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Haunted Home
Case #35/Melbourne FL,  Private Home
(5 - 12 Aug 2006)  
Background information/
July 21, 2006 - FPRF received e-mail from a 46-year-old male living in Melbourne.  He wrote from his lady friend’s computer, and asked that we phone him at her house to speak of strange events happening to her and himself at his residence.  He did want to discuss his situation while in his home.   FPRF Investigator Gail Works was assigned as 'Point' and responded to him, at which time a Scientific oriented investigation was scheduled.
Scientific investigation - 5 August 2006
FPRF Investigators;  Gail Works (point), Krista Mattson,  Jacqueline Duryea & Mary Colgan
August 5, 2006 -  FRPF Science team, consisting of members Krista Mattson, Jackie Duryea, and Mary Lou Colgan and myself, arrived at the client’s home at approximately 8:25 p.m., where we were greeted by him and his lady friend.  We went inside and the team proceeded to take base line readings of the home while I continued with the interview process.  A mini tape recorder was used to record the session, as well as to pick up any incidental EVP phenomenon in the immediate area that might have occurred.
The client initially reported to me that the events that had been occurring for the past six to eight weeks.  The majority of incidents have occurred in the client’s bedroom between the hours of midnight and 4:00 a.m., so that he was awakened from sleep.  More than once, he reports being unable to move because the sheet or blanket was pressed tight against his body, almost as if something was lying next to him.  The most frightening incident was when he awoke feeling a “presence” in the chair next to his bed.  His back was turned away from it, so he saw nothing, but he “felt” it wanted him to turn and make contact with it.  The client was very frightened and would not turn toward it, but prayed until the feeling went away.  This incident lasted about one minute.  Since that time, the client had not slept in the bedroom.  Most recently, his front door locked by itself while he briefly went outside.  He went to a neighbor’s home to phone a locksmith, but when he returned, the door opened easily.  His cat regularly sits in the hallway, staring upward at the wall as though watching something.
Of significance is the fact that the client’s stepfather passed in May of this year.  While they were not on great terms, there was no real strife in their relationship.  However, in June, the client went to North Carolina to visit with his mother, and he was given some money with which to purchase a car.  He also transported back with him many items originally belonging to the stepfather.  He is pretty certain that this is when the incidents began occurring.  He has stated that he wonders if his stepfather might be angry because his mom helped him to purchase his car.   He confided in his mother just last week regarding his paranormal experiences since this occurred.  He stated, his mother is now having her own unexplained incidents as well.  A new telephone she purchased in June has been playing some sort of music every night at midnight for about one minute.  The client instructed her to call the manufacturer, but they informed her that they do not have any music programmed into that model of telephone.  The science did obtained a few anomalies throughout the night.  Krista felt a strange sensation in the bedroom and noted that her EMF was reading higher than the base line recorded earlier.  She was disappointed however not to capture anything else at that moment for a double verification (photo, EVP or temperature variance).  Krista did capture a few photo's of unexplained energy patterns near our team members in the living room area as they were taking readings of the home.  There was a mixed consensus amongst us afterwards on whether the home is haunted based strictly on the hard data obtained and the family dynamics involved.  I will forward this on to FPRF for the decision whether or not to proceed on to a Spiritual Investigation.
Gail Works,  FPRF Investigator
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