Haunted Home
Case #36/Melbourne FL,  Private Home
(10 - 16  Sept 2006)  
Residential Investigations
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Scientific investigation - 10 Sept 2006
FPRF Investigators;  Gail Works (point), Krista Mattson,  Jacqueline Duryea & Mary Colgan
Report by: Gail Works
I first spoke with the client, A**s, on Tuesday, August 29, 2006. He and his family moved into the house in July 2006.  The family consists of A____s, an adult male, A_____a, an adult female, T*****a, a 12-year-old female, K___e, a 9-year-old female, M____l, a 7-year-old male, 3-month old baby C____r, and their dog.  They obtained their home from A____a’s grandmother, who had occupied it new in 1999.
Within one month of moving in, they began to experience paranormal activity.  The client reported that they purchased some used furniture within the first three weeks of occupancy, and within one week, they had their first incident.  When this activity first commenced, the three oldest children were visiting with their father.  They returned to their new home at the beginning of August.  The client had not had much luck capturing anything on film, although he reported that he had some EVP, as well as a brief video.
On Saturday, August 26, A___s heard “fizzling, popping, crackling” noises coming from the master bed/bath area.  He went back toward the room, but felt hesitant to enter.  Their dog also did not want to go into the bedroom.  That was the most recent incident.
Because the client had not been able to get any photographic evidence, I went to the home on Saturday, September 2, 2006, to meet with them and take some pictures prior to assembling a Science Team.  At this time, I spoke with all family members (except for baby Christopher) and got accounts from everyone.
A****a has had a couple of encounters. On one occasion when she was in the master bathroom, she thought A**s was outside the door.  She came out and “walked through something.”  She described the air as “denser.”  She also felt a presence watching her when she was in the kitchen.  Again thought it was A**s, but when she turned around, no one was there.  She has also seen someone in the master bath right around the sink.
Both adults speak of M___l as especially “sensitive.”  They also used the term “psychic” to describe him.  Michael was the first of the children to have an incident.  He said he saw a “shadow man” going from the hall into the laundry room.  He said the entity cast a shadow that was taller than its body.
T___a, is a pretty typical teenage girl, and just wishes this would all go away.  However, she reported that as she and a sibling were playing on the computer in the family room, they sensed someone behind them that she thought was A**s.  Upon turning around, she discovered there was no one there.
K___e was quick to corroborate someone else’s story (“Yeah, I saw that, too!”), but had reported nothing independently of the others.
Another occurrence of note is a repeated problem with the batteries in one of the smoke/CO2 detectors.  Although A**s said he put new batteries in all eight detectors when they moved in, the one in the kitchen kept going dead, and making noise.  He had changed the battery three times since they moved in, but finally just removed the detector.  We did discuss the possibility of faulty wiring.
The most interesting aspect of this case is the fact that the family does not necessarily want the entity to go.  At this point, they are hoping to learn more about it/him, and seek a possible peaceful co-existence.  They have asked it not to “freak them out,” which they clarified to mean that they do not want to feel scared.
My photos showed orbs in the living room, playroom, and master bedroom, so we had the evidence we needed to investigate further.  The Science Team was assembled, and we visited the clients’ home on Saturday, September 9, 2006.  The team consisted of myself, Krista Mattson, Jacqueline Duryea, and Mary Lou Colgan.  We were equipped with three digital cameras, a video cam, tape recorder, and an EMF detector.
The clients had sent an intriguing EVP recording made earlier in the week, with someone clearing whistling “Have You Ever Seen a Dream Walking?”  I could hear their voices, too, and it definitely did not appear to be either of them doing the whistling.
Since I had already conducted interviews during my previous visit, I chatted informally with the clients as I filled out our paperwork, while the team went to work documenting base line 'readings' of the home with their equipment.  Krista reported that the living room seemed to be a place where she was getting some indications of possible paranormal activity.  We assembled there as a team, and I asked some questions while Krista took photos.  That documentation is shown in the photo collection below.  Based on what we documented, we recommended the formation of a spiritual team to attempt communication with whoever was in the home.
Gail Works
FPRF, Investigator
Spiritual Investigation - 16 Sept 06
FPRF Psychic  Marlene Pardo w/ Gail Works & Tim Tedana
Report by: Gail Works
The FPRF Spiritual Investigation Team; consisting of myself, psychic Marlene Pardo (from our Miami team), and Tim Tedana went back to the house on Saturday, September 16 2006.
The home “felt” very different from the visit I’d made the weekend before – very “quiet.”  The clients informed us that they’d had a lot of activity during the week, and wondered if it was a sort of backlash as a result of the scientific investigation.  We indicated to them that it was a possibility as spirits, all have their own unique personalities just like embodied humans.  Very possible.  The home, with the exception of a play area set up for the children near the bedrooms, felt relatively ‘flat’.   The couple stated that they had used some white sage to “smudge” the boys’ bedroom, as that had been where the problems seem to emanated from the most.  They said they felt “heaviness” and “malevolence” and neither the 7-year-old nor the five-month-old baby would sleep in the room.  We had already come to the conclusion that both of the young children  are quite “sensitive.” As most young children are.   The couple had asked everyone to please leave during the smudging accomplished earlier in the week  From what our team could determine.. it seems as if the spirits (or whatever they were) seemed to have done just that.  With the exception to one little spirit boy, that Marlene picked up on during her walk through.  A lost soul, who stayed behind.
Marlene first sensed him in the playroom, and there has been activity in that room reported.  Toys moving and making sounds as though someone was playing with them when no one was in the room.  She described him all in white, as though he had on a white robe or something similar  which she thought he might have been buried in.  Marlene stated that he was frightened and upset by all the activity of our Science Team (the week before) and thought he was going to be “sent away.”
I am a teacher in my “other” profession, so I love children and relate very to them well.  Because I have that special connection, I spent some time in the playroom where his presence was felt and spoke to/with him a bit.  Marlene had gone outside to walk the perimeter of the home while Tim stayed and spoke with the Mr.:_____.  The lone spirit child left, was hiding amongst the toys.  At first I talked about A_____a (“Mommy A____da” to him) and how bright and pretty she must be to him.  I sat on the floor with a ball and asked if he wanted to play.  I could almost see his little dark blond head vigorously shake “no.”  I played alone with the ball, as I spoke to him about all the kids in the house and all the wonderful toys to play with and how nice it was there.  I then asked if he could remember "another mommy."  I sensed that he had a rather vague picture of her, but no real connection to her at that point (I saw a woman with dark hair, neatly curled and coifed, in a light color dress and high heels, who was standing in a very bright light.  I believe she is waiting for him).  I'm not a strong enough psychic to help facilitate that memory, I'm afraid, because he retreated when that picture came into my mind and I said "Oh, there's your real mommy!  Isn't she pretty?" Young children, unlike adults are a bit more difficult to reason with (as most parents can attest to).   He went into hiding after that.
Marlene Pardo reported that outside of the home.. there were ‘many’ spirits that seemed to just be observing the home from a distance.  She also noted that there was an older ghost.. that seemed to just be walking around the home in a continuous circle.
Tim noted during his interview with the Mr.:________ that they were not totally new to the realm of ghosts and spirits.   They were not novice in their knowledge of this realm.  He noticed the family seemed to have a decent collection of books on the subject of Spirits as well as Wicca within their book shelves.  Mr.:_____ did state to him that they had done a cleansing type ceremony within the home to clear out the unwanted ‘guests’.  Marlene and Tim later conferred and were unsure if the male walking a continuous circle outside of the residence was a thought form created inadvertently by the owners to patrol the home.  Or, if it was a ghost that simply walked the perimeter because he could not find a way back in.
We left the clients with the information we could provide to them.  As was mentioned in the Science Team report, they have no wish for the one child ghost to leave.  They simply wanted to just to know more about him.
In a follow-up I conducted approximately a week later.  The client reported an increase in activity again (someone jumping on the sofa in the living room, playing with a slinky toy, and a white light coming from the playroom).  My advice to the clients was this:
“At this point, I think you should try to communicate with him in whatever way seems comfortable to you.  Remember, he is a child.  Tell him it's okay for him to stay, but that he needs to play nice and be a good boy.  Give him the same things you give a child in this world, love and approval, but also set some limits.  When the family is asleep, explain to him that it needs to be quiet time in the house.  He can play during the day, but not late at night, because you need to sleep at night.......try to love him, or at least accept him, for now.  Perhaps Michelle (A____a’s sister who had crossed over last year) could be enlisted to try help him find his way “home," since she comes to visit regularly according to her.  When A____da feels her there, she might try talking to the both of them, and try to get them to "see" each other.  It's worth a shot.”

These clients are very open in their beliefs regarding spirits, and I have no doubt that they will be able to amicably resolve this issue in their home.  They actually did well in clearing the home with the exception of the single ghost child.  They presently have four children already – they may have one more.
Gail Works
FPRF, Investigator

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation