Haunted Home
Case #3/ Springs Hill Fl,  Home (Scientific & Spiritual Investigative Teams) - 22 Feb & 1 Mar 03
Report by:  T. Tedana
Background information/Interview:
FPRF was contacted via e-mail by a couple Spring Hill, Florida concerning several disturbances in their home of an unexplained nature.  An edited version of the e-mail read as follows:
"Hello my name is Dawn ______ and I live in Spring Hill Fl.. We have something in our home and since last Aug. we've known it was here. Since just this Monday the 10th it has reared its ugly head and tried to drown my 12 year old son, it has ripped up our bibles, put crosses in the pool and in the garage and has done this over and over . We are very frightened and can't get any help w/this. It has reduced us to poverty practically and we PLEASE need somebody to help us. My phone #is _____________."
The case sounded interesting to say the very least.  Most events typically involved 'sounds' and 'feelings' but this one allegedly had physical phenomena involved.  The couple sought help immediately.  Due to prior commitments, the Scientific Team of  FRPR was unable to form for this investigation.  Because of the very urgent an interesting nature of this case FPRF contacted an affiliate organization in Tallahassee, FL for assistance in the purely Scientific portion of the investigation.  Big Bend Ghost Trackers  unreservedly agreed to assist for a combined Scientific investigation.  Betty Davis contacted an associate team member of hers, Mr Jim Hatcher to aid in assembling a team for the investigation.
Paul Wunschel of FPRF did a preliminary interview with the couple and obtained the following information.
-     Couple moved in August of this year, 'stuff' started happening the first night.
-     People who owned the house before them used to care for the elderly (in home-geriatric day care stuff)
-     The neighbors made remarks, about the house. Saying something was odd about the house when the couple moved in.
-     Neighbors stated the house had been through a couple of owners fairly rapidly over the years.
-     When Chuck & Dawn (the couple) got the place the first night Chuck was there (by himself that night) while he was painting and working on the place, he heard loud banging on the walls (pounding), could not find the source, but it scared the hell out of him
-      When the couple went the first time to ‘look’ at the house they saw dried blood on the front door (before actually buying-they bought anyway).
-       2 children, 12 and 13.
-       Dawn was saying things happen mostly to the kids
-       Chuck her husband, however, stated that lots things were happening a lot to him also when Paul talked to him
-        Events start about noon -1 o’clock and goes on through the night
-        Nightly events
-        Last Monday, it took a cross (vanished from the living room wall)
-        It turned up in their garage
-        They put it back up
-        The cross (3” pewter cross) turned up in the pool
-     The entity pushed his son in the pool when they (son & wife) were trying to get the Cross out, wife got a pool net to scoop up the cross, they could barely lift this 3” cross – felt like something was pulling it on the other end
-     Dawn said she saw it once out of the corner of her eye, she briefly saw what appeared to be a white robe with a blue material underneath but when she turned to see it disappeared (walking apparition).
-     Son saw 'it' in the shower once when he opened the shower curtain it startled him and cried out for his mom.  He said he had seen an old black man standing like he was waiting to get in the shower with a towel around his neck.  Nothing was there when the mother ran in.
-     Last Friday, Dawn & Chuck commanded it to show itself, as soon as they spoke, the power in the entire house shut off at the breaker switch.
-    Chuck said he is ‘sensitive’ to energies
-     Ectoplasm was sighted in the house, no one was smoking and they saw a reflection of what looked like smoke in the TV screen and it appeared to follow them
-     Both Christian religion.
-     Bibles have been discovered ripped/torn.  It locks and unlocks doors, slams doors loudly
-     Water facets keep turning on by themselves…They always get this feeling of being ‘watched’.  Electrical feel in the air
     First investigation team  was composed of FPRF's Paul Wunschel, Big Bend Ghost Hunter's Jim  Hatcher and a Licensed Psychologist.  Paul tried unsuccessfully to contact the family for 3 days before they finally got back with him.  He then informed them the investigation was on.  It was at that point that Paul had learned the latest news.  The family had moved out of the house in a rush and were all living in a motel room.  Activity had increased since contacting FPRF for an investigation.  According to Paul, the 'entity'  was now communicating with the family via a computer game that had a chat box in it.  They claimed that they had a conversation with the entity.  They had asked it some questions and its last response to them was "I am going to kill you all".  They vacated the house after this.
Residential Investigations
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Scientific Investigation - 22 Feb 03, appx 7 p.m.
     The team arrived and met the husband,  Chuck ______ as pre-arranged.   The couple had agreed to allow the team to set up surveillance at the  home during an all night vigil, in an attempt to capture an anomaly or event using standard investigative protocols.  Paul reported that the home felt normal, the only slight deviation in the atmosphere was when Dawn (Chuck's wife) came by for a quick introduction.  He stated he noticed a shift in the atmosphere during her brief stay but nothing more.  Dawn left after about 10 minutes, which left the team and husband alone.  During the investigation the only aberration recorded was a wooden cross that the couple had super glued to the wall to stop the entity from moving it around.  It was giving off readings on an EMF meter between 7-10 mg.  It should not have given off electromagnetic reading, as it was made of wood.  The team reported that aside from that single anomalous reading,  the entire night was totally uneventful.  Not even a single orb (invisible energy patterns captured easily on camera's) was captured on film or digital.  All attempts at capturing or recording an anomaly using EVP's, Video cameras in running in infra-red night shot mode, and temperature readings using infra-red thermometers with light lasers proved futile.   The team called off the investigation at approximately 4 a.m. on 23 Feb 03.  Outcome findings; Only anomaly recorded was the abnormal EMF reading on the cross.
Conclusions of Scientific Investigation.
     After discovering nothing of major significance, it was debated if a Spiritual Investigative team was warranted.  Several correspondence and phone calls took place with the family.  They reported that after the first team left, activity started to occur again.  The family continued living in the motel room, now going on the second week.  The Spiritual Investigative team realized that discovering and recording the events described by the family was at best a hit and miss situation.  It is the reason most parapsychologist have frustration when attempting to duplicate findings which occur in the field spontaneously in a lab setting.  The energies or 'entities' involved (depending on your view) do not always choose to co-operate.  If this was an entity with intelligence, that did not want to be discovered and 'cleared' it was surmised that it would not do activities to be discovered by the scientific team (pure theory here).  Fact of the matter was, the family was still living, at great personal expense, in a motel room.  Paul Wunschel who participated in the first investigation had run into some extraordinarily 'bad' luck immediately after the investigation and chose not to return to the home.  The second team decided that it would see what it could uncover using metaphysical tools along with  standard tools (digital cameras, EMF meters and EVP recording devices).  The second investigation was then scheduled for 1 Mar 03.
Spiritual Investigation - 1 Mar 03 - 7 p.m.
    The Spiritual Investigative Team was composed of  3 members;  Lisa Anderson, Tim and Monica Tedana of  FPRF.  It was decided that since Paul had reported that he 'felt' a variance in the atmosphere when Dawn was present, she should be present during the entire investigation.  This request was made along with individual interviews with Chuck and their son.  During the initial phases, Dawn allowed the team in and went to check on her children who were being watched by a neighbor while the team investigated.  It was noted that nothing felt out of the ordinary during this time.  Verification of the first teams EMF readings were accomplished on the wooden cross and indeed, the item gave off unusual high readings for an object of its composition.  Nothing else was noted.  It was a very modern and comfortable home.  Several pictures were taken (about 60) with no anomalies noted.  the location of numerous mirrors throughout the home made taking pictures very difficult. After Dawn returned, Monica started informing her of the impressions she was getting, also in attendance was Chuck  and Dawn's brother.  Monica also spoke with the son for his views on occurrences. Lisa and I (Tim) continued the investigation using standard scientific tools and our own impressions.  It was noticed by both of us that the atmosphere in the home 'felt' different suddenly.  While I was in one of the children's bedrooms Lisa called for me to see something that caught her eye.  She was scanning near the computer,  the entity allegedly communicated with them on, when suddenly the long plastic handle on the blinds next to the computer began swinging like a pendulum.   I immediately took a picture of this event.  The first 'orb' of the evening had made its appearance.  Lisa and I watched in wonder as this handle just swung back and forth (there were no fans or Air conditioner vents near with enough power to do this).  Suddenly, within 30 seconds of the beginning of this 'event'.  The power in the house went off leaving everyone in total darkness.  We immediately began lighting candles to shed some light in the home (luckily for us, the spiritual team is never lacking in candles).  I went outside and noticed that this home was the only house on the block that lost power.  We decided to go ahead and play its game and continue with candle light as our source of light.  These entities seem to feed on energy anyway so we would deprive it of electrical sources.  We decided it was time to attempt to communicate with it.  Monica and Lisa set up the Ouija board on the coffee  table while the 3 adult family members watched on.  I again took pictures and again caught 'orbs' around the board.   Monica asked 'it' its name and it responded with "Fuck you Monica and Lisa".  The entity was a terrible speller (which is not all that uncommon on a Ouija board) but it got its message across.  It was very belligerent throughout the questioning.  It did leave one ominous message.  It said "Tell Paul, isn't pay back  a bitch?". This exercise proved futile so it was decided that Monica would attempt to channel the entity.  After going into meditation.  Monica first channeled a small girl that she picked up earlier during her walk through that was trapped in the home.  She was very sad.  She kept crying.  She had committed suicide. I tried to talk to her, to learn her name but she just kept saying "I keep praying to the angels but they don't come".  I then attempted to talk her through this, to call on her loved ones when suddenly Monica convulsed and a different face and voice came through.  It was the unidentified dark entity in the home.  It attempted to insult the team by saying personal things that would hurt us emotionally but we had already been through a similar exercise in a previous investigation (Palm Bay, FL) and had prepared ourselves.  Attempts to get this entity to give us any information also proved futile.  It stayed for a while and snarled at everyone similar to an animal.  It then suddenly 'left'.  Monica slowly came out of trance and we knew nothing more of it than we did when we began.  Monica sensed that it was dark, that it was not a human soul as we typically run into.  Somehow it was using the female spirit there to meet its agenda.  She received the impression that it was already there when the family moved in but that it was drawing enormous energy off of one of its members.   After the trance, the 'energy' in the room seemed to dissipate.  It seemed to have expended its energy, for now.  This was frustrating, it left before we could actually clear it.  We  gave the family some in-depth advice on how to prevent this entity from drawing more energy off of them.  Other than this, the only thing we were able to do was identify the two entity types in the home.
Conclusions of Spiritual Team Investigation
    Witnessed two physical phenomena (or perfectly timed coincidences).  The control rod on the blinds behind the computer that began to spontaneously swing back and forth along with the power outage that affected only the house being investigated.  Additionally the presence of 'orbs' began with the timing of the blind control rod's swaying.  This was the first time 'physical' phenomena has been witnessed by the team. Two entitles were identified, one of a young girl and the other of an unknown origin that was not human in nature, but showed intelligence.  The family has decided to sell the home.  This case was a bit frustrating in that we were unable to positively intervene for the family and aid the young girl on her journey.  The origins of the unknown dark entity also leaves much unanswered.  It should be noted how elusive these unseen energies can be.  The same house, that one extremely competent team encountered nothing  unusual,  a week later another team experiences several phenomenon.  It is theorized that perhaps the energy of the anomaly was affected by two factors:  1.  During the first investigation, a key figure that the energy seems to be drawing energy from was not present.  Namely, Dawn.  Additionally, 2. The first team had within its composition a  critical mind to the presence of spirits.  It has been noted in past PK experiments (such as the Philip experiment in Toronto Canada), that when even one wary mind became involved, all phenomena ceased.  Whether this is a case of a manifested thought  form created by a human agent or a spirit attracted to a scenario by the humans involved will be up to debate.  One thing however is for certain.  There is something unseen that also resides at the home in Spring Hill, Fl.
(* Adult family members pictures used with consent of family)

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