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Case #20/Central Florida Private Residence: 10 & 17 July 04
Residential Investigations
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Background Information
FPRF was contacted via e-mail by an individual who lives in the Central, FL  region concerning several disturbances in her and her neighbors home of an unexplained nature.  An edited version of the e-mail read as follows.
E-mail correspondence
Hi -
My name is: (omitted) and I own 3 cares of land near: (omitted).  My mother owns 5 acres that attaches to my land.  We have been having strange incidents that have gotten worse lately and would like for someone to come out and investigate these happenings.  Not only do I have hundreds of pictures that we have taken with tons and tons of orbs and orbs in motion (see attached photos), but we have also encountered sightings, smells, being touched, and other strange happenings.  Please contact me if you are interested in looking into this for us.  The pictures I have taken have been taken over many days and in many different weather conditions, some at night and some during the day, and still things show up in the photos, but not in all of the photos.  My mother who is 65 is really getting scared as are my two children, so we would like to know how to handle this situation and what exactly we have going on out here.  My phone number is:  (omitted)  Thanks so much and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Re:  Hi -
Yes, they do look like orbs.. hard to tell a lot of times in outdoor conditions but they do appear to have texture and depth to them.  What type of events happen and do they ever occur within either of your residences?
~ Tim Tedana ~

Re:  Hi Tim,
Thanks for answering so quickly.  I'm glad to know that what we thought to be orbs were the real thing - at least I think I'm happy about that, but at least I'm not crazy.
Yes, things have been happening at both residences.  We wanted to do a history on the land, but am not sure where to start except for going to the library and trying to find som info on the land.  We know for sure that the land belonged to the government and about  the time of the Civil War was given to the church across the street from us and they in turn sold it a few years ago to the man that we bought it from when they needed to make some money to put a new roof on the church.
As for events, where should I start?  My husband was standing in the bathroom getting ready for work in the afternoon and he felt what to him felt like someone brushing past him and brushing up against his rear end and they did this twice.  He called me into the bathroom and asked if anything was behind him and told me about the incident.
My husband was standing on the front porch (deck) and someone threw a rock and it was loud when it hit the deck and he felt the vibration of the rock hitting the deck in his feet and when he looked in the direction of the way it came from, he saw a brown short figure running around the corner of our home.  Thinking it was our 9 yr old daughter, he ran after it and discovered when he got around the corner that nothing was there and then realized that our daughter was across the street with her Grandmother and when he went back to the deck and looked for the rock, there was nothing there.
I was sitting in the living room on the loveseat one night late and suddenly smelled the smell of perfume (like flowers, similar to roses) and thinking for a second that my daughters must have sprayed some perfume, but realized that they were both asleep and my hubby was at work.  The smell was strong and lasted about 30 seconds then disappeared completely.
My daughter was in the bathroom brushing her hair and the brush was in her right hand, when suddenly the light went out (the light switch is located on her left side) and she came out of the bathroom and told me what happened.  Me thinking that the light must have blown, went into the bathroom and realized that the light switch had been turned off and the bulb was fine.
My daughter was laying on the loveseat (she's 13 yrs old) and something pressed against her arm.  She told me and I quickly took a picture of the loveseat and there were two orbs in the picture on the loveseat.
My husband saw someone in the window leading out to the backyard that looked like the person who threw the rock on the deck.  He quickly ran to the window and the back door to try and see them, but there was nothing there.  Later we realized that the window where he saw the person reflected what was on the deck on the opposite side of the house, so the person must have actually been standing  on the porch, not in the backyard.
My mother who lives next door, went out to her barn one day and found that one of her rabbits, a male,  had been put in the cage with one of her female rabbits of the same breed.  We questioned everyone and no one was in the barn at the time that would have done it, so it is still a mystery as to how the two rabbits ended up in the same cage together.
We have several rabbits in our living room waiting for me to build a barn for them, but one night, one of the male rabbits began jumping so high in his cage that his rear end was hitting the top of the cage and he did this several times.  Then our dog, a Great Pyrenees, went over to the side of the rabbits cage and began growling and barking into the corner by the rabbit.  My husband looked and nothing was there, but something scared my rabbit so much that he jumped to the top of his cage, which is unheard of and our dog saw something too.
My husband and I were sitting in the living room one night around 11 pm and we heard footsteps coming across our deck as if someone were about to walk through the front door.  Thinking it was my mother, but odd that she did not call first that late, we went to the door, but no one was there.
My younger daughter, who is 9, says she has a friend who comes to visit her at night and tries to convince her to get up and play.  We have dismissed this until now thinking it was just her imagination, but now we wonder if maybe she does see something.  She calls her "Katie" and says she is her age and she has been around for a couple of years now.  Katie has a dog named Rufus too.
My mother has had other things happen, but they were quite a while ago.  For example, she washed a shirt for the first time and when she took it out of the washer and it looked as if someone cut it up and the cuts lined up with the front and back of the shirt and no other clothes were ruined.
Another incident with her, was a few years ago when my aunt and her made Chili and was very careful not to make it hot but when they came into the house from working out in the yard, the Chili had seeds floating in it and it was some of the hottest Chili ever and they did not put anything in it except for chili powder.  She has come home to find the dogs let out of the fenced yard without explanation, but again that was a long time ago.  A jacket was misplaced and she looked everywhere for it for a long time, then at night a voice told her where it was and when she looked it was in that exact location.
There are orbs at both of our homes, but the best ones and the most orbs come from taking pictures at her home and in the road between our homes.  I have hundreds of pictures to show someone and have taken pictures at different times and in different weather conditions and some pictures come out with tons, some with a few, and some with none at all.  The orb in motion was taken last evening and was the first one I had gotten on film in motion, but I plan on taking more pictures tonight.  The most activity seems to be around her carport for some reason and on the path leading up to her home from the road between our properties.  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks so much again for your interest in this activity.
Hello ,
I am assigning Jennifer Kavouras from Jacksonville as point for your case.  She will be requesting an initial on-site interview, and will fill you in on details pertaining to the chronological order of investigations.  She will be in contact with you shortly.
~ Tim ~
Scientific Investigation - 10 July 04
Team Members:  Jennifer Kavouras, Mike Clancy, Joe Wharton, Belinda Wharton
(Pending Narrative Report by Jennifer Kavouras - Point Person)

Spiritual Investigation - 17 July 2004
(FPRF Members - Dianne Frazier, Jennifer Kavouras, Mike Clancy)
Report  by Dianne Frazier/Team Psychic
Upon arriving at (omitted) and (omitted) house, the warmth of their hospitality exceeded well past their property line, and I knew why the spirits had been drawn here after the initial greetings and meeting of their beautiful children and pets, I began to do my walk through of the property. As with previous cases I had an idea of who was here, this time a little girl, Beth who stayed in the house with the families girls; but she would have to wait-just a little longer I told her. I felt drawn to grandmas house across the way and quickly found what I considered to be the 'center' or 'vortex' of the property.  Jenn and Mike, our other team members set up a niteshot video recorder then proceeded down to the nearby cemetery to find any mention of a child named 'Beth' whose name I picked up in the dwindling light of the day.  I settled in to begin my communication with the spirits into the bath area off the back bedroom, which at that moment contained  a strong electro magnetic vortex, which rendered me somewhat off balance. The spirits explained the magnetic energy of the property (not the house itself) was one of the three reasons why the residents were experiencing so much activity.  The second reason was the close proximity of the cemetery, dating back to the 1800's.  The third reason was more complex and a new area for me,  the need the spirits had for protection and crime solving-they were there to get help from the one person any of us would turn to-a policeman. As I sat I was shown a crime.  A spirit whose name I got as Vanessa showed me how she was killed by her husband in a tragic and shocking event that had made her choose to be earthbound,  her immediate fear was for her daughter and her welfare.  I talked to her of crossing over of putting her daughters life in god’s hands and to forgive her husband, leaving her heartbreak behind, to go to the 'light'. the video camera stopped filming even with freshly charged batteries.  I got up feeling the area's heaviness had to be lifted, I moved into the kitchen. Another  young girl spirit greeted me.  She was around 8 and her name was Kelly.  She told me to look at the bunnies cages stacked in the kitchen.  She told me she loved the black one who rings the bell whom she wants to let  out.   