Haunted Home
Case #34/Boca Raton  FL,  Private Home
29 April - 22 July 06  
Residential Investigations
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Science Documentation Investigation - 29 April 2006
FPRF Investigators;  Laila F (Point),  Leane Suominen, Ethan Ledford & Tiffany Haskins
Report by:  Laila F
Unfortunately, we did not get much solid evidence during the science investigation. I ran out of videotape early and the better one of my digital cameras was almost out of battery energy after just getting started. I captured 4 photos of orbs  but the husband said he had better photos of orbs that he had captured. Later I saw on my video recording their bathroom light flickering from the light bulb that was supposed to be dead, but we forgot to check if this light bulb actually was dead during the investigation so the videotape of it flickering cannot be considered evidence.
The wife, who was the one seeing most of the orbs, was very upset with their situation and did not understand why we were there taking pictures when they family already had pictures of orbs. The family had been told by a previous visit by a local ghost club that it was their own fault that these things were happening to them and had made her feel very depressed and scared  that it was possible that she was close to death. It was a little difficult situation for us science investigators because we felt we were invading her space and not being able relate to her and to help right away.  After realizing that the unknown energies are mostly around her we kept filming and taking many pictures in the master bedroom.  I would have liked to have had more time to have obtained solid evidence and see if the family members could get the spirits to move objects like they had said they had done before, but we felt we had intruded on the family long enough with our flashes, meters and temperature sensors.  On top of that, we were all out of video tape and fresh batteries anyway.  Our team agrees that it does not seem like there is anything life threatening about this situation. We had been told , the worst thing the spirits had done was the tugging of sheets and clothing.  We were told of one event that happened in the bedroom that was physical, but we don't believe the pushing out of bed is anything to consider harmful, just sort of playful and childlike.  The wife says she sees several black flying "balls"(orbs) always to the side of where she is looking.  It seems it might be only on the left side of her vision. They stop and "listen" to her when she is talking to them. I tried talking to them and asked if they could touch my hand (and record something on our instruments out of the ordinary) but the wife said they were ignoring me.
The wife has been disabled and taking medication for pain since 1993 and the events only started in November 2005. Therefore it doesn't seem that the events are illusions due to medications.   Several other family members (including the dog) are also sensing things such as door slamming and closets opening. The local ghost club told her the spirits are there because she invited them in, but the spirits must had already been there and flickering the lights to get her attention before she attempted to communicate with it.
At the time, our team considered there was a very small possibility that she could be causing these events herself, a thought form or through psychokinesis, moving things with her mind.  If so, that in itself is still considered 'paranormal activity' to be further documented.  Even though we did not obtain too much physical evidence except for the some orb photos and stories,  I do not feel right ending the case at this point and not trying to somehow help them.  The family is under great stress and we all believed what they were telling us.  Therefore, our team agreed afterwards that a spiritual intervention team was needed. The claimed tape with the moving cup was given to the other previous local ghost club and was never given back to the family.
The case was given to FPRF Investigators; Joe & Belinda Wharton, two of our  investigators nearest that region to perform an on-site interviews and to take base line readings of the residence...  

