Haunted Home
Case #39 - Silver Springs,  FL/  Private Home  
Background information:
The following e-mail was sent to FPRF on 25 Feb 07  
We just purchased in silver springs October 06, Recently a lot of strange things have started to happen in the house, First it started with weird sounds in the attic( Booms and bangs even some scratches) Thought it could be rodents! So I called several exterminators. The attic has been looked out on three separate occasions producing no evidence of rodents or any other wildlife. Then it seemed to progress. Several people including my self have seen or heard strange things in the house. The first was my business partner; a cup flew from the dish drainer at him then shattered in a strange way. The cup was a heavy shatter resistant Disney cup. (Tumbler)  Then on occasion we started to hear loud bang sounds like gun fire! Then on a Thursday night at 9:40 pm I heard it this time louder than ever it sounded like it was fired in the living room, prior both my dogs and both my cats were growling and meowing as if something was really wrong! I went to the living room were the noise came from the animal were still acting strange. Then they stopped and I could here what sounded like a woman sobbing very faint at first. So I thought that one of my neighbors got drunk and shot his wife. I then proceeded outside and heard nothing! I walked around the entire house and still only silence. When I re-entered my home the sobbing sound was now very loud the dogs were growling at then air in the middle of the room this lasted about 6-7 minutes and stopped! The dogs stopped also but the cats continued to meow loud. It vexed to the point I phoned several people to ask then their opinion.  Then everything seemed to stop for a while the noises in the attic ceased as well. Until recently the last week or so it has started again. The noises are getting even louder and twice we have waked to find every cabinet in the kitchen as well as the dishwasher and oven and microwave doors to be open in symmetry! In-fact the second time was this morning prompting my email to you! I have done some research and have found that the house has sold 4 times in five years. Also the original owners that built the house on this property met with some tragedy from my understanding they lost one or more children in a strange facet or accidents. I do not know how much truth there is to it. For it is all I can get my neighbors to tell me. I am growing concerned at first I did not feel that what was here was able to harm anyone. Now since objects have moved and the attack on Colin with the glass I am growing slightly worried, If you can help please return my email.
Thank you

Jeff  P.
Combined Investigations (Science & Spiritual)
FRPR  Members: Psychics; Deb Nichols & Lisa Anderson w/ Investigators; Marleen Nichols
Jennifer Kavouras & Rudine Bryant
The property in Silver Springs consists of a single story main house, a two story guest house, a detached garage and a screened-in pool that are situated on several acres with a small lake backing up to the rear of the property.  The property is also adjacent to a bear preserve.   The visits covered the late morning hours to the wee hours of the night as different phenomena occur during different times of the day.
Marlene performed the interview by telephone prior to the science investigation.   The residents were reporting knocking on the walls and ceiling during the night, which increases in volume and force when the Catholic mass is playing on the television.  A shatterproof glass flew at a guest and then shattered on the floor, an odor reminiscent of a hospital will sometimes appear in the home office.  Batteries, both standard and lithium-ion are constantly draining in the house.  Cordless handsets will be charged on the charger and then when picked up be immediately drained.  The cabinet and appliance doors will all be opened in a symmetrical manner, etc.
The science investigation was originally scheduled for Sunday but then was moved up to Friday evening after a frantic phone call from Jeff who relayed that one of their dogs had just been attacked.   Present for the science investigation were Marleen Nichols, Rudine Bryant and Jennifer Kavouras.  Upon arriving at the home Jeff explained that he had been playing with their 2 year old dog, which has no existing health problems, in the backyard.  The dog was running across the rear of the yard when it appeared to be tackled or thrown sideways about two feet and landed on it’s side by the fire pit.   The dog appeared to be paralyzed and in great distress for a brief time.   After Jeff picked up the dog and carried him inside the dog appeared to be fine with no ill after effects.    Jeff’s fiancé, Pam, was a vet tech for four years and her mother is a veterinarian.   She looked over the dog and there were no apparent wounds, bite marks, or any evidence that the dog had been attacked by another animal.  The dogs (2) were being boarded at a vet at the time of our visit to ensure their safety.  Also prior to the science investigation a voodoo doll that was left behind by a previous resident and a Ouija board that was used by Jeff was placed in a bag and moved to the opposite side of the chain link fence by the lake so that it was off the property.  The voodoo doll was found in a trunk of items that was left behind and still in the house when Jeff purchased it in October, 2006.   Other items that came with the house were various pieces of furniture, a grandfather clock, the trunk, a bible, and numerous other religious articles that were in the master bedroom and the second floor bedroom of the guest house.
Marleen, Rudine and I went throughout the property taking emf and temperature readings.   There was a localized area in the living room, just outside the home office, that had steady high emf readings for about an hour and then subsided.  No physical reason for the readings were able to be determined.  Subsequent visits would have occasional spikes in that location but not the steady high readings that were found during the first visit.  Based on the interview findings it was determined that there were three main hotspots of activity being reported in the home:   the master bedroom, the home office and the second floor of the guest house.   Since there were three investigators we decided to spend 20 minutes alone in each area and then switch.   I was the first to take the second floor guesthouse.  I am neither claustrophobic or acrophobic.   However, during the time that I spent by myself on the second floor of the guesthouse I felt hemmed in, surrounded and harassed.   I was taking constant emf readings and there no unusual readings.   I did have a digital voice recorder going at the time and I would periodically ask questions and then pause for a response and take pictures.   There are several evp’s from the guesthouse.   Towards the end of my 20 minute time limit I heard a mumbled conversation that sounded like it was from outside and the main speaker appeared to be one of the investigators, Marleen.   However, when I spoke to Marleen about it later she stated that I had already returned from the guesthouse before she was finished in her room in the main house and that no one was outside at the time.  While I did hear the conversation it was not clear enough to distinguish the words, unfortunately, none of the conversation was picked up on the recording.  There were numerous orb photographs taken in the guesthouse.   Marleen had left one of her digital voice recorders in the guesthouse bedroom and it was running throughout all of the three investigators visits that night.   The evp’s picked up while I was present are of a child, probably female.   When Rudine was present it is a man speaking in the evp’s.   The most disturbing evp is when the man is telling Rudine that he doesn’t need to speak to her and that he’ll cut out her tongue.
The home office was another area that we each spent time in.   I found it to be the most comfortable area, a feeling of peace and love enveloped me when I entered.  One gets the sense of the room being a safe haven when entering.  Pam later informed us that a previous owner’s daughter had died of cancer and that the home office is the room where she was cared for at home.  It is not known whether she actually passed away in the room.   There are also numerous orb photographs taken in this room and there were occasional emf spikes in the areas of the room that coincided with the location of the orbs in the photographs.  Pam stated that she often sits in the room during the day and sings to the spirits of the children that congregate there.  I experienced numerous instances of battery drainage, most occurring just outside the entryway to the home office.
The final area is the master bedroom.  I was able to hear a few taps in the bedroom, as were several others that were present over the course of our visits, but they were not at the level that Jeff and Pam describe when they are there alone at night.  The description given for when the taps are at their worst is as if someone is whaling at the wall with a baseball bat from the other side of the wall or from the attic.
During the science investigation Rudine became ill and overheated.  At subsequent visits Jeff informed us that other people trying to assist them have also become ill while at the house.
Based on the readings, photographic evidence and evp’s a spiritual intervention was scheduled for later that weekend.
On the first and second spiritual intervention were Deb Nichols (psychic), Marleen Nichols and Jennifer Kavouras.  On the third spiritual intervention were Deb Nichols (psychic), Lisa Anderson (psychic) and Jennifer Kavouras.
On each of the visits the psychics were greeted upon arrival by the Native American spirits that surround the property.   Pam, one of the residents, has also seen the Native American spirits around the property.   On her visit, Deb caught Pam looking at the three Native Americans that were across the lake and asked her “you see them too, don’t you”.   It was at this point that Deb discussed Pam’s abilities with her and it came out into to the open that neither Jeff or Pam had been totally open to each other yet just how sensitive each of them are.   Both Jeff and Pam also have relatives that are quite knowledgeable in the metaphysical and psychic areas and Pam’s grandmother and Jeff’s father have been helping them from a distance in trying to alleviate the problems that they are experiencing in their home.
Pam sings to, talks with and plays games with the spirits of the children that are drawn to her.  Pam will also ask questions and the children will tap back their answers.   Most of this activity occurs in the home office and the paranormal activity in the daytime is dominated by the children.  She has seen (separately) the figures of two little girls and one of the little girls face appears to have burn injuries.   There is evidence of a fire burned structure on the property but it has not been determined if it is related.
At one point Pam confided in Deb that she thought that children had been molested/abused in the guesthouse and then killed.   Deb concentrated on the guesthouse and confirmed that she also picked up on children being abused in the guesthouse but not killed, or at least not killed on the property.  Deb was picking up on two men, but she was unable to determine which of the two might be responsible.
There was a small pocket bible left at the top of the stairs in the guesthouse from some previous resident.   Pam brought the bible to Deb and Deb picked up that the bible belonged to a man whose wife had cheated on him and he spent a considerable amount of time in the guesthouse.   Deb believes that the man who owned the bible is not either of the two men that she picked up on earlier about the abused children.
The voodoo doll was discussed and the day between the science investigation and Deb’s arrival the voodoo doll and the Ouija board were burned in the firepit.  Deb picked up that the voodoo doll was related to the abuser of the children but still could not determine which of the two men associated with the abuse was responsible.   When Deb visited the second floor of the guesthouse she got the impression of children being forced to play and stay up there in the intolerable heat, but could not confirm abuse or molestation at that time.
Deb and Pam went into the home office in the main house where Deb sang to the children and spoke to them at great length about crossing over.  One of the songs was a song she used to sing to her own child that she adapted to gear it to the children present.  Several of the children did cross over, but the majority stayed.  The children are centered around Pam.  As Pam’s energy will continue to attract children Deb instructed her on how to talk to the children about crossing over.  During the time that Deb was interacting with the children she had an adult female spirit say thank you and presented her with flowers.
During the time that Deb was interacting with the children Marleen was conversing with a male entity in the living room.  She believes that the male entity is the one associated with the bible that was left in the guest house.  When Deb was finished in the home office she proceeded to the living room where she and Marleen attempted to get the male entity to cross over.  He was not ready to do so at this time.
Although she tried numerous times, Deb was not able to get the main entity to appear and engage her during the first visit.    There is a marked difference in the activity and feel of the property during the day and at night.   During the day it is quiet and peaceful and paranormal activity seems to be dominated by the children.   During the night the property feels entirely different and an adult male energy becomes dominant.   Because we had arrived for the spiritual intervention during the late morning hours we scheduled a second visit to occur in the evening.
On the second spiritual intervention Deb Nichols (psychic), Marleen Nichols and Jennifer Kavouras were present.  Even though we were there for several hours the main male entity was elusive and refused to engage with Deb.  Deb tried several tactics to get the main male energy to appear but was not successful.   Deb explained that it is similar to fishing, if the fish won’t even nibble at the bait you can’t catch it.
Deb tried another tactic and performed a ritual that, if I understand it correctly, would cast a net over the property which would slowly close in and all that should be able to remain is benevolent energy.  We toured the property again before we left and I could no longer feel the oppressive, harassing emotions on the second floor of the guest house.   The residual emotions that had been present were gone.  Whereas previously I had refused to go near the bed on any of the other visits I could now comfortably sit on the bed without any hesitation.  (When I was by myself in the guesthouse during the science investigation I had sat in the middle of the floor).  While the residual emotions were gone the presence of the main entity could still be felt but at a lesser degree.
We left that night with Deb informing Jeff and Pam that they should have a much calmer night and that although the closing of the net would not be finished until the next day, that the energy on the property should be changed as the male entity should no longer be able to stay.
When checking up on Jeff and Pam after the second visit they relayed that things had been quieter that night but that the male energy was zapping everything in order to get it’s energy restored.   It had been weakened by the net but was not gone.
A third spiritual intervention was scheduled and Deb Nichols (psychic), Lisa Anderson (psychic) and Jennifer Kavouras were present.   In addition to Jeff and Pam they also had a guest present, Stephen, who is a member of a local paranormal group in their area.  Jeff took Lisa on a tour of the property and when she got to an area on the lakeside of the garage by some trees she said that she was getting the smell of lyme or something similar.   Then she got an impression of children’s burned bodies having been in that spot and then moved.   It was the same area where Jeff and Pam had found numerous layers of plastic that had been buried but nothing was found in the plastic.  Lisa had not been informed of the information gathered at the previous visits.
Jeff showed us several pictures that he and another paranormal group had taken.  The images were mainly of Jeff showing a superimposed image of Jeff’s face at an angle to the original image of his face.  Another of the pictures was of one of the other group’s investigators where portions of his body do not appear in the picture.  As the pictures are not in our possession where they can be analyzed it is not able to be determined if they were manipulated.  Jeff also played several evp’s for us that he stated one of our investigators, Marleen, had taken.  One of the evp’s has a male voice saying ‘cool’.  Jeff stated that the voice is Stephen’s and Stephen confirmed this.  Stephen was not present on the property at the time that the evp was taken during one of our investigations.  Another evp was one that Jeff played backwards and you can hear a female voice saying ‘Edward…get off of her’.  As Marleen was not present at this particular visit I contacted her afterwards to confirm that the evp’s she had taken contained this information.  She was unable to retrieve the original sound files from her hard drive at this time so we cannot yet confirm that this information is on the original sound files.  Deb stated that in addition to the problem of the layering of different eras on the property that the property may also be producing an echo effect from past and future times.
At one point during the visit we are all gathered on the back patio when the residents two cats and one of their dogs ran at great speed from the hallway where the bedrooms are located and across the living room.  One of the dogs stopped under a living room side table and was slightly shaking as if he was hiding from something.  Stephen and I left the back patio and took our equipment into the master bedroom to see if we could determine what had happened.  Nothing occurred while we were in the master bedroom, however, when we left to rejoin the others on the back patio we were charged at by both dogs.  Both dogs ran straight at us from the back patio and when they got to us they split up with one dog being in front of each of us.  Pam stated that they were not charging at us but at something located behind us.  
During the visit Deb purified the fire pit area where the voodoo doll and Ouija board were burned.   She also salted the area where Jeff had dreamed that a pentagram had been used previously on the property.  While Deb was salting the pentagram I was standing next to Jeff.   At one point I noticed that the energy had instantly changed and that the energy emanating from Jeff was no longer Jeff.   I had the sensation that if I moved or made any indication that I had noticed this change that I would be attacked and would end up in the lake.  The energy change only lasted for a few seconds and then Jeff was back.   I tried to give no indication that I was aware of what had happened.  Later we made plans to temporarily leave the property and then return as sometimes this is helpful in getting entities who are hiding to come out.   When the team members got into the car I relayed to them what I had felt occurring while Deb was salting the pentagram.   Lisa stated that she had a similar situation happen when she and Jeff went to the guesthouse by themselves.    While going up the stairs to the second floor Jeff shook himself and he was overcome by another entity.   While the energy change made Lisa uncomfortable in Jeff’s presence, she did not feel threatened in any way.   The change did not last for long and Jeff shook himself again and returned to normal.
While there has been a change in Jeff’s attitude from the beginning of our visits to the final visit, at no other time did Jeff make any of the team members feel uncomfortable except for these two instances.  And neither Lisa or I are afraid of Jeff.   From the very beginning Jeff and Pam have been very friendly, accommodating, and sincere.  However, there has been cause for concern that the main entity may be taking over Jeff’s personality at times.  With the constant tapping on the walls and ceiling throughout the night Jeff and Pam have been able to get very little sleep.  And as time goes on the events have escalated, Pam has been harassed by the shower head falling down and hitting her and having physical contact being made when no person is visible.  She no longer feels comfortable being in the bathroom by herself, she will have Jeff sit in the bedroom while she is in the bathroom, this seems to alleviate the problems.  They have also now been having the bed shaken and the closet doors in the master bedroom will very slowly open.  It takes a great amount of time for the doors to open.  Pam has also seen grey fingers sticking out of the closet.
Jeff and Pam have contacted and been contacted by numerous paranormal groups and individuals, many of which have come out to the property to try to assist them.  Jeff and Pam had also contacted the local Catholic Church and the property has been visited by a Catholic priest that agreed to bless the property but abruptly left when the priest refused to go up the stairs to the second floor in the guest house.  The priest told them that he would be contacting the Orlando Archdiocese to request an exorcism.
Because Jeff and Pam are so sleep deprived  from being harassed by the main male entity throughout the night and the constant visits by paranormal groups and individuals I had made the suggestion that they get a hotel room for a few nights, just to get some rest and recuperate.   While Pam looked relieved at this suggestion Jeff stated that he would not leave the property.  However he was willing to send Pam away so that she could rest and be protected.  When we first arrived at the property two weeks prior Jeff and Pam were both eager for assistance in having the occurrences stop.  However, Jeff stated at our last visit that he now feels comfortable with the main entity.   He no longer appears to want the main male entity to leave ..

Jennifer Kavouras
FPRF Investigator
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