I said 'no' explaining she could get lost or hurt, and as with all spirits I encounter I explained about the need to cross over.  I walked outside to the porch and shortly the family and fellow FPRF team members joined me to see what information I might have picked up at this point.  I felt somewhat anxious in the message I had to deliver.  I told them the spirits were there to get help from (name omitted), was he a police officer? The answer was yes.  I said I know this goes against all your training of evidence,  facts etc,  but these crime victims and lost children had come to him with a purpose.  I asked him if he felt their touches, he said yes, at times.  I wasn’t sure what to do about the question of crime investigations, a new area for me, but I let him know they would be giving him information, hunches  to follow up on and that we would all soon be aware of his great crime solving ability, that he would help so many people in his path.  I asked why now has something happened in the last few months (during which time the spirit activity had increased greatly).  The answer was yes.  One 'case’ was definitely solved.  Grandma asked me about the spirit named Kelly,  letting the bunny out, because someone (had-she had thought her granddaughters did it), but they insisted they hadn’t.  Her granddaughters even drew a picture of the 'imaginary friend' who had done it,  resulting in the bunny get out and becoming pregnant which kept it from being sold.  Grandma’s answer from god was the same but she wanted confirmation. This matter resolved, we moved to the second house to turn our attention to the spirit named 'Beth,' whose impatience was growing stronger.

Jenn, my team member started experiencing a sensation of breathing problems as had the residents; we knew it was Beth  trying to communicate with us.  We set up the video in the daughter's room. I showed Jenn a doll, one of many in there saying "that’s what the little girl spirit looked like".  I began talking with Beth, she showed me how she had died of asthma, her wheezing thought to be an attention getting behavior, little was known of her condition in the 1800's and she felt rejected by her parents who were very authoritative and  resented her constant illness. She felt drawn to the little girl who lived there, who loved horses just as she did.  I explained that her mother was waiting for her to cross over, to take her home.  This time they would understand, would love her as she so longed for.  I saw her mother come for her, fear melted into relief as her mother hugged her;  their reunion had been so long in coming.  Her last message to me was, go to the little girl and get the picture she had drawn of Katie (Kelly).  I approached the youngest daughter, and after finding the picture, we all shook our heads in amazement, the picture looked just like that doll.  In sitting with the family.  Talking, reaffirmed the spirit's confidence in (name omitted) recent career move-a childhood dream, a need to help people, to right wrongs, finally a reality.  His path was chosen and with the loving support of his wife, this family offered a safe haven to those in need. Our work was not yet done, because there was also a  little boy outside, who stayed outside because of all the girl's stuff in the room (dolls and such).  I walked out behind the house and he showed me a spider web high up near the light, he thought it was neat. He stayed outback a lot, telling me the dog would often bark at him.  He liked a fort that was built in the woods behind there.  He apologized about throwing a pebble on the deck, he was just trying to get some attention and he meant no harm. After my talk with him, Mike Clancy got some huge orb pictures at that corner of the house, and Jenn got one with a flash of light over my head, he was indeed a fast little fellow, that day (owners name omitted) had heard the pebble fly by  He caught a glimpse of a blur running behind the house. There was more discussion of the a crime the spirit had shown me, and the residents mentioned their friend who had lost her mother in that way, This message might have some significance to be shared.  I finally got to see an odd picture that Mike  had taken a week earlier (I have to be kept in the dark going on a case).  There was nothing outside of the window that could have caused this strange aberration.  Jenn was looking tthrough a book researching a different topic (channeling) when she came across the Newby Church ghost picture and noted it's similarity.   The picture she took seems to bear an  resemblance to an alleged 'monk 'spirit picture taken at a church, in England in 1963.  This picture was taken on their front porch, only three days before an intruder made a hasty and unexplained retreat after kicking in their door,  finding their daughter and their dog - angel home alone; but certainly not defenseless. This unseen force, this guardian angel who we believe intervened in this potential tragedy, was this indeed a prepayment for future services from this man who will put his life on the line to protect and serve?  We have no doubt.
Dianne Frazier
Case Status - closed

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