Haunted Home
Case #19/Lantana Florida Private Residence
Report by:  Marlene Pardo
Residential Investigations
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Time:   7pm - 10pm.
Initially when we went through the house we didn't pick up anything on the cameras, or didn't feel anything either.  However once I had my back to the doorway of what leads to the utility room that's attached to the house, and I felt something in there.  Sure enough when we opened the door, all 3 of us could feel a lot of psychic energy.  It was incredible.  This is a small utility room that is used as a wash room and has a small bathroom attached to it.  It's hardly ever used, and Lee (clients first name) told us he only goes there to wash his clothing, and never uses this bathroom.  Once we opened this door we could feel energy even in the middle of the kitchen.
This and one of the bedrooms is where we were able to feel the most, and captured some pictures of orbs.  In the bedroom where later we also felt a lot of energy has a closet where Lee keeps about 2 boxes of things belonging to a friend of his 'Tom', who had committed suicide.  He had put these boxes on the bed, and one time I felt a lot of static energy around the closet and the boxes which were right next to it.  At one point when I started touching some of the clothing in the box, I came really close to just busting out and crying...which is very unlike me.  I don't know if this is just residual energy, or if they're something more to it. Chris was using her sony nite-shot video recorder and saw some orbs shoot across behind me, and suddenly all the energy in the video camera instantly drained and we were left in the dark unable to continue filming.
Chris used her EMF meter to establish base line readings.  The house is "hot" with unexplained EMF peak readings.
At the end we took some a few pictures in the back yard, and I was able to capture a picture of a very large orb.  During this time we spoke to Lee, and he basically didn't add anything more than what he had told me about in the initial interview.
I feel the case warrants a psychic investigation, and Lee is interested in getting confirmation on who or what is there and sending them or it on it's way.   He says he doesn't feel threatened but he's not really happy having it there either.
Lee also has collected a lot of artifacts from around the world since he's done a lot of traveling when he was in the military.  He's been  to Africa at least 10 times, and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, so his collection of artifacts might also be the source of some of the psychic energy (emf readings along with orbs) that we picked up on.
~ Marlene  ~
Spiritual Intervention - 7 Aug 04
Spiritual Intervention Team Members:  FPRF - Marlene Pardo &  Mark Lewis (new FPRF psychic team member on his first investigation) / Portal - Christine Rodriguez
After introductions, we went through the house and spoke to the owner Lee who went over some of the happenings since we were last there on June 19th, 2004.  Mostly he had been able to capture on his own, orbs and says he kept hearing "clicking" noises throughout the house when there was no source that he could account for that would make this sound.
We asked Mark (our newest FPRF team psychic) what were his first impressions, and he told us he got the letters D, H and double L, and that he felt a male energy.  We had not told Mark any information we obtained on this case previously.  As we walked through the house, I didn't feel any strong "energy",  and later on Mark said he saw an image of a man with darker hair, and a mustache and he felt this was someone who was a prankster.
Later on Lee produced a memorial of his friend 'Tom' who had committed suicide about 2 years ago.  The picture on it did fit the description given by Mark, and his last name does contain double L's in it.  Lee confirmed also that his friend loved to play jokes on his companions.
Also there was a point where Mark felt quite a lot of energy in an area, and Chris from PORTAL did capture some orb pictures around a painting that was hanging in one of the bedrooms (see attached pic #3), which is of a knight or conquistador.  The painting measured approx (4' x 2'), and hung on a wall that is a adjacent to a narrow corridor of space between the house and the fence dividing the properties (later on I'll specify why this is of significance).  The painting is very dark, and Mark really received some very negative energy from this item.  Later on that night, Mark even recommended to Lee that he should consider taking the painting outside of the home.  Chris from PORTAL also felt this same negative energy emanating from it.  Lee was only too happy to take it out, even though he sleeps in this bedroom and had not felt anything negative from it.  He told us his x-wife had bought the item at a thrift shop.
Once we stepped outside to take some photographs of the outside of the home.  As we were talking I suddenly smelled a scent, which I couldn't quite say was perfume but was somehow floral. Neither Chris nor Mark however, smelled it and I sniffed both of them just to make sure it wasn't them (perfume or cologne).  It wasn't, and slowly the scent faded.
Chris decided to get her dowsing rods and she went through the house but we didn't really get any 'hits'.  The only time the rods really starting moving some was when she was at the main entrance of the house (see pic #12) and she was near a sheathed sword hanging near the doorway. Lee had bought obtained this artifact somewhere in a Asian Pacific island, and it's decorated with cattle teeth.
Eventually Chris and I decided to go out into the back yard to snap some pictures.  I shot off a couple of pictures but didn't get anything, even though the last time I was here I did capture an orb.  Since then Lee had cleaned up his back yard which had been very overgrown the last time we were there, which made walking around a lot easier.  I decided to use the rods and see what would happen.  We walked around and felt nothing, including the small utility room that sits separate from the main house in the corner of the yard. However once I came to the side of the house and faced a long,  corridor (that sits between the wall of the house  and the fence and is blocked at the end by a wooden fence dividing off the front yard), the rods started crossing and the energy I suddenly felt that coincided with the rods moving was incredible!  I called Chris over, and she  also immediately felt  it.  This side of the house is where the 2 bedrooms are situated including! the wall with the picture I had previously mentioned.
We backed out into the yard again and this energy followed and enveloped both Chris and myself.   This was not the same energy we had 'felt' in the house, this was somehow different.  I kept getting the name Lila, in my mind, but at that time I didn't say anything.  We decided to use the rods and ask 'it' yes or no questions.  We explained that if the answer was yes to cross the rods, and if no, not to cross the rods.  The following is a summary of the answers we received after  through trial and error after questioning it for about 25 minutes.  At this time, Mark was inside the house with Lee.
She told us her name was Lila O (she couldn't specify on the last name, but I asked if it was something Irish/Scotch like O'Malley she said yes), she's always in the garden/yard and never goes inside.  (Previously we had received information through Lee that he received from a neighbor, that a previous tenant had taken a fall in the house, and went to the hospital, she had been brought back to her home to recuperate, and she eventually had been found dead in the house).  I asked when she had died.. no answer.   When I asked if she had fallen, she said 'yes', she had been 71 (later in the night Lee did confirm that the neighbor who had told him this story initially had mentioned that the lady was in her 70's), and this happened between 1980-1985, and she had fallen in the living room of the house.  We asked if she was married 'no', when we asked if she had ever been married, she said 'yes'.  When we asked about children,  she answered that her only child had already died..passed.  She stays in the yard, because she enjoyed the fruit trees (Lee later also confirmed that there were various citrus trees in the yard when he bought the house, and he had inexplicably gone on a fruit tree buying binge when he had just gotten the house, and had planted various other ones in the yard himself), she also indicated she was the one who had gotten Lee to clean up the yard and mow the grass.  She told us that she just looks in through the windows to the home, but never goes in.  We asked her if there was anyone else that came into the yard, she said no, when we asked about the inside of the home she said yes.  She indicated she saw a spirit of a man. I asked her if this man was hurt, 'yes'.   I went through different areas of the body, and she indicated that his head was hurt.  (Later that night Lee confirmed for us that his friend Tom had shot himself in the head with a .22 caliber pistol.)  She also indicated that she liked Lee's dog.  We explained to Lila that she had passed, and she needed to go on to the light where her loved ones were waiting  for her.  There she could do all the things she loved including tending a garden.  We asked if she could see those she loved, and she said yes', we asked her if she would go with them and she said 'yes'.  After this, the rods became still.  Needless to say both Chris and myself we blown out of the water with this event!
We went back into the house and told Lee and Mark about the event in the back yard, and we decided to keep using the rods to see if we could get any replies from anything within the home.  We went into one of the bedroom where we felt some energy, all 3 of us at different occasions felt a hot spot in an area in front of the closet (I had noticed that a lamp that was turned on kept getting power fluctuations and the bulb would dim and then later on brighten).  Eventually we all witnessed this happening while later using the rods.  Chris  turned on her recorder in hopes of getting any EVP's.  Again, the following is answers we got through trial and error (yes/no) after about 15 minutes of questioning:
I started using the rods, and Tom (the spirit energy) confirmed that it was him.  I felt a very impatient, pacing back and forth type of energy.  When I asked Lee who was in the room with us, if this fitted Tom's personality, and he said yes to a "T".  The entity would not acknowledge his death or the events that led up to it.  He just wanted to hang out with his good friend,  Lee.  We asked Lee to describe to Tom the events of his death, and Lee spoke to him and told how he had found out about his death.  He told him how his mother had prayed for him, and wanted him to be at peace.  Tom then indicated he wanted to know something, when asked.  It was about his family.  Lee filled him in and told him his family was 'OK' and then he inquired about his daughter.  Lee told him his daughter was ok also.  Tom also wanted to know about his wife (who he was married to at the time of his death), and Lee was surprised about this.  Since their marriage was troubled, and probably contributed to his friends state of mind when he took his life.  I asked if he wanted to be forgiven by his wife, and he said 'yes'.  Lee was again surprised, but I 'felt' that  at this time, Tom was taking responsibility for some of  his deeds and actions during his short and turbulent marriage.  I asked Tom if he was afraid if he was afraid of going into the light.   The answer was 'no' (Lee then told us that Tom would never under any circumstances admit he was afraid of anything).  I felt however that Tom was afraid,  even though his answer had been no. (later on Lee told us that Tom had come from a strong Catholic background where suicide was considered a great sin, and that it is possible that this fear of punishment in the afterlife is what was holding Tom here.  He also told us that Tom had been drinking heavily and might have been using drugs.  There is a very good possibility that when Tom took his life he was not truly aware of what he was doing and that he brought about his own death).
I explained to Tom that he had passed, and then Lee told him to go to the light where his dad was waiting for him.  We asked Tom if he would do it, and he indicated 'yes'.  Suddenly I felt his energy draining, and then we saw the light bulb dim.  We decided to stop, and left the recorder on and told Tom he could also speak into the recorder if he wanted to leave a message (Have to wait to hear from Chris and verify if anything was recorded).
Thirty minutes later, we came back and the tape had played through but Chris could not get it to rewind.  Once we went out into the living room, she was able to get it to rewind.
We were doing one last sweep of the house, and this is when we captured a large orb in the Fla room in the back (see pic #110), Chris asked me to use the rods again.  Same procedure (trial and error based on yes or no questions, took approx 20-25 mins):
This 'energy' identified himself as a male , who was just visiting.  He wanted to communicate with Lee and Mark, who he knew would be there this evening.  He told us his name was Derrick H. Aber--(edited out)--  (first thing that evening Mark had told us he saw the initials D & H).   He was 33 years old.  He had been in the Navy and had been an officer who had served as a helicopter pilot.  He didn't know Lee personally (who also served in the Navy), but had known of him.  He confirmed that he had served on a ship named the Coronado in the 1980's.  He remembers the early 1990's and said that he had been medically discharged from the armed forces after being involved in an accident, and he claimed he had participated in the Persian Gulf.  He didn't acknowledge his own death, but just said he wanted to get a message to his children (said no when asked if he wanted to contact his wife).  At this time, Mark was getting a lot of impressions, and even though I was holding the rods, he was asking many of these questions, and sometimes Lee would also ask.    Lee said he felt a lot of energy being directed at him,  and he grew flustered and red, and was almost hyperventilating.  Later on Mark said that he felt that this energy was trying to take either Lee or himself over.  Lee also told us he felt rush upon rush of energy as he had been standing there.  We started to explain to this Derrick that he had passed on and suddenly his energy just faded.  A few minutes later I got the picture of an orb in the living room (see pic. #116).
As were packing up to go, I offered to sage down the house for Lee and he said yes.  As I was preparing things, Mark told Lee about his impressions about the picture in the 2nd bedroom and as they were talking in that room, the light bulb in the room burned out.  Lee said he would leave the painting outside in the front yard for the night, and on Sunday would drop it off at the Goodwill store.  I sagged the entire home, and banished any negative energy from within the home.  We all felt the energy in the home lighten considerably, and Lee told us he would keep us posted of any other happenings.  I told him that even though we had told these entities of their true status, it was up to them to eventually leave this plane and return to  the light.  Hopefully we had accomplished this on the last visit.                     

Marlene Pardo

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation