Haunted Home
Case #23/Dunedin, FL Private Residence
2 Dec 04 - 2 Feb 05
(Clients name and Pictures used with permission of individuals involved)
Residential Investigations
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Background Information - FPRF Investigation Coordinator:  T. Tedana
On 4 Nov 04,  I received the following message sent to the FPRF web site.
I just visited your site and I think you may be able to help me. At least I hope so... I currently live in a house in Dunedin, FL with my parents and younger brother. Ever since we moved into this house (built in '79) my
brother and I have felt extremely uneasy...we know we are not alone. Since we are older now (23 and 20) my dad has now admitted to having paranormal encounters as well.
This morning our spirit (probably young male ~ 13 yrs of age) became violent with me. I was attempting to go back to sleep in my parents room after being woken up by my cat. I was trying to relax but my mom, who was getting ready for work, was banging around in the kitchen. I heard a squeak on the bed next to me (old wooden framed bed). Shortly thereafter I was hit repeatedly on the center of my back from underneath the mattress. I
attempted to scream but I was paralyzed. I felt as though my body and the entity were playing tug-of-war with my soul. It seemed like I was being pulled out of my body. When he finally stopped, I screamed for my mom.
That was hours ago and my back is still sore.
This is not the first time the spirit has become violent. As a child, I raised my head from my pillow in the middle of the night and had it slammed back down into the pillow. Hard enough to hurt my nose. My father and I
have also heard heavy breathing and the mattress would shake. Doors will open and close by themselves. We used to have a cooking alarm that would go off in the middle of the night. I've seen shadowy visions and felt like
I've been chased.
I believe the spirit is not evil, just mischievous. He wants us to remember that he is there. I just want to know why... Please let me know if you can be of assistance. I would be extremely grateful.
Michelle Newton

The case was given to FPRF Investigators; Joe & Belinda Wharton, two of our  investigators nearest that region to perform an on-site interviews and to take base line readings of the residence...  
Spiritual Investigation - 2 Feb 05
(FPRF Psychic - Cindy Smith, FPRF /Point - Belinda Wharton,.  FPRF Investigator- Tim Tedana)

Case remains active.  Specifics discovered by the first spiritual intervention team will remain sealed until  the case is either cleared or closed.  (info)             
 Latest Update from clients received on 31 Mar 05

We have had some more episodes,  our ghost has now effected Paula. She was in the kitchen and she felt its presence for the first time, behind her and she tried to open the fridge door and she couldn't. Then she asked it to let it go and it did and she could open the door.   I was awake and I saw a dark image coming towards me at the foot of the bed and it suddenly disappeared.  I have checked the history of the area and there was a_________ at the same time of its death.  That would explain the ______.  Michelle has felt it several times too.  We had a Tarot card reading to find out what it wants, the cards confirmed what your psychic had said during her investigation.  The cards also said that it wants to stay longer and that it is in love with my daughter and  won't leave until she wants it to leave.   Now she feels bad asking it to go. When I asked what it wants from me it said to 'back off ' and be patient.  It will go  soon.

Bill Newton

Case Status -  Remains Open
Initial Interview/Preliminary Scientific Investigation - 2 Dec 04  
(Investigators: FPRF Joe & Belinda Wharton)
Report by Belinda Wharton

- Dunedin Investigation
-  Family Interview/2 Dec 04
This interview took place at the family residence.  Interviewed the family while Joe established some base line readings.  This is a single-family residence occupied by four members of the Newton family. Bill age 53, Paula age, Michelle age 23 (daughter) Sean age. They have occupied this residence since September of 1991.They have little knowledge of the homes history but had heard that one of the members of the original owners died while they were living in the home, however, the death did not occur at the house. They have no knowledge as to the cause of death or the age of the deceased. Michelle and her father both recall her dislike of the home and not wanting to move in at the age of 11. She recalled she didn’t like the home because once she entered she felt a feeling of darkness.  The members of the family present at the time of the interview were Bill, Paula, and Michelle. Sean was at work. The religious denomination of the family is Unitarian Universal and they are currently practicing their faith. Alcohol is not used regularly by any members of the family. No one in the family has been treated for a mental illness.  Bill and Michelle both state they have some psychic awareness and have had for a number of years.
The family states events have been happening for a number of years since they moved in, however, they only became alarmed recently with an experience Michelle had on 11/1/04 that caused them to contact Florida Paranormal Research Foundation. Paula states she began have terrifying nightmares when they resided at a Seminole residence. Her nightmares were about being attacked by spirits. She began to pray nightly before going to bed and the nightmares seemed to end. She continues to pray to this day.  The events that occur seem to evolve mostly around Michelle and Bill and Bill states most of his events take place in the computer room. The events over the years have involved the opening and closing of doors on their own, heavy breathing in ear, oven timer going off on its own, computer turning off by itself. Michelle can recall years ago seeing a shadowy figure while in the shower. She originally thought it was her mother checking on her but latter found out her mother had not been in the room and no one else was home at the time. Recently Bill has noticed that one of their cats will not go into the computer room where it normally sits with Bill while he works on the computer. Michelle can also recall in the past having her head held down upon the bed pillow and having the mattress shake. Michelle’s feeling is that the spirit involved is a 13-year-old boy. She can’t put a name to him but feels he means no harm but is simply being mischievous.  When I asked Bill what his feeling were about a spirit he indicated he felt it was a younger male but couldn’t put an age or name to him.
 Episodes escalate..
On 11/1/04. Michelle was attempting to go back to sleep in her mothers bedroom when she heard a squeak from the wood frame bed. She was then hit from underneath the mattress in the back several times. She attempted to scream for her mother who was in the kitchen but she felt paralyzed. She states she felt as though she was being pulled out of her body. Michelle believes this lasted for about 30seconds and then just stopped at which time she yelled for her mother. She states she felt exhausted and sore for several hours afterwards. There were no marks left on her body. When asked what her reaction was directly after the event she stated “terrified and pissed off”
The Newton family was very open and receptive to the interview. They have been aware of a spiritual presence in their home for years but only became concerned with Michelle’s recent event. They do not appear to have a fear of this spiritual presence but a desire to find out why this event occurred and bring help and peace to the spirit that is there.
This case seems to have merit.  I went over the findings with Joe and we both agree.  Recommend referral for a Spiritual Intervention Team.
Belinda Wharton & Joe Wharton

FPRF Investigators

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation