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Haunted Home
Case #29/Lake Worth, FL
Spiritual Investigation -  26 Nov 2005 - FPRF Psychic:  Michelle Rosmarin

On Saturday, November 26, I visited the home of a family in Lake Worth. Florida.  The home is brand new and is among several hundred other new homes in the development. The owner was friendly and shared with me that the spirits she sees and hears have followed her from home to home and are do not have any ownership to the specific dwelling they are living in.  After walking touring their home and seeing several examples of evidence that spirits are contacting them, I conducted a reading with the owner in a one-on-one sitting.  I did pick up several entities, primarily soldiers from the Civil War.  After discussing with them their reasons for staying in contact with the owner, I negotiated with them to reduce or stop the contact with the homeowners family.  They agreed after the owner agreed to changing some of her behavior which they felt was not flattering to her or her family.  We then contacted several of the other spirits and tried to discuss their interest in staying nearby.  After more discussion with the owner, we wrapped up our sitting. The visit was just about two hours.  

~ Michelle Rosmarin ~

FPRF, Team Psychic
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