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Residential Investigations
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Science Investigation - 9 Oct 2004 - FRPR Science Members:  Joe & Belinda Wharton
This investigation took place in :_____ Apartments in Ocala Florida. The Apartment is occupied by Mr. ______ a 69-year-old male living alone. His Children are all of adult age and living on their own. He has lived in the complex for a little over 20 years, however, he has only resided in his current apartment for approximately 7 years. Mr. ______ believes the apartments are more than 30 years old but knows little history on the complex.  The only animals present in the residence are fish in an aquarium. The residence is filled with numerous stuffed animals and many nick knacks as well as photographs and wall hangings. The home appears to be orderly. Mr. _______ is a Protestant but is not currently practicing. He does not consume alcohol.  He is disabled and takes numerous medications (19) for heart, diabetes and thyroid conditions. He has never been treated for any psychiatric illness. Mr. _______ wears glasses for driving only and is not color blind.  He has no hearing impairment. He states his sense of smell is good.   Mr. _______ has 3 brothers that are deceased and he feels that the occurrences are connected to the death of his brother Paul which occurred about 6 years ago a week before Christmas.  Most of the events revolve around Mr. _______. To his knowledge only 2 other family members have had events occur, his brother Paul’s wife (Carolyn) on 2 occasions and his brother’s son in law (Michael) on 1 occasion. Per Mr. _______, Carolyn saw her husband lying in his bed on 2 occasions from short distance and states Paul did not speak.  The apparition that appeared to Michael per Mr. _______ was similar to this experience.  Michael recalls a face only and Paul did speak “they killed me, they killed me, they killed me, everything is going to be ok...”.
Approximately a week after Mr. ________ brother Paul died, he was awoken at 3am on Christmas Eve and saw his brother Paul at the foot of his bed. Mr. ________ only remembers seeing his face, which was at the appropriate level as if Paul were standing. His face was surrounded by a glow. Paul’s only words were “ they killed me”. Mr. _______ was the only person present at this time.  He can’t say what caused him to awaken at that time. He does not recall the weather conditions as it was 6 years ago.  He does not recall there being any power outages, temperature variations, or electrical problems before, during, or after the sighting that evening. Mr. ______ was only a few feet away from the apparition and states no objects were moved or manipulated. He does not recall if they made eye contact and states the apparition did not move. The apparition was present for less than a minute he believes perhaps 30-45 seconds and then evaporated. Mr. _______ had been asleep prior to this event but had had several hours sleep and does not recall being tired. He states he did not yell out or scream and did not attempt to communicate with Paul. He did not try to take a picture or mover closer as he states he was frightened by the event. Mr. ________ brother Paul died in the VA hospital.  Mr. _______ was by Paul’s side holding his hand when he took his last breath. According to Mr. _______ a tube was placed down Paul’s airway, which punctured a lung resulting in his death.
Mr. _______ feels this is what was meant by the statement “ they killed me” The only other time Mr. ________ states he has experienced anything similar to this was years earlier when his son was 17. At that time there was one occasion when his son saw what Mr. ________ believes was an apparition of a women in a gown going from his son’s bedroom to the bathroom. Mr. ________ also witnessed this identical event on one occasion shortly after that.
Mr. _______ states numerous other events have occurred after seeing the apparition of his brother 6 years ago. He states the TV in the living room will come back on after he has turned it off as he approaches his bedroom. He states this has occurred with both an older TV he had as well as the newer one that is in his home at the current time. He has no idea as to the number of actual times this has occurred. He states his car windshield wiper blades go on and off at times. Mr. ________ states the tape player in his bedroom would go on by itself several times. He states that on several occasions he would lock the front door at night and for some reason be awoken approx. 3am, he would go to the bathroom and look at the front door, which would then be unlocked. Mr. _______ states it would always be 3am when he awoke and notice the unlocked door. He does not know what causes him to awaken at this particular time. He can’t recall hearing any sounds. He states on one occasion he left a tape recorder by the front door and when he awoke that evening at 3am and checked the door it was locked. When he played the recorder back he states he could hear the sound of the door chain as if it were being put back on. Mr. ________ stated he does have this recording but is not sure which tape it is on. Mr. _______ has 3 clocks in his residence one is a wind up, one runs on battery, and one is electric. He states on one occasion he awoke at 3am and noted the power to be out. He sat on his bed for approximately 10 minutes at which time the power came back on. When he got up and checked the clocks all 3 were on the same time despite the fact that the one in the kitchen is electrical.

The physical contacts began approximately a few months ago. Mr. _________ can’t give an exact date on which this began. For him, this is the most disturbing aspect of the events that have transpired over the last six years. The contact per Mr. _________ always seems to occur at approximately 3am. It began as with him being firmly grasped at the ankle. After this occasion, having both ankles firmly grasped and raised from the bed would then awaken him. Per Mr. _________ this is a frequent event that has occurred numerous times, however, he can’t give a specific number but states it always occurs at 3am. Mr. _________ states there has been two separate occasions were he has grasped by the ankles and the dragged down his bed about half way at 3 am. At these times he does not recall hearing, seeing or smelling anything unusual.
In closing, Mr. _________ was a very kind and talkative gentleman and seemed very sincere. When going back over some of the details of events there was never any variation from his original statements. Although he is disabled, he is still an active man and his memory nor his thought processes appeared to be impaired during the interview.  We recorded several unexplained EMF spikes, appearances of energy anomalies captured on our cameras.  Additionally, our equipment would suddenly keep turning itself off repeatedly throughout the investigation.  We believe the residence to be inhabited with an 'unknown' energy and recommend a Spiritual Investigation Team be assembled to aid this gentleman in uncovering the reason's behind the events happening within his home.
Joe & Belinda Wharton
FPRF Investigator's
Spiritual Investigation - 8 April 2006
FPRF Psychic:  Deb Nichols & FPRF Investigator Jennifer Kavouras
On April 8th,  Deb Nichols and myself arrived at Mr. ___'s apartment at 5:09 p.m. and he signed the release form for the spiritual investigation after which Deb and I proceeded.   I took base line readings in the entry hallway into the living room and the living room ranged from .9 to 2.3 with a constant (at the time) high reading that seemed to be in a line from the bedroom door all the way across the living room.  The bedroom door faces the living room.   After about 45 minutes the readings then dropped and there was not a constant reading along that path for the rest of the evening.
Deb was discussing the possible entities with Mr. ____, as I was standing by the bedroom door with my arm extended into the doorway taking readings at the entrance to the bedroom.   The emf meter was at a steady 2.8.   The instant Deb asked "who is Robert" the emf meter went to 3.9 while the meter was being held still.   (it will fluctuate with high readings if it is moved too fast.)  I asked Deb to repeat the name she had just said (I didn't want to say it) but the meter did not spike again.
The emf readings would fluctuate between the bedroom and the living room.   If the living room readings went down then the bedroom readings went up.   At 5:51 p.m. when Mr. ____ was discussing that he did not want a woman living with him (so he could move into a different apartment) the readings in the whole apartment dropped to .1 to .4.  Deb stated that the entities had left the apartment.  At this point all three of us stepped outside but left the recorders running.  At 6:11 p.m. we reentered the apartment.
The emf readings would slightly fluctuate from room to room but the readings were not as high as before we left the apartment.   We left a second time at approximately 7:30 p.m. and reentered the apartment at 7:50 p.m.  The second time that we came in the entire house did not give a reading over 4.
After coming back into the apartment the second time Deb had a conversation with the three entities after determining from Mr. ____ that he did not want them to leave as long as they did not bother him while he was trying to go to sleep.  Deb told them that they were welcome to stay as long as they let Mr. ____ sleep, that they were welcome to still turn the TV on and off and the lights on and off as long as they didn't do it while he was trying to sleep.   Prior to this conversation there was only one picture (in the bathroom) with a single orb.   After this conversation there were several pictures with orbs.  Deb sprinkled sage and salt around Mr. ____ bed and I left him with a smudge stick of white sage.  Deb and I left the apartment at  9:15 p.m.  
So, on the pictures from 5:09 p.m. to 8:13 p.m. there was only one picture that has anything in (at 5:26 p.m. picture P4080009).  From 8:13 p.m. on (after Deb's conversation with the entities telling them it was okay to stay, with conditions) then there were oddities at all manifesting in any other pictures.
I called Mr. ____ the following Saturday and he stated that nothing has happened since we left but if anything does happen, he will telephone us.
*Notes:  In the photo's you will see Deb wearing a green t-shirt with her outfit.   She did have a matching jacket on originally, but had removed it due to the very warm temperature within the apartment.   I am still working on processing the audio from both recorders.   I'll email you if any other evp's are found.
Jennifer Kavouras
FPRF, Investigator

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation