit children and of the same time period. As I felt out the rest of the room and discussed the changes in it with the client, we spoke of the family dog and the way he has taken to spending his time in this room with the children as things have changed. The dog now spends most of his time with the children in a protection mode. As we were heading into the hall and starting to the last bedroom, the hall had changed again, and at this time, Tiffani called me outside, quickly. I took a quick visit into that bedroom and headed outside.
From this point on, I will paraphrase a bit. Looking at the graveyard, next door, there were spirits all over and in and out, around the yard of the house, the cemetery, and all around. Energy is constantly changing. As we walked around the front yard, we could feel being watched and were aware of several entities. A few times we actually saw them watching us. We went around the side of the house and came upon a tree next to the side of the house. We both had the feeling that there is a grave under it. As we walked to the back, we became of a quite a few entities, spirits walking around. The feel of the land is different and the well seems to be in the right place, yet there is more… The deck on the back felt ‘off’, and was later verified to be an addition, built over the original steps to the house. The house has been recently modernized and up dated. It had belonged to one of the original families in the area, and was being completed as the client signed the papers to move in. Until a few months ago, it had no electricity or running water, and the use of the house seems like it too, is layered; has been many things and/or had many people in it. We could see a battle ground across the backyard, and almost hear it, and as we turned to the 3rd side of the house, on our way back to the front, we were hit with a huge barrier of energy and a separation from the house next door. There is a history I choose not to explain here, between them.
Entering back into the front yard, we became aware of 2 men around the new tree in the front of the house. It is a replacement tree as all of us, Tiffani, client, other team members and myself, felt and almost saw a huge older tree where this new one stood. 2 men have hanged from it; and one of them was connected to the family that hides in the closet of the front bedroom. Other people in the front yard also included “BIG Tom” and one of the client’s children’s “ghostly”, play-mates; Thomas. We are aware that there at least 5 men who ‘wait’ together around this tree, in addition to Big Tom (names that were later confirmed by the client and other information that we had collected served as confirmations for her).
One of the men, being a black man and possibly a former or freed slave, won’t talk to me. I being a woman, and a white woman, and it not being his place. Another, probably a tenant farmer, may not be able to talk.  I asked the client’s husband to please go out and talk to the spirits, he can’t see; and give them permission to address and speak to me.
We re-entered the house and headed through the living room and into the dining room through the kitchen area into the back hallway. The energy has changed again and the floor, now, felt level, as I entered the master bedroom. As I entered the bedroom, it was heavy feeling, another spider-web of ectoplasm, and I walked right into 3 Confederate Soldiers. As I crossed the threshold, I immediately had a wad of chewing tobacco shoved into my mouth, with dripping wetness down the left side of my mouth and chin. I couldn’t wipe it off. I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth. No sooner than I got through the doorway than I was wetly and rudely also kissed on the mouth. Boy was I ticked! The other 2 soldiers found it quite funny; 1 tall, slender, bearded, longhaired, and egotistic; the other an Irishman, redheaded, also bearded with long hair and dirty; and laughing. It was the Irishman who kissed me. As I was complaining about their rudeness and audacity, Marleen was swatted on the butt! Needless to say- we were Not happy women! They thought it was quite funny. Nice manners these men didn’t have, and I told them all that their mothers would be ashamed of them and their ill behaviors.  Tiffani perceived their conversation and disdain for women. They were Southerners, farmers, but wealthy or “well-bred”, despite at least one of them had been related to a Plantation. They died around this area. There is also a woman who is buried under the master bathroom floor.  I got names on the female child, separate from the family in the closet and who they were and some of why they were hiding; the boys, the woman in the bathroom, and bits and pieces of others’ histories.
I am not including much detail in this report due to the intensity and extensiveness of it. The cemetery feeds the house and spirits go back and forth between. The area is deeply historical and has layers of issues, segregation, slavery, and the end of it; area family issues… War. The cemetery and the house are very connected. It is also very probable that there may be additional burials in the backyard, as an overflow, as well. It occurred, later, in conversation that this house may have actually served as a servants’ church at one time. At one point earlier in evening I had to tell all spirits to stop right where they were and to stay where they were! Loudly, I declared, “You in the cemetery, stay in the “cemetery, those of you in the house – Stay in the house, and those of you out here- Stay out here!! I know things are complicated and there is deep emotion here; but you aren’t helping me sort anything out while you all keep moving around as well!!”  It did help. There is so much around this area, and it has a very complicated past. Later research has shown that this specific area went back and forth between the north and the south at least 4 times. The Southern governor at least once even betrayed his own and started a row in the midst of a truce. Not a happy area, not a pretty history. This is a place that needs a lot of work and healing and we expect that there are many who we haven’t even dealt with or met yet. As the place gets some additional work, I expect that others around will come. They are drawn by the client, the family and the light and abilities they have. The sympathetic energy and the children of the house draw many spirits; and so many are also still unaware or in shock they are dead. Many are still angry or trying to keep some semblance of life as it was; or watching, or waiting. Another interesting fact is the name of the owner original is the name of the client’s great grandfather, Lots of coincidences, if you believe in such things…
For many, many years, this poor, quiet, unkempt, family, cemetery had no one new, or in recent years, buried in it. Most interesting is that since the client moved into the neighborhood, there have been 3 deaths and burials. This whole entire neighborhood is OLD FAMILY and inter-related, except for the client and the new owner of this house.  The last death was an accident of a young man that occurred in between our science team investigation and this one. We are quite sure that this has added to the activity around this house, properties and area.
This remains an open investigation and there are plans to go and respect the cemetery soon, in addition to doing more work at the site. We, the spiritual team, feel that the spirits will greatly appreciate knowing that someone has thought of them, and is concerned for their peace of mind and soul. We also feel that further communication may help them move on, and keep peace in the area
This remains an open case, and research is being done for placement on the National Historical Registry as well. It seems that one of our teams’ members may also be related to this site and the families here. Small world, in any realm, and things happen for a reason.  
*** Notes: It has come to light since doing this investigation that several things happened to intensify the emotional depth and hardship of this area. One being that during one time of Southern possession of this area, a regiment of Northern Free and freed slave, black soldiers came to take it back, against from them. The animosity must have been intensified. Another is that closer to this site than I would choose to identify, is a Sugar Mill. It was at this mill, that all the slaves of the lands were also made aware of the Emancipation Proclamation, and took their freedom. There is also a rumor that states not long ago, this area was also a headquarters for a Group ( whose information I choose not to include), that has since moved on.

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