Haunted Home
Case #22/Live Oak, FL Private Residence
2 Dec 04 - 1 Jan 05
(Clients name and Pictures used with permission of individuals involved)
Residential Investigations
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Background Information - FPRF Investigation Coordinator:  T. Tedana
A phone call was received on the FPRF line on 19 Nov 04.  A message had been left by a Mrs. Nieves  asking if we could help her and her family with a situation that they were having at their home in Live Oak, Florida.   I returned the clients call to inquire on the nature of this situation.  As with all calls received on our organizations phone line, it began with the famous words "I know your going to think this is sounds crazy, but.."

I reassured her that no, it did not sound crazy.  Most individuals in today culture feel it is 'taboo' to discuss events of this nature.  But, in reality these type of events are actually part of our natural world that people just don't talk about.  

Mrs. Nieves sounded a bit nervous as she relayed to me some events that were occurring in their home of  a 'paranormal' nature.  Mrs. Nieves  recounted very vividly several incidences and wanted to know if we could help them.  The events had left both her and her  husband a bit upset and they were reaching out for help.    I told her our standard procedures and the steps our organization always take when conducting an investigation.  Routine procedure usually involve an on-site interview by an FPRF investigator who would be appointed as the liaison between our organization and her.  Biased on the Liaisons recommendations to me,  a science documentation team would be called forth to look for natural causes that may  account for the seemingly strange events.  Based on that teams recommendation, it  may ultimately conclude with a FPRF Spiritual Intervention Team which would include several team members documenting readings before and after along with an  FPRF team psychic or medium.  She sound very interested and then asked  me what the cost for this would be?   I told her, "Mam, there is no charge for our assistance, you may make a donation if you wish, but it is not required at and will not affect our decision to intervene on your behalf."   She sounded both shocked and relieved at the same time.  She then officially request our help.  I relayed  the contact information  to our investigator in that region, Mrs. Amy Aponte-Cummings.  As usual procedure, no information of  the case could be shared between Science Members and  Spiritual Intervention Members on this case to insure that their 'readings' of the home.. if it went that far,  were not tainted by any foreknowledge.  
Spiritual Investigation - 1 January 05
(FPRF Psychic - Dianne Frazier, FPRF /Point - Amy Aponte-Cummings.  FPRF Investigators Jennifer Kavouras, Mike Clancy)
Report  by Dianne Frazier
Imagine if you can being lost in a world you do not recognize, without a GPS, and finally seeing a light on in the distance, a place of refuge.  A rest stop if you will. that is what the spirits saw at our latest location in live Oak. as I got out of the car in the country setting, a place where the night stars shine the brightest, we were met by our hosts-and I could completely understand their needing our assistance, as their home was packed-even brimming over into the yard-with lost souls. as I met the husband, I told him you've been speaking to spirits most of your life, he laughed and said, yes how did you know that? I laughed and said, because I'm psychic! I had a dream prior to coming referring to some information, a prayer for him.  I asked him if he had heard of Fatima?  "Yes ," he said.  The name had come to me in a dream, it is the place the Virgin Mary appeared to 3 children - with a message and prayer to help overcome the fear of Hell and to understand forgiveness was in our reach.  Our team went in to their home, explaining our means of scientific research, setting up baseline readings..etc, so we could gauge activity before and after the intervention attempt.   Much like our last case,  this was not so much a haunted house,  but a place where people who had psychic ability - some newly developing, had become a beacon to those spirits the living could not hear or see.   Speaking with Mrs. Nieves  her anxiety of these activities, lights turning on and off, being touched, were both frightening and yet a chance to show compassion, as the spirits were showing her their feelings.  She had become especially fond of a little girl spirit.  She had even bought a doll for her.   I explained to Mrs. Nieves  these abilities were a gift, an honor and were meant to somehow help mankind, then she mentioned an ability to 'feel' others physical pain, in a diagnostic way.  We all smiled at her answer to my next question, "what is your job"?  "I am a nursing student" she said. I told her she would not have been given these gifts if she wasn't strong enough to handle the down-side, the personal suffering that compassion brings. however she did have a right to her privacy and could not be 'on' all the time.  I helped her to identify her spirit guides - her angels.  Abby who would be her 'gate-keeper' or liaison and White Bear, a Native American who wished to show her the ancient ways of  natural medicines, and the universal tie that we have with nature that helps us to ground some of this excess energy.  We moved to the next task at hand, - The guiding of these souls back to their true homes.  Amy,  Jen and Mike had set up evp recorders  and were taking photos and monitoring EMF readings.  I went to where I felt the center of the house was,  to proceed with the spirit contact.  The bedroom.  My first communication was with Rachel (or  Rebecca as Mrs. Nieves  thought) the little girl, who was so afraid of the dark she had turned on the TV to brighten the dark room, I felt she had drowned.  The fear of the cold dark water had remained very strong.  After winning over her trust, I helped her find her Grammy, who would take her home, into the light.  She would miss her earth family, but she could come back to visit I told her. I made contact with a soul named Peter.   A spirit who had remained despite attempts of other spirits who came for him.  I sensed a suicide victim.  His anger and fear of eternal damnation that kept him earthbound.  I knew how the residents felt as the air became thick with all the spirits wanting to be heard, so I decided to invite all to listen as a group to my explanation of how their suffering had trapped them.  I explained that once going through the light, all would be forgiven and understood.  It was time to go with the Angels, to trust them.. and me.  Soon after I felt a 'lifting' of the air,  I returned with my team members and the family.. who even in the living room could note the lightness that had occurred.  After discussing the crossing of Rachel with joy and sorrow.  I asked who the white poodle belonged to.  Stunned, a family member described 'Rocky', a 17 year old dog.  Loyal even after his passing.  The Spirits had shown me a productive future for Mrs. Nieves  in the medical field, and the fact that one of our team members, Amy - was a Reiki master who lived just up the road was brought into their lives, was no coincidence.   Teaching Mrs. Nieves  Reiki healing techniques will further her ability to help many others.  To illustrate that point Mrs. Nieves  brother,  a policeman - described how a 'message to be careful' one day kept him alive as a traffic stop turned deadly.  To say that I saved the best for last would delight Mr. Nieves  as his sense of humor was not in question.  "What do I do with this information"?  he asked me.   "The spirits come, tell me their stories.  Many have been murdered".  I told him there are psychics that work with police,  but unless you were well known it could be risky.  I told him I felt his path was that of a counselor.  Once they unburdened their deep emotions, he could help them further by helping to guide  them across into the light.  Letting God and Karma deal with  matters of justice.   His shoulders were broad and yet I could see the burden he felt, I noticed his display of lighthouses he collects.  "You see the light that is you.  The beacon.  You have done much spiritual work.  That is why they come to you, even from far distances.   We spoke of a similar vision of a person in the news that had been murdered, but she, even in death, could not face the truth of who ended her life.  We discussed the art of discernment, very important in mediumship, knowing if the spirits are guides who can help us, or ones who have not crossed who may have the telepathic ability to contact us.  Messages from them  may not be accurate because of their human emotions still impressed upon them from the earthly side of the veil.  We discussed also when to relay a message or not (if  it's a stranger, probably not a good idea).  We discussed reading books such as those by John Edwards.  Learning how to incorporate one's abilities into their daily life while still setting guidelines-parameters of acceptable times and places for contact.  As with the living, we cannot force souls cross over.  We can advise them to help them understand which may  end their self made torment.   "There is a spirit of a black man, an old slave who used to be the slave boss that stays outside".   Mr. Nieves  said, "he is happy here and doesn't want to go.  That is his 'choice,' I said.  He may stay here until you go, then go with you.  There are spirits who do that.  As we wrapped things up, Jen and Mike took photos but didn't catch any orbs or record EMF readings as they did initially.   After going outside to speak with the  spirit, who had much respect for Mr. Nieves  and enjoyed watching his home improvement work.  We did get a few orbs in the side yard.  We said our goodbyes, with the satisfaction of accomplishment.  We set our course on the GPS - with a quick stop off at a Krystal Burgers.  Inside,  Mike noted the house of spirits song playing in the bathroom, and I looked out into the front area at a very unique large silver sculptured ball. "Wow"  I told Jen, "a krystal ball,.. get it"?   We giggled.  I could almost hear Mr. Nieves  laughing with us.

 ~ Dianne Frazier ~

FPRF, Team Psychic

Case Status - closed
Initial Interview/Preliminary Scientific Investigation - 2 Dec 04
(Investigators: FPRF Liaison,   Amy Aponte-Cummings & unnamed associate)
The investigation began at about 6:30 p.m.  The Scientific Team consisted of an associate of FPRF and myself.  We began by setting up recorders to pick up any EVP phenomenon that may occur.  One was placed in the daughter’s room and the other was placed in the master bedroom.  A digital thermometer was placed in the living room to in order to give it a chance to adjust to the current room temperature, with an additional standard thermometer placed in the living room for comparison against the digital.  Cold spots were noted throughout the night by both Cynthia and myself, but were not recorded with the available equipment.  A camcorder was placed in the master bedroom to record any possible activity.  The master bedroom seems to be the location of much activity.  I experienced chills/tingling sensations throughout the night, and at one point my partner experienced the sensation of someone being right behind her.   I had the feeling of extreme pressure on the top of her head, and strong dizziness for the entire session and lasting until the next day.  Digital and 35 mm pictures were taken in the home and on the surrounding property.  The digital pictures did capture what appear to be orbs in several of the photos, both indoors and out.   An infrared recorder was then used in the hallway and children’s bedrooms, and the possible image of a face looking out from the playhouse was captured.  My associate, who is physically sensitive, felt the presence of a little girl and one of the residents who has some ability as well, stated that he too has felt the presence of a child.  I then checked a door that had been reported to have opened by itself on one occasion.  The event could not be recreated, and the door was found to be level.  EMF base line readings were annotated and were unremarkable with the exception of a location at the head of the daughter’s bed.  The interesting thing is that the mattress belonged to one of the former owner’s who was reported to have passed in the home.  Temperature was checked throughout the house without any remarkable changes between rooms.  
The digital camera pictures are forthcoming.  We did not record any significant EMF readings except on the little girl's bed, which used to belong to one of the former owners who passed away in the house.  The readings seemed to fluctuate only  near/around the top of the mattress.  We checked around and under the mattress for anything that could cause the elector magnetic readings to spike, but were unable to find anything that could account for this.  The mattress is in the same room with the playhouse that we recorded with infrared video.
My associate feels that this home has a multitude of energies giving it a crowded ‘feel’.   I concur and recommend a Spiritual Investigation be conducted on this home as I feel this case has  merit.
Amy Aponte-Cummings

FPRF Investigator

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation