Haunted Home
Case #2/Palm Bay Home(Spiritual Investigative Team) - 21 Dec 02
Report by:  T. Tedana
Background information/Interview:
FPRF was contacted by a couple to investigate their home, which they lived in for approximately 10 years.  The interview was conducted in a closed room away from the team medium as not to ‘taint’ any readings she may pick up during the investigation.  During the entire period of their residence, they noticed unusual occurrences.  Reported was; the random feeling of intense static electricity that would raise the hair on their arms, along with the feeling of being watched constantly.  They also noticed that their cats would constantly act peculiar and would often stop what they were doing (playing) to watch something that no one else in the house could see.  The residents reported that the cats would both move their heads as if watching something while it moved.  Noises where also a nightly phenomena.  Both individuals reported noises such as; banging, moving of boxes and footsteps and strange noises in rooms that where ‘empty’ of pets or people at the time, the noises would often wake them up at nights.  A child in the home has had constant nightmares and would often run into the closet to sleep for safety.  The parents would find him there repeatedly in the mornings sleeping.  The couple had heard that the former resident before them was a ‘biker’ who lived there with his common law wife.  He had died (they were told) of a heart attack.  Soon after, the common law wife sold the house saying she wanted nothing to do with it.  They indicated that most activity took place near the back bedrooms (4 bedroom split plan home).
Scientific Protocols:
The team on this investigation consisted of; Monica Tedana, Lisa Anderson & myself (Tim).  Equipment utilized included; 1 Sony Niteshot, two digital cameras, an infrared red thermal scanner with laser light & a Trifield meter, Model 100XE and a Sony Digital Voice Recorder (model ICD-BP150).  The team spent approximately 40 minutes surveying the house taking random samplings of various rooms with the thermal scanner, trifield meter and taking digital photographs.  The thermal scanner did not pick up any noticeable fluctuations in temperatures after a base line was established.  The Trifield meter also picked up very negligible readings.  The only fluctuation it had was near the kitchen door leading to the garage.  It went from a 1.5 mg to a 2.0 mg.  Several photos where taken in that area and orbs were discovered.  The Sony Niteshot failed to pick up anything in the infra red mode as we made an error in keeping some nearby lights on which cause the images to all be VERY bright.  Monica (the medium on this team) walked around attempting to use her abilities to pick up on the entity that was there.
Metaphysical Findings:
The team medium picked up 4 entities within the house.  As she began walking down the hall way towards the child’s room, she experienced a sharp pain in her chest and left arm which indicated to her that the energy there died of a heart attack (confirming what our clients stated earlier during the interview process about the former owner). Several pics were taken in rooms and areas where she indicated she ‘felt’ a presence.  She sensed an older male though it would roam the house, he particularly liked to stay in the boy’s room, he was a very angry and bitter entity.  She picked up a female…almost in a hysterical state in the computer room.  In the guest room she picked up 2 children, one male and one female.  They were both very frightened.  She had the impression that the dark male entity was somehow oppressing the other 3 and was bolstering his own ego off of the power it gave him.  She also sensed that the male was essentially ‘picking’ on the current residents child.  Causing him fear on purpose.   The entity was somehow gaining additional energy from the fear he was instilling.  We determined that if we could ‘clear’ the male entity, the others would be free to leave.  It was decided not to have the medium ‘channel’ this entity because she sensed, he had ‘killed’ in his former life.  She did not want this being in control of her body.  The team decided to attempt contact using a Ouija Board, as this was the less evasive approach in which contact could be made.  The Sony Niteshot was set on infrared mode to capture the session (and hopefully capture an orb near the board).  
Residential Investigations
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Interactions with the Entity:
Initially, Monica and myself (Tim) operated the board while Lisa recorded the session on a digital recorder and operated the Camcorder.  I found it a bit distracting to communicate to the entity as I was getting more involved in the ‘message’ mechanics of the entity of the board.  I then switched places with Lisa so that I could concentrate more on the interaction with it.  The discussion with the ‘entity’ on the board went something like this… “Monica you are way out of line - get out bitch." I  tried to 'talk' to it and it told me to 'eat shit' and 'fuck off'.  It was obvious ‘it’ didn’t want anything to do with us.  We did manage to obtain some information from it.  According to 'it', he had been there for over 20 years. It had subsequently already been in the home during the time period of the former owner, the biker and his spouse.  During all this the family just watched, kind of taken back a bit by actually witnessing the entity that had been causing so much problems in their home, communicate.  You could 'feel' the change in the air, I tried to talk to him for a while but he kept his abusive tone with us...pretty vividly.  Finally I told him we were not going to leave until he did. He then said on the board "you want to fight me fucker?  I know your weaknesses don't fuck with me.”  I told it that ‘we’ were not afraid of him and we were not going to leave until it was gone from this house.  Its presence was not welcome in this home by the present owners.  It then continued cursing and spelled out clearly for all to see what it thought was my weakness.  It attempted to cause ‘shock’ in me by mentioning to me, in the open, some very personal issues.  Issues it believed would cause me to cringe from it and abort the conversation with it quickly.  It was a good attempt (very good actually).  Its attack continued on what it believed was my weakness, going further in depth, attempting to prove to all 'it knew' me.  Lisa then interjected a smart quirk to it which temporarily brought its attention to her, this enabled me to re-group mentally for a bit.  We stood our ground with it.  It then cursed one last time and moved the planchett to say “goodbye”.  Monica sensed it retreated back to the boy’s room.  We were ‘stumped’.  It would not listen to anything we would say which is critical in intervention attempts.  We did a quick team brainstorming session and attempted another strategy.  We would attempt to intervene…to convince the female and children to go first.  I do mean ‘convince’.  You cannot make them go if they do not want to.  However, they are in a hell of their own making.  In cases such as this, your job is to ‘show’ them they are in hell…help them to reflect inwards.  The first attempt failed with the female and children, Monica sensed that ‘he’ stood by them and intimidated them.  The second time, Monica and Lisa went back into the boy’s room and he followed. They then ‘kept’ him there (by metaphysical means -think quantum physics and the power of intense thought) while I talked to the to others and asked their guides and loved ones to escort them back ‘home’.  While in the room alone, I went into a meditative state and spoke to them and called for their guides.  Once again the room grew thick with an electric 'feel'.  They indicated they ‘saw’ a light, they saw angels.  They left with the angels/guides happily, they were free.  I then asked Monica (for verification) not telling her what I had done.  She ‘sensed’ in the guest room where the children and mother were with me early, that they had gone on.  Monica then channeled the remaining entity partially, becoming more of an empath at this point while I mediated and spoke to it in the darkened room (the little boys bedroom).  At this point Monica was 'feeling' his emotions and was able to express them to me.  He was very angry, enraged actually.  I informed him that the ‘others’ were gone.  That if he chose to stay in this house…he would be alone until the end of time.  I spoke compassionately to him, I let him know..he was loved, he did not have to go through eternity alone.  I tried to explain to him the nature us, eternal souls and the reasons we incarnate life after life.  I told him, he was 'stuck' in his last life's persona and this house because of emotional issues he could not come to face with.  He had created his own hell on earth.  I asked him to look inside of himself and ask, "is this the way I want to spend eternity?"  I eventually ended up calling his guides, his own angels to help him ‘remember’ who he was before this incarnation.  I asked him if he saw a light, he did…he then became emotional, (tears were rolling down Monica's face) he suddenly felt a great deal of remorse over this past life, his actions.  I continued counseling him and asking his guides for their assistance.  He eventually said, he was glad this life was finally over…he went with them.  He was finally freed from the hell he had been trapped in.  

Footnotes and Thoughts:
We did not ‘conqueror’ this spirit.  You cannot 'slay' or defeat an entity.  We simply convinced him and the others that they were trapped in their former egos, that they needed to 'let go' of their former existence in order to continue their evolution.  We did not threaten them or reflect back anger, we treated them with compassion as one would any wounded souls.  The electricity, the ‘feeling’ in the air was gone.  He and the family had gone back ‘home’.  Lisa Anderson is still researching the history of the home to determine who the original owners where.  In regards to ghosts, one must remember that if they did not want to go, we could not have done anything.  The key was letting them know, there was more to their existence than their last lives.  The issues they had not resolved, trapped them.  Once they realized this, they were more than willing to leave. We gave instructions to the family who now resides at the home on methods to clear the any residual energy the ghost family may have left.  We contacted the family in approximately 1 week to insure the house is cleared.  As usual, there were no charges for this service.  We were honored to have been able to help the deceased go on to the next realm as well as, helping the family that now dwells there.  Interacting with these souls is what enables us insight into their world.  The use of a genuine medium coupled with scientific tools were also invaluable in our understanding.  We were not aware up until this point that an entity could trap other entities with it.  We learned something new during this encounter, but then again, learning new information is what 'Research' is all about.

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation