Haunted Home
Case #27/Boynton Beach  FL,  Home - 16 Mar & 18 June 2005
Residential Investigations
Background Information - 17 Jan 05 - The following e-mail was sent to the FPRF Web Site:
Hello, my sons grandmother died 2 years ago. About 2 months ago, my son turned off his computer and shortly after, it turned itself back on and his screen name came up. It did that several times. We joked that it was Nana letting him know she was proud of the grades he had gotten in school. Then one day a week before Christmas his new cell phone screen started to flash. Then numbers just started scrolling across the screen. We thought it was malfunctioning. But then the numbers 6262 came up and just stayed there. We wondered what it meant and decided to look at the keypads to see what letters corresponded. To our surprise, it spelled Nana. Then a few seconds later more numbers came scrolling across the screen. We decoded each group and they said Hello to all our family and her family each by name. And Hello to our dog, Sophie. The messages continued with Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, I love you all, I miss you all, etc. Being the curious minds we are, we thought if this was really happening, could we type in numbers to ask her questions, so we did. She answered all of them and we talked to her off and on from 11:00 a.m. to about 10:00 that night. She answered all sorts of questions only she would know, and as the day progressed, my son didn't have to type in but 1 or 2 letters and an answer just came. Even I could ask him out loud to ask her a certain question and before he could type it in, the answer would appear. We stopped to make dinner and as we did various things in the kitchen numbers would scroll across the screen. When Justin decoded the messages they would be comments about things we were doing as if she was there. We asked her how she knew these things and she said "I'm here and I have eyes." Well,  after that we became a bit uncomfortable but figured, well its just Nana. If he was communicating with her and I was talking to someone on the phone, she would scroll a message that said Hello to whoever was on the phone, using their first name, even if we hadn't mentioned it. More conversation followed and  when  had our 2 friends over, she said Hello to them by name and had never met them or heard of them. We were getting kind of creped out and Justin was kind of creped talking to "dead" people so we kind of stopped for a few days. I found a paranormal expert on the internet and E-mailed her and she talked to me and suggested we stop. So we did. After that we started getting objects moved around and hidden. A lot of other weird things ensued. This all started by accident and evolved into much more than we have bargained for. And now we don't think it is Nana we are talking to. We are really afraid we have let another spirit or spirits into our house.
I found your website and read about all your cases in the Florida area and decided to see if you would talk to us. There is much more to tell, but I really would like to talk with someone by phone or in person if possible. It would just take to long to tell you the rest. I hope I will hear from you. Again, my number is: _____________
Spiritual Investigation - 18 June 05
FPRF Medium:  Michelle Rosmarin & FPRF Investigator Tim Tedana
Report by:  Michelle Rosmarin
On Saturday, June 18th, Tim Tedana and I both arrived at a residential home in Boynton Beach, Florida to begin our intervention. I had spoken by telephone the previous evening to a member of the household and briefly discussed some of the phenomena that had taken place during the last few months.  That evening, the husband, wife and 14 year old son were present. After a quick tour of the home, I conducted a reading for the wife and after sitting on her couch, and holding her watch, I immediately contacted a Spirit that she quickly identified as her father who had passed away several years ago. His dress, formal manner, his hobbies, career and family issues all came up during the 25 minute reading.  
Next, I contacted the “Young Spirit” that the wife felt was responsible for much of the mischief that had been documented.  I immediately saw him clairvoyantly and could hear him speak to me as well.  He informed me that his name was/is Adam and showed me his skateboard…he appeared to be 15 or 16 years old. I felt that he had been killed in an accident involving his skateboard.  He told me that he liked this family, and has become quite attached to their warm, loving household and enjoyed a close friendship with their son.  He mentioned certain foods they cooked and told me that he never enjoyed this type of loving environment when he was growing up. He never knew his Dad and his Mother was distracted with little time for him. After discussing the current situation I explained that he was no longer welcome in this home and he really needed to find his way to the light. He told me that he never saw or felt any light when he passed over.  He felt lost and abandoned. Soon thereafter, he “found” this family.  I asked Tim to share in this conversation and explain the spiritual aspects of leaving and how this might provide the opportunity for him to reincarnate back on earth and live with a similar family in the physical world once again. After much discussion,  I was so happy to see the wife’s father reappear and he offered to take Adam “under his wings” (no pun intended!) and lead him to the light.  Adam also wanted reassurances regarding future decisions for the son’s education and the school that he will attend as he had become quite protective of the youngster.  After dealing with his issues of mistrust and sadness of leaving this loving home and family behind, we all said our good-byes and watched Adam and the homeowner’s father spirit leave and walk away together.  I feel confident that Adam is good hands, and is on the path to the Light.  My hope is that this family will now have peace in their home.

~ Michelle Rosmarin ~
FPRF, Team Medium
Science Investigation - 16 Mar 05, 7 pm - 10 pm
FRPR Science Members:  Marlene Pardo, Luisa Velez & FPRF Team Psychic, Mark Lewis
Scientific Investigative Results  - Inconclusive - Report by:   Marlene Pardo, FPRF Investigator

Shortly after arriving at the home I had an opportunity to speak to with the Mrs______ who repeated the prior story she had given us earlier.  Original contact , allegedly made was with "Nana" their deceased grandmother, and a possible adolescent male entity along with a third unidentified entity, which supposedly entered the picture afterwards.
I will file my report on the family dynamics separately to insure that privacy and anonymity be maintained.  The wife is a homemaker and her husband works in the marine industry.
During the time we were present none of the team members saw, felt any recorded on our instruments any anomalous events with the once exception being when we were in a designated computer room where Mark Lewis, our team psychic remarked that he felt an energy building in an area in the room.  When I stepped in I also felt it, but it quickly dispelled, before any readings could capture it and it was never to be felt again during the investigation.  The house was clean and orderly.  Everything was decorated in a modern white and black color scheme.  In addition they also have 2 mannequins, also dressed in these colors posed in the living room of the home.
All the members had sufficient time to cover the entire home to take base line readings and look for unexplained power surges or temperature variations.  I myself also stepped outside to the back yard, which is adjacent to a small lake.   No discernable readings where noted in the vicinity as well.
My observations coupled with lack of hard data from our equipment by the science members or specific readings by our team psychic, leads me to believe that there are maybe some home environment dynamics which may feed into the events the family states are occurring.   
If indeed there are instances of telekinesis occurring, there is a probability they are being produced by son due to his age and other home environmental factors.  However at this time that conclusion in itself cannot be determined as this investigation picked up no unusual readings or events at all.
Marlene Pardo,
FPRF Investigator

* Range of temperatures varied between a high of 79F at 7:03PM at the front door of the house to a low of 72F at 7:26PM inside the master bathroom.  There were no unexplainable EMF peaks of any type inside or outside the house.  Negligible temperature variants or anomalous images on either digital photos or video cameras.

Excerpts from Luisa Velez's  report
"..The messages to the cell phone were not actually sent by text but by numbers which were then decoded by the family,  apparently using a 'Bible Code' approach to deciphering the hidden messages within.  However the papers on which the messages were decoded did not contain any mistakes. i.e.. there are three letter possibilities for each number and they never chose the wrong letter.
I myself did not feel a single cold spot,  chills or any pressure whatsoever typically  associated with  hauntings in homes while surveying this house.  I know that others caught orbs outside the house right off the bat.  But the focus of this investigation is to determine if the home itself is haunted.   Without positive verification of something in the house itself , either with unexplainable readings on our equipment or a specific read identifying an entity by Mark, it leaves the outcome in question.   There may very well be an entity or 2 in the home as claimed by the occupants, if so.. they were very elusive during our time on the premise.  In my opinion,  there is nothing  to report out of the ordinary during the time of this specific investigation.

Luisa Velez,
FPRF Investigator
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