Laila F.
FPRF, Investigator
Spiritual Investigation-22 July 06
FPRF Psychic:  Deb Nichols & FPRF Investigators: Laila F (Point), Jennifer Kavouras,  Marlene Nichols & Rita Adams
Report by:  Deb Nichols, FPRF Psychic
Our team arrived onsite in the early afternoon. The residence has a semi-covered lanai area at the entrance and as we entered through, we could feel some of the energy of the place. This is the home of a family with 2 young girls, not present at the beginning of our investigation.
We were met by the man of the house and entered into the living room. I immediately picked the fact that there has been ongoing and increasing activity in these people’s life for the last year and a half or so. It has almost gotten ‘crazy’, intensifying the last 6 months or so. In my opinion, the family was feeling inundated. Although there are a couple of spirits spending time with the family, I was especially aware of that of a child, who has also gotten the attention of the girls in the house. The man and wife seem to bear a physical resemblance to that spirit-child’s parents, especially the man. The woman is very maternal and child-like herself, also attracting the attention of the spirits. I picked up the energy of another man in the house, however at the time, I wasn’t clear as to whether or not that was spirit or not. I received clarification later…
The biggest problem for the family members has been the constant annoyance they have felt seeing the orbs and the confusion of ‘why?”. Not aware until speaking with us that most of us humans don’t see orbs regularly, nor ‘naked-eyed’, they had been feeling trespassed upon and confused. The orbs have accompanied them out of the house and on daily outings as well. The wife spends a lot of her time, due to her health, upstairs in their room. Strong light also bothers her eyes. I asked that she come down for a bit and I get a chance to see and feel them downstairs together. She did, and had a lot of questions about what she/they have been seeing.
The couple wanted to know just who and what these things, orbs, are. “Why are they there and following them around? How do they make them go away, even give them privacy? Why don’t they, the orbs, ‘get the hint’ and go away, even when they and the children bat them and tell them to go away? Why do they go with them places, and why in the Doctor’s office do the orbs go and ‘check out’ other people, especially older or more ill people?” Lots of questions, and feeling very invaded were these people. The wife went back upstairs and so did we. She is more comfortable up there, and out of the light.
Upstairs in the couple’s room, we had a long talk about spirits, facts of what draws them to people and how family energy is what made the spirits move with the family. They admitted to having almost the exact same problem in the house they lived in, and as they suspected, the spirits came with them. There are several, but 3 primarily, 1 being a child, a girl I believe, and that of a man, a Grandfather, who has been concerned about her... the third  is a very closed deceased friend from High School, who is still keeping a bit of an eye on her. I believe as she gets more comfortable with herself and “things”, he may choose to go completely on his way, maybe not. We spoke of her Grandfather and getting some closure with things. We also spoke about Guides, somewhat of a role her Grandfather is presently doing working with her others; and trying to use their help. We worked and spoke about closure, coming to “peace and terms”, when someone passes on.
I explained how the orbs have attachments to the family and that is why they often travel with them. One of the most forefront questions was why the orbs do some of the things they do? For instance, in Doctor’s offices, one or 2 of them will go and hover over another patient in the waiting room, often a more malaise person. I explained several possibilities, including curiosities, or the fact that the person may be nearing crossing over. At first the wife thought it could also mean she could be nearing her time of crossing. Due partly to her medical conditions, and of fear, of  mis-information,  and some confusion, we had some work to do. It  seems another group of some kind, “supposedly similar to Us”, had been to the house and given some horrible mis-‘guidance’, and bad information, adding some kind of religious influence or skewing on their visit. (Later it was reveled that this group even told the family that Sage can “go bad and needs replacing, no matter what, every 3 months!) The wife had taken a lot of it to heart, and had some trust issues with us. She needed clarity and understanding as well as patient re-educating As we spoke , she came to realize that the behavior and choices of the orbs have no bearing on her “contracted” time on earth. We helped the couple to understand that their own energies and family dynamics have also been an attraction to the orbs, and sometimes can influence how they act
I spent at least an hour with the woman, by herself. My esteemed team-mates took the husband downstairs as to help him specifically for himself and the family as well. The wife and I remained upstairs, with Laila documenting for the most part. (NOTE: This was an incredible blend of ‘knowing’ and teamwork. There was no discussion – they just did what they felt and knew was necessary!) The separation and individual attention to the adults in the home probably cut our work time down by at least a couple hours, despite the time we were there. (My hats off to my fellow ‘worker team-mates’, All of them, including the input of our new  members as well) I gave the woman instructions and information as to how to deal and speak to and with the spirits. She came to realize the difference between ecto-plasma, spirits and Guides. I encouraged her to set boundaries and request privacy when needed. I explained relationships and attractions and how to deal with the abilities within the family. I also explained that relatively speaking, she/they can’t go ‘backward’, and not see the orbs anymore. She was also surprised that most people can sometimes only sense them, and most can not see them with the naked eye as her family does. I also spoke to her about her relationships within her family, situations, self-needs and the fact that she, her husband and one daughter have ‘sight’ as their primary ability, whilst their youngest is an empath.
There was some work done as well, dealing with the family dynamics, her health, medications, needs and respect and communication, between those with bodies and without. (I should have asked some of the curious entities to calm down a bit! There is a lot of activity within the home. It interfered with my tape-recorder; heavy static and causing us to sound distant with the recorder less than 3 feet from us). The wife has to take some responsibilities for her conditions and energies now. We spoke intensely about her personal responsibilities, choices and needs; we spoke of personal powers. I heeded her request and agreed to also converse with her husband about some of personal issues she was having, and helped her with “finding her voice.” We then re-joined everyone downstairs.
It was really nice to feel the shift in energy as the clients were now fully comfortable, and relieved no-one thought them “crazy”.  We explained and instructed them on house-cleaning and ‘claiming your space.’ We explained about our own responsibilities on in dealing with ‘energies’ we allow in our homes, spaces; how sometimes we need to ‘divorce’ some situations, in our lives, and how we don’t need to accept others influences or karma, either. There are 2 family situations that for the best of this family, really need “divorcing”. I think they are going to be able to handle them much better. A lot of information and we feel the clients are much better and empowered. The final stage was to have the children come home and work a bit with them.
These are 2 very cute and very bright young girls; very astute. The older one, about 7, is also visual and sees most of what her parents do. The younger one, about 5, also very animated, is different; she is an empath. She feels a little left out compared to everyone else in the sense she doesn’t ‘see’ what they do. She feels, and sometimes hears. There is some competition between them, which we also helped address withal. Lots of questions, backed with lots of energy, just like their parents. Marleen suggested some reading for the parents to do. We suggested that the parents read up on Indigo and Crystal children, as well. We think they will find the information very helpful.
We/I feel we left this case closed. I believe we left behind happy clients who are now more at ease in their home than they have been in a long time. We have an open door to keep in touch and exchange ideas and progress. They seem to be on a pretty cool path. They will be checking our website, as needed for reading etc, and working on/with themselves and each other. There was an ease and laughter as we prepared to go; replacing the tension that was “out of the door” when we arrived. This family will probably keep in touch, may call back, and welcome us anytime or get additional information as they continue to grow.  

Deb Nichols
FPRF, Psychic

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation