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Haunted Home
Case #33/Boynton  Beach,  Private Home
(22 July 06)  
Spiritual Investigation
FPRF Psychic:  Deb Nichols & FPRF Investigator Jennifer Kavouras, Marlene Nichols, Laila F & Rita Adams
After several phone calls to clarify directions we did arrive at Boynton Beach and were met by Velinka and her family.   We immediately went inside and everyone moved to the family room in the rear of the house.   Our Team Psychic, Deb Nichols discussed with the son about his trying to contact his grandmother and that his mother had been eencouraging him to do so.   Deb felt that it was a male teenager that he was actually communicating with presently and that it was a different entity than the first contact.   Velinka asked for an explanation of some pictures she had taken in the master bedroom.   Marleen and I asked if we could see the room where the pictures were taken and we both took numerous pictures trying to recreate the rectangular light pattern on the wall.   After seeing the room and getting the same effect I believe it could be caused by a silver bordered frame on the adjoining wall reflecting onto the other wall, with the rectangular shape interrupted by the small silver phone in front of the frame.
I did not get any abnormal readings in the family room or the master bedroom or around the family.  However, this is the first investigation where I felt it was better to stay with the family rather than moving from room to room documenting the ambient readings.  And I noticed that none of the other investigators moved about either.  At no other investigation did I ever not move from room to room except for Boca Raton because of the condition of the wife.   However at Boca Raton I roamed around the first floor while the wife was on the second floor and then briefly on the second floor while she was downstairs.   This was different though, I can't place my finger on it, but I did find it odd afterwards that NONE of us moved about the home taking readings in Boynton Beach.   We did take readings around the family while Deb was talking to her and I asked permission to see the room where the wife's photos had been taken so we then moved to the Master bedroom, but that was it.  This is not something we normally forget to do.  Just odd that for some reason none of us thought of it at the time.
At one point while I was sitting on the floor in the family room I did get the sensation that someone walked past me right behind my back, very close.   No one had moved however, there were no fluctuations in readings when this occurred.
The other odd thing was that when we exited the home and were standing by the vehicles 3 of the 5 of us, and I believe it was Rita, Deb and myself all expressed surprise that it was a only a one story house.   The 3 of us were certain that there would be a staircase leading to a second floor loft, however, when talking it over with the others we all agreed that there was not a staircase in the home and the outside of the house looks like it's only one story.   We would have had to have passed a staircase on the way to the master bedroom but no one saw it.  If I had been the only one to think that there was a second story to the house I would have dismissed it.   There are no base line readings from this home to submit along with time lapse data.  As I stated, for some odd reason none of us thought to take any (?).

Gail Works,
FPRF Investigator

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