Haunted Home
Case #38/Fernandina Beach FL,  Private Home
(27 Jan - 10 Feb 2007)  
Scientific investigation - 27 Jan 2007
FPRF Investigators;  Jennifer Kavouras (point), Marleen Nichols,  Shelley Garrett & Rudine Bryant
Report by:  Jennifer Kavouras
While we were there Marleen got several mist photos and Shelley captured several orb photos inside of the house.   In D___'s room (one of the older daughters) there was a moving column of coldness,  it stayed in one spot for a while and then moved, Shelley and Rudine both experienced it.   In the nursery Shelley, Rudine and Marleen all experienced a column of coldness that would be stationary for a while and then move to another spot and then dissipate.
Because we were there performing a science investigation it was not mentioned to the residents, but Shelley stated to us that she was met in the hallway by a 'presence' and then a different presence was in the nursery.  Marleen also stated that she felt several presences.  
During the interview Mrs_____  said that the most unsettling event was on January 19th at approximately 3 a.m. she had a nightmare and upon waking up she saw a dark figure of a man standing by the doorway to the bathroom (entrance to that bathroom is in the bedroom).   Her friend Joanna was staying the night and she also saw the figure of  dark man.   She tried to wake her husband to see if he saw it but the husband would not wake up.   She could not distinguish any facial features or type of clothing, just the outline of the man and that inside the outline was all black.   It frightened her greatly and she stated that if she ever saw the grim reaper, that the dark man would be it.  'IT' did not speak or move but she did feel like it was looking right into her eyes.
Random (one of the middle aged sons) stated that he saw the dark man in a cemetery before he ever started seeing it in the house.  His older brother was driving him home and when they passed the cemetery he saw the figure.   After that he saw it several times in the house (it followed).    After Mrs_____  saged the house and had the house blessed, they have not seen him inside again.   But they have seen him outside of the house numerous times.  Also after the saging and blessing Mrs___ said that the other incidents quieted down, but did not stop.
She stated that the other incidents in the house; jar falling of the counter when it had been in the middle of the counter, doorknobs being off the door and on the floor, doors opening and closing, footsteps, voices,  a smell that reminded her of her grandmother and another that reminded her of her twins, a picture in the nursery that was hung on the wall was reversed and turned upside down.   It does not bother her, she's dealt with that in other places that she lived.  However the figure of  the dark/shadow man greatly distresses her.
The friend that also saw the figure, is/was  the best friend of  the resident.   Her friend is also a psychic and into the metaphysical.   I did not know at the time I made the comment but when she first told me at the end of the interview that her friend also experiences these things.   I told her that it is very nice that she has someone to talk to about it, as we come across a lot of people who feel that they don't have anyone to talk to about these things.   She started to almost cry and said that her friend won't speak to her anymore and that it was this friend that eventually ran off with her husband.   Since her friend is into the metaphysical I asked Mrs____  if there was a possibility that she might be involved in any of the incidents.   Mrs____ responded no, that she is a good person and she doesn't know why, but her friend is afraid of her.   She said that if her  did have anything to do it that she doesn't believe she have done it intentionally.
The science team was able to complete the science investigation during the time that I was interviewing Mrs. _______.   After taking baseline readings they noted that the gauss meter would go off frequently in D____’s room.  The temperature also rose in that  room from 70 degrees to 79 degrees.   The boy’s room toward the front of the house also had variable gauss readings.   As I was not present during these you will probably receive more details in their individual reports of these incidents.  We concluded the investigation and left the  home at 8:40 p.m.  
While it might have nothing to do with the investigation, I have had some occurrences at home that have not happened previously.   Immediately upon arriving at home from the investigation I went to my computer to start processing the photos and audio I had taken.   Less than two minutes in my computer powered off, the overhead light did not flicker and I did not notice any other power disturbances.   I turned the power back on to the computer and began again and it powered down almost immediately.  This continued for Sunday and Monday.   My husband went to troubleshoot the problem yesterday and determined that the battery to the ups had been drained and would not accept a charge.  He said he would stop and get a new battery this week, however that now appears unnecessary.   The battery now appears to be working fine with no ill effects.  The morning after the investigation my husband was leaving early to go out of town and while I was still in bed, I heard numerous loud bumps and thuds coming from the garage.   I assumed that Mike was clearing out either his car or his work truck to prepare for the trip.   The noise sounded like very heavy boxes being moved around and loudly dropped onto the floor.   Later in the day when he phoned I mentioned that he had woken me up and teased him about moving a lot of boxes.  He was puzzled as he did not need to clear out either of his vehicles or moved anything in the garage.  He then asked me to check and make sure that he didn’t leave the garage door open as someone might have been taking things out of the garage.   When I went into the garage it did not appear as anything had been moved and the door was closed.
If after you receive the readings and reports from all members of this documentation team and you feel a spiritual investigation would be warranted Mrs. _______ is free for the next two Saturday's.  I did tell her that it would not be a decision that could be made right there at the time and that all the data would need to be reviewed first.  But just in case,  would she be free the following Saturday or the Saturday after.  She stated she would be ...  
Jennifer Kavouras
FPRF, Investigator

Spiritual Investigation - 10 Feb 2007
FPRF Psychic:  Elizabeth Sturino.   FPRF Investigators:  Jennifer Kavouras & Tim Tedana
Report by: Elizabeth Sturino
Arriving at the home we were greeted by many energetic children of the residence.  Upon entering  I immediately noticed a large  swirling energy within  the home. No balance.  No order.  Placement of elemental natural objects were everywhere, not being in the correct lines to balance out energy, created an unintended vortex.
One of the children who was approximately 2  years old took my hand and in the language of children but in a spiritual understanding explained each room and what was taking place in the home. He described the energies and how he understood their presents.
None of the energies were really malevolent,  just unsure about why they were attracted there and why they had a hard time leaving.
The home seemed to be laying on a cross section of energy lines.  The recent emotional upsetting drama within the home; along with the volatile energies of adolescence coupled the owners, not just  curiosity of the occult, but dabbling without inner-balance caused by her emotions due to a dramatic life events  or understanding created a disturbance in the synapses of that place.  Energies were unable to understand they may leave.  Kind of like being caught in a whirl pool.
Working with another child within the home whom seemed to come to me when she felt it was her time to help (very gifted), I was able to help the many (and I mean many) energies exit the home in which they found themselves trapped.  In talking with the home owner I believe I was able to help her to come to an understanding with what was occurring and why.  Most importantly, I was able to convey what she could do to avoid this type of unwanted disturbance in her home again.
I believe she will make her home more orderly.  Even with the great drama's that inevitably come in everyone's life.  She will speak with her children about the issues going on in their family to alleviate the high adolescence energy and redirect her energy and theirs into a more positive nature.   She is a student with many curiosities.  I asked her to seek out an experienced metaphysical practitioner to help her understand the occult and understand fully what she is inviting into her home and spiritual life.  
I must add that most would be disturbed by the many children in the home but I found that they were there for the reason of explaining the presences in the home and they also needed, at some spiritual level,  to feel a part of helping these energies find their way out of the vortex of energy in that home.  The little ones just needed an adult to take the time to hear what they already knew.   To teach psychic development, we always tell students to see with the eyes of a child.  True to form, the children were the ones that had seen more than any adult in this home ~ and had an innate understanding of them.

Elizabeth Sturino
FPRF, Psychic
Residential Investigations
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