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Residential Investigations
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Background Information
- The following e-mail was sent to the FPRF Web Site:
Hello you have asked me to give you the details on the activity that has been going on, so I got as much details from my mother for she has a difficult time with the computer.  I have really been informed as they have happened, but the two of us went over it again before I e-mailed you  this so here it is. Starting about 7 to 8 years ago she was first visited by an older women around early forties, dressed in as far as we believe to be fashion from around the early to mid 1900s. My mother describes the women in a skirt that goes to mid calve “fourgore skirt”.  She had woken to go to the bath room and the women was standing staring at her , she was standing between the bed and the closet. My mother was frightened for the women appeared to be real. My mother gasped and the women appeared to slowly disappear. The next visit was from a little girl she saw her also on the side of bed same room dressed in same time period of fashion little long waisted  with ruffle on the end skirt. The child, was just looking at her. The same child appeared as my mother was getting dressed but she was in the door way. When my mother acknowledge the child she began to back away. My mother asked her to come back.  The next visit was from a boy about ten or twelve also in old fashion clothes same room as lady and little girl in front of the closet. My mother has not seen him since. The most recent was a visit from a little girl in a different room of the house my mother woke to her standing beside the bed, wearing a little white gown she was around three or four years old. My mother turned over and she said it was as if she had hit her with her hand, the child backed up fast and my mother said" I am sorry please come back” but the child seem to fade away. My mother got up for a wile, but the child never appeared again.  My aunt who recently died lived with my mother and would often ask me and my mother who was the little girl that was playing with my son at that time my son was about 3, my son never had a little girl over. My aunt had to spend time in bad often due to surgery she had to have due to female problems. She would say that the little girl would stand in the doorway but would never speak to her. My aunt said she was shy. My mother had never mentioned to my aunt of her visits of the lady and children. Friends and other family members have often commented on people in the yard. Their never was anyone like friends or neighbors in the yard that could explain the people that had been seen. The only unusual thing that has happened to me was one night when I was sleeping I was wakened by what felt like somebody laying on me, when I woke I felt as if I could not move from a heavy force when I was finally released I saw someone heading toward the window when I finally caught my breath and stopped shaking I got up to see if the window screen was out, when it was not I dismissed it as just a really realistic dream. I never mentioned it to my mom I do not know why. My daughter that is 22 years old stated that she was coming down the hallway and that she swore somebody grab her butt. The other weird thing was that we had a visitor from out of town. My mother came out side and whispered why is----- changing clothes and not closing the door. I laughed and said what do you mean she said she walked by his room and he was naked. I told my mom that he had left that morning about 6 A.M. she said well he must of came back because she just saw him. He had not come back. The man that had appeared to me that night was also naked. Well there has been other little situations but I think I have given you jest of it. I have told my mom that you would be contacting her and she is looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what the heck is going on.
Spiritual Investigation -  05 - FPRF Psychics:  Rafael & Edna Diaz
Report by Rafael Diaz
The trip to Chattahoochee was pleasant. It was also a very dark night .The type of night that the moon was not visible, and you cold really appreciate the stars. Upon our arrival, we met with the owner of the house. The introduction was something simple and courteous. The warm and gentle welcome of Mrs.X was like entering the house of the all American grandmother. The peace that this lady brings upon coming in contact with you was soothing. We sat down and started talking about her expectations of the investigation. Edna was taking pictures of the house, and I was explaining to her that we do not, or in my case, do the whole sha-bang, speaking in different tongues or things like that. This made Mrs X smile, and she was relieved that she would not have to endure the performance. At this moment, you could feel the presence of a small girl that was walking towards her. I gave all my attention to her and ask her what she was doing at that house? She stated that she was accompanying Mrs X. I also asked her if she was lost and if she needed help to go to the light? Her reply was that she comes and goes as she pleases and that she was from Mrs. X Family and that every time that she feels like visiting she will come and visit. At this moment, Daniel made himself known through his protective demeanor towards Mrs. X. I ask him why he was so over protected of Mrs. X, he told me that he was in great debt to Mrs. X , for the rest of Mrs. X life he will be there, and he will not leave nor abandon her at this time of her life. I understood him.
I went to talk to Mrs. X and told her of my conversation with Rachel and Daniel and told her what they have told me. Her reply was that she knew, and she was only looking for reassurance of what she was seeing and hearing was not her imagination. The evening was a complete success for Mrs. X .As we kept talking, you could feel the presence of other spirits coming to see what was going on. There were people from her past, people that she did not even know; on the other hand, she felt good thinking of the life that she had lived. A life full of love, happiness, and struggles,
At the end, we only can believe that Daniel, Rachel and the others were there for her comfort and company. What a great feeling knowing that there are spirits looking out for us in our time of need, whether do to health complications or just feeling lonely and knowing that the love we give during or life will come back to embrace us to the end of our days, that was the reality of Mrs. X

Rafael Diaz

FPRF, Team Psychic

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation