Haunted Home
Case #26/Palm Bay, FL
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Residential Investigations
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Background Information - By T. Tedana
FPRF was contacted by individual who owns a home in Palm Bay, FL  concerning several disturbances reported to her from tenants renting the home of an unexplained nature.  The tenants (who are also relatives) were disturbed by events to the point of relinquishing their residency in the home.   The owner also conveyed to me over the phone, events that she herself had witnessed and experienced first hand.   The owner requested an investigation/intervention at her home from FPRF.  Her niece had researched several sites that deal with this type of phenomena and recommended her to us.   Posted below is an edited version of the correspondence sent to the FPRF e-mail address requesting assistance...
My name is Liz V, my e-mail address is ___________, my home # is 321-_______, my cell is 321-_______, the address of paranormal activity is _________, palm bay Florida 32908. My sister, niece and myself went to the house on Saturday April 9th to look into what has been happening.  First we went while the family that is living there was home. We sat and played with Nick ( the 4 year old boy who has mentioned the name of "Ryan") . While we were playing my sister felt something touch here and turned to her daughter and said "who just touched me?" Nick replied "maybe Ryan". That was the only thing that happened while we were there at that time. We thought it would be best if the family was not there while we did our thing, so they went to stay at a hotel for the night. When we returned to the house we filmed every room then set the baby monitor in the baby's room and set up the movie camera in nick's room, since he has had contact. We started asking a few questions, and when we asked if anyone was there a toy came on in the baby's room.  That was the first sign, we were in the living room and when we got up to look into the babies room one of the baby's hat that had been on the changing table was in the doorway. Things were quiet for a few so we went to look in the room and take a picture because a toy was moving , after the picture was taken I went to walk out of the room and something grabbed my right ankle and I fell.  It felt like a strong person but left small marks on my leg as if made by a small hand. At this time we decided it was time to go, we started getting our stuff together, when I went to the kitchen to get our stuff my sisters glasses that were on the table had been moved across the room to the floor in front of the fridge. As we were leaving one of us left something we had to go back in when I turned to leave again something hit me in the back of the head. We then went to watch the movie footage, there were many orbs captured during the questioning. All of this happened in one hour.

I handed this case over to, two of our investigators near that region, Mary Colgan and Jacqueline Duryea.   Contact information and dates were established for an initial on-site interview and scientific investigation.  
Spiritual Team Investigation / 23 April 05
Spiritual Intervention Team Members:  FPRF Psychic, Paul Alexander & FPRF Investigator Tim Tedana
(Report by Paul Alexander)
(NOTE: Prior to a site visit, Spiritual Intervention members are not given any information from either the previous science teams visit nor about what is happening at the location other than to know the residents felt a need to contact our organization for assistance.)
Upon arrival at the home, Tim and I were greeted by the owner and several family members. I felt it necessary to first walk around the exterior perimeter of the home.  The only anomaly I felt seemed to be one spot at the north-west corner of the home – a magnetic like resistance area. It did not seem to be related to the residential spiritual activities. (It turned out to be farthest from the in house activity.)
After entering thru the open garage area, which seemed and felt neutral, I went into a space between the kitchen and living room. I realized that there were more people inside and I had to separate their nervousness from my feelings. There was a kitchen to my left that I felt had some prior activity but was not the focal point of spirit. A few steps further and the bedroom to my right had a similar feeling yet, I had no inclination nor need to enter it. I initially passed thru the living room area because of the several people seated there, and went forward towards the two small bedrooms.
The air seemed heavier as I stepped forward into a small hall-alcove area between the bedrooms. At the door to the bedroom on my left, I felt a resistance and heaviness and stopped to question my guide spirits.
The words that came to me were “not mine”, “anger”, “forced out”. I stepped into the bedroom and although I felt activity had taken place, I felt no “evil” intent was involved.  There were feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness that seemed to emanate from a “lost” child.  At this point I quieted myself and attempted to see the ‘spirit’.  The only image I saw in my mind’s eye was a “whitish orb with a center area of blue extending downward as an indistinguishable smaller human form.”  At this point, I felt we were dealing with a ‘child spirit’ or an adolescent /teen emanation. The other bedroom had similar feelings for me but not to the extent that the first one presented.
At this point, I went into the living room area to ask questions of the owner and others there.  Yes, the roof had been replaced after the hurricanes and both the insulation and air ducts had been treated for mold.  Yes, there was an adolescent who now lived in (I believe she said New York) and there was some anxiety about the move. However, the prime activities centered on an under 4 year old child that lived in the home. Toys starting by themselves, moved within the room, a chair moved across the floor in the kitchen and a scribbled note, bed covers re-arranged,  a feeling that someone was on the edge of a bed, and a leg that felt ‘grabbed’ after a demand that the spirit leave; were all expressed by those present at this time. The child had given the name “Ryan” for the spirit child and I added “Michael” with a last name possibly with a “Wi…” sound.  Several other household members are ‘sensitive’ to spirit and may have added to the energy by their anxieties, while their four year old  is at the age of being still with spirit and ‘imaginary’ playmates while growing up in our material world. Feelings like those felt by me were expressed by family members present.
After trying to answer many questions, the following suggestions were given. 1) Place a protective energy around the home-encircle it with love and light and each member of the household.  2) Research the homes history and find out about previous owners and their children’s status if possible as well as ask about neighborhood children –present and past tense. 3) When any activity occurs, in a loving manner (as you would treat a fearful child) they should ask “the spirit” ‘Who are you? What do you want here? (The hard part is to ‘listen’ for the answer felt in our hearts and not just fill in from our own mind.) 4) Always speak honestly and express feelings honestly but gently and firmly.
My initial conclusions: the spirit around the home seems to be a ‘child spirit’ about the same age of the little boy who resides in the home. This ‘spirit-child’ needs no rest and is between our world and the next. He wants attention and a playmate and of course sees no need for sleep. I felt the ‘spirit child’ had feelings of abandonment, confusion about what is happening, has had a temper tantrum or two and is either in the home from past material world life experience or came because of the ‘sensitivity’ of the child and family members (a candle in the dark).
If possible, the ‘spirit-child’ should be asked to ‘go into the light’ to find his family with the assistance of his angel guide and the angels and spirit guides that are with the family members here. Our organization would be available for further assistance if requested.
Respectfully submitted,  P.A.

Paul Alexander,
FPRF Psychic

As of 3 May 05, the presence of the unseen energy still resides at the home.  Prior to Paul's on-site investigation, I had the opportunity to allow another FPRF Psychic attempt a remote reading of the home without any prior information given to her.  Most of Paul's impressions of the residence and its unseen visitor corresponded with a remote reading accomplished by Dianne Frazier, a FPRF/North Region Team Psychic.  Follow up attempts to contact the residence have been unsuccessful.   This case will remain listed as 'closed-unresolved'.

Tim Tedana
FPRF Investigation Coordinator
Scientific Team Investigation:   15 April 05  - (Report by: Mary Colgan & Jacqueline Duryea)
We arrived at the home at 6:00 PM and were met by the owner Liz V., her sister Madeline and Madeline's daughter Paula who were awaiting our arrival in the driveway.   They were extremely apprehensive and very nervous about entering the house - even with us there.
While Jackie did the initial interview Mary Lou went around the house taking EMF and temperature readings.  During the initial interview while the owner Liz recounted her own experiences as well as the experiences of the people currently living in the house I began to realize that Liz seemed to be the one that the entities are attracted to.  She explained that during her previous visit to the home which is what prompted call to FPRF, she was physically assaulted on her way out of one of the bedrooms, her ankle was grabbed and her leg was pulled out from under her and she fell to the ground.  She commented that she had bruises in the shape of fingers surrounding her ankle.  They had various other experiences during their visit ranging from toys going on by themselves to catching various orbs on video.  The majority of the activity seemed to center around the baby's bedroom.  Liz then claims that after being pulled to the ground, it was decided that it was time to go.  The three of them then departed the home when it was realized that Madeline had left her keys inside the house, Liz was elected to go back in and retrieve them.  Madeline and Paula stood just outside holding open the front door while Liz re-entered the home.  On her way back out of the house in the small foyer area Liz claims she was smacked in the back of the head so hard that the noise was heard by Madeline and Paula outside.
While Liz, Madeline and Paula went out into the back lanai Mary Lou and Jackie began their investigation.  Immediately upon entering the older child's bedroom the door began to swing shut.  When we opened the door fully it stood open for several minutes while we took our EMF and temperature readings.  However, after several minutes the door began to close at a steady pace.  We then put a level on the top and side of the door as well as the floor which all proved to be perfectly level.   We could find no scientific reason for the door to close by itself.  We then re-opened the door which again stayed open for about 3-4 minutes before it again began to close on its own.  When we restricted the door with our hand it did stop but you could feel the pressure of the door trying to close against your hand.
While we were in the older child's bedroom we set up the digital video camera in the baby's room and we also placed powder around two of the child's toys which were placed in the middle of the room.  After setting up the camera and toys we went to take readings in the rest of the home.
While taking readings in the front foyer of the home we began to get a steady reading of 7 on our EMF meter but did not get any fluctuations in air temperature.  We captured one orb on the digital camera during this period.  Our EMF readings began to drop between 2-4 we decided to move the video camera to the front foyer.
While Jackie sat in the older child's bedroom Mary Lou sat in the baby's room.  Jackie felt a presence in the room and the temperature readings began to fluctuate between what had been the steady temp of 78 to as high as 92 degrees.  Although nothing was captured on digital camera or voice recordings there was a definite presence in the room.
Liz, Madeline and Paula had ordered pizza and came and sat in the living room to have their meal.  They then asked if they could accompany us into the older child's bedroom since our investigation was about to wrap up we felt this could be helpful.  Upon entering the room Liz sat in front of the open door while the rest of us took seats on the bed.  After several minutes the door began to close on Liz to which she commented that she felt as if the door were actually being pushed.   We were getting EMF readings between 2-3 but were unable to catch anything on camera during this time.  After several more minutes Liz decided she was no longer comfortable sitting by the door and they decided to move back to the living room.  Madeline went into the kitchen and began to ask if there were any spirits in the house to which there seemed to be no response.  However, when Liz entered the kitchen and stood next to the stove Madeline said out loud, "We can't hear you" at which point there was a loud bang that came from the bottom draw of the stove.  Liz cringed as if she were about to be assaulted and immediately left the kitchen.  During this time the EMF detector was suddenly receiving high readings but it is almost impossible to determine the exact cause due to all the electrical appliances in the kitchen that may have suddenly given off higher than normal readings.   As far as the 'bang' we heard, there was no opportunity for either Liz or Madeline to have kicked the stove draw without being noticed by us.
After another hour it seemed that all activity had ceased so, we wrapped up our investigation and said our goodbyes.  Upon reviewing the pictures and video the next day we were able to capture several moving orbs in the baby's room and an amazing piece of video taken in the front foyer where you can see a blurred image cross from the kitchen wall which by the way is the same wall the stove is on, through the foyer and into the baby's room.  Although we only got captured one faint orb on the digital cameras out of over 200 pictures taken, the video itself is quite convincing that the people who live in this home are valid in their belief that they are not alone.

Jacqueline Duryea & Mary Colgan

FPRF Investigators

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation