Haunted Home
Case #4/Pembroke Pines, FL
(Names and pictures used with clients approval)
Background information/Interview:
FPRF was contacted via e-mail by an individual who lives in Pembroke Pines, FL  concerning several disturbances in their home of an unexplained nature.  An edited version of the e-mail read as follows:
My name is Amy C. and I live in Pembroke Pines, Florida (Broward County).  We seem to have something going on in our house which has been very slowly escalating since we moved in 5 years ago.
I have attached a picture that my son took with a digital camera that might be something related to what is happening, but I am not 100% sure this picture is something paranormal.  The picture was taken in the exact location that the energy seems to be the strongest and we can't seem to figure out what it is.  When my son took the picture, he swore that when he looked through the camera that there was a light there, but when he looked at the same location without the camera, that he saw nothing.  So I will leave it to you to determine if this is something or nothing.
It all started with my husband, son, and myself constantly hearing voices (sort of a far-off chatter) in our home.  Then my husband and I began to see people walking through the house, out of the corner of our eyes.  These were in the form of a passing shadow which you could not see if you looked right at it.  They are always either coming or going to the hallway where the bedrooms and bathroom are located.
Then, my Mother, during one visit had an incident in the hallway where the activity seems to be coming from, wherein she felt a presence which scared her and then felt as though icy wind had been blown down her back.  My Mother is part Native-American and not easily scared of the unseen, so the fact that she was frightened of the presence she felt was cause for concern.   My Mother and I did not discuss this with anyone else in the family for fear of implanting imaginative ideas my son's head.
Since then, the following things have occurred:
*Cats stopping to watch things when nothing seems to be there.  One of my cats in particular will suddenly begin to "meow" at someone who is not there.
*My son became afraid of the hallway and refuses to go near it unless the light is on.
*My son reported seeing two entities in his room that were wearing clothing that is not of this period.  The entities seem to be engaged in a duel.
*My son reported seeing the legs of a dark-skinned child run by his bedroom door, which is in the same hallway.
*I feel chills sometimes when in this hallway.
*We all have a feeling of being watched.
*I have had dreams where a man with a beard, wearing clothing from a much earlier period was flying over my bed mocking me.  I felt very afraid of him.
*The other night my son reported that as he lay in bed afraid to go to sleep, something banged against his bed causing a loud noise and a vibration.
*Prior to the bed being banged, the cat, who was laying in the bed with my son, jumped up and acted as if he were watching someone come into the room, then ran out of the room as if in fear.
*The cats are behaving in a very unusual manner, they have suddenly taken to sleeping (all three of them) in the bed with my husband and myself.  In addition, they follow a family member wherever we go.  They seem to be hesitant to be left alone in a room.  They were not always like this.
*My son will no longer go to sleep in his room, he begs with tears in his eyes, to be allowed to sleep either in my room or on the couch in the living room.  He has never had a problem going to sleep before.
*We have huge problems with electrical appliances in our house.  We have always thought that because the house is over 30 years old, that this was the reason, but now I wonder.  We had to finally throw out our microwave, as the digital numbers would sometimes be there, and sometimes not.  Or they would flicker at us.  The lights flicker often.  I have always attributed to the lights to loved ones who are on a higher plane, but now I am wondering about that also.
Please help us, I am very worried that this energy is after my son for some reason.  My son is VERY sensitive to energies that the rest of us don't seem to pick up on, but I have never seen him so scared.  My added concern is that whatever is happening seems to be getting worse.   In addition, none of us are getting any sleep with 3 cats, 2 adults and one 10 year old child all piled into one king-size bed.  I would really like to know if my son or I are causing all this, or if it is some other energy causing it.  If so, I would really like that energy to move on to where it belongs, as it is seriously disrupting our lives and frightening my child.
I look forward to your reply.
Blessings,  Amy C.
Letter - Part 2....
OMG!  I almost forgot!  Some time ago, just before the activity started to escalate, I was awakened one night by something throwing the blankets back and getting out of the bed from the side next to me.  The weird thing is, that it was on the other side of me from my husband, so it could not have been him, but I actually saw the blanket get thrown back.  The other thing is that the side of the bed where this took place remained ice cold for a long time after, and my body felt as if it were frozen all the way through.  We have a water bed and it is normally toasty warm, especially on my side because the heater pad is on my side.    It scared me silly at the time, but has not occurred again.  It was not long after that I had the dream of the man flying over my bed and laughing at me in a mocking manner.  Another thing is that right after this happened, I awoke to find the amethyst and citrine crystals that I always wear were shattered internally.  They did not come apart, but you could see that they were completely cracked inside.
Tonight as I was working on the computer I distinctly felt someone standing to my right as if looking over my shoulder.  As I turned to look, I could swear I saw something, but what I am not sure.  However, there was nothing there when I looked fully.  This is the first time that the presence has come into the room that serves as my office.  They have always stayed on the other side of the house.
I have slept in my son's room with him on occasion and can't recall anything of significance happening while I was in there.  My Mom said that the presence she felt was down at the end of the hall where my room is, which is also the place where that picture was taken.
I am very grateful to have some help with this.  I don't scare easy, but I must say this is rather unnerving, especially since it involves my son.  They seem to leave my husband alone, he just sees them.  I have tried explaining to them that they should go into the light and I have cleansed my home, but both to no avail.
Blessings, Amy c.
First Phone Interview:
Have made first contact...
I called Amy at 12:25 this afternoon to make initial phone conversation. Three minutes into the conversation as we were talking about electrical anomalies in the house, the phone went silent for about 10 to 15 seconds. When I could hear Amy once again she stated that her end of the line had been interrupted by high pitched static interference. Bellsouth has been called out for service many times and they find nothing out of the ordinary. She finds trouble with the computer when she has tried to email us. We spoke about anomalies such as the blinking microwave, which after numerous inspections, was deemed in perfect working order. They have since given up on it and have gotten rid of it. The phone cuts out often she states and she has problems often with being able to reach anyone whom might be able to help her with the disturbances. For example she called her "clairvoyant/clairaudient" friend in Washington state but could not get through for a long period of time. When she finally did get through, her friend urged her to get help because she was receiving "bad vibes" from the entity.
The house is about 30 to 35 years old. It is in central Pembroke pines where past plantations, farms, and cow pastures have been located. There is still a pasture across the street as a matter of  fact. The house has had definitely two but maybe three past owners at the most. The last owner was curmudgeon often rude and irritable as well as belligerent. Contact with him to verify past disturbances would be a moot point. The owners before that are still alive but there is no way of contacting. no known instances of tragedies or deaths in the house. It seems as though these entities are not of the house itself but probably more so the land on which it is built as the apparition which Amy has seen wore period clothing reminiscent of plantation times.
Hot spots in the house include the son and parents' bedroom as well as a hallway. Times of increased activity are sundown until about 3 to four am. the past few days have been relatively quiet save for the aforementioned phone interruption. Amy states that there was a couple of weeks of increased activity from 2/15 until about last Wednesday 3/6.
Forms of manifestations include disembodied legs running across the floor. the child has said to have seen the legs of a small dark skinned child running across the floor in a playful not frantic manner. The mother has seen the apparition of a red headed, bearded man floating over her bed staring directly at her in a mocking and challenging tone. She states that the apparition was both deliberately showing itself to her as well as trying to communicate the tone to her. At or about 3 am one night she awoke to an uneasy feeling. When she opened her eyes she saw the covers being flipped aside as if someone were getting out of the bed. The waterbed undulated in response to the unseen and her bed became ice cold even though it was a heated model. Also shadows are seen by the husband.
Objects are mysteriously taken, misplaced, and/or knocked from their resting place while no one is near them. In specific her most comfortable pair of shoes. She has been missing one of them for a while now. Also, stacks of books are knocked over repeatedly. The child has a bunk bed whose topside was apparently detached, lifted, and dropped while he lay in the bottom bunk helpless. He is often chased through the house by an unseen force which stops instantly at the threshold of the kitchen. He states that he feels that this chasing is not a mischievous playful chasing but that he feels genuinely threatened and seeks safety in the kitchen. Unintelligible voices are heard by both the son and the mother. They are described as "hearing the next door neighbor's TV on while living in apartment."   Obviously, as they live in a separate single family home, this would be an impossible feat. The voices are only heard in the house. When they walk out there is absolute silence. Amy states that she feels that the man she sees is somehow challenging her power in the household.
My feelings during the conversation were mixed. The cynic in me says that these people have such a strong commingling of all kinds of forms of spirituality that it is possible that they could aggrandizing miniscule events. However, even as I type this I want to go back and delete the last sentences because I feel there is something there. I was put on hold once, I heard nothing felt nothing. Later on in the conversation I was overtaken by spine tingling chills for no apparent reason.
Initial Home Interview:
I made my first visit to the house tonight. I called Amy at about 7:00 pm and received directions.  I arrived at the house at 7:57. The outside of the house was unremarkable and bore no trace of any old landmarks or trees that could harbor any entities within it. There is a lake behind the house. I am unsure if it is manmade, (I assume it is) and don't know how long it's been there.
I introduced myself and sat down at the table to begin the interview process. I removed the tape from it's wrapper in front of the mother and child to ensure that the recordings' integrity would be intact. I felt chills before I even began asking questions at 7:59. Amy stated that she found her shoe in the middle of the bedroom shortly after speaking with me on the phone. Also said that the kitchen light had flickered at the exact time of the telephone anomaly earlier that afternoon. The release form is signed an the  interview begins as well as the recording.
* 8:18 I got the chills again. interview process continued. I fill out questionnaire and go into further detail about sightings for the recorder. We isolated the interview to two specific phenomena. The mother's bedroom incident and the child's bedroom sighting of two men engaged in a duel. At 8:38 I realized that the tape side 1 had ended and decided to rewind the tape to see where ewe had left off and maybe backtrack a bit. Regardless of low noise tape and our voices being raised for better reception, there was nothing audible on the tape. Mother reported hearing a man's voice but I decided not to play back and leave tape for further inspection. I stopped the tape recorder and finished the interview.
* 8:42, the cats had been nowhere around until this time. Meow came out and looked into my eyes for an extended period of time. I finished the interview at about 10 till 9:00 and removed new roll of film from packaging and loaded the 35 mm camera to take pictures. I tried to engage the flash and it would not respond so I gave up and picked up the digital camera to take stills of the house. I took numerous random pics and expect to have them ready to email by tomorrow. I am still unsure of the contents and if there were any anomalies recorded. I also have not inspected the audio tape either. It seemed impossible to separate the tape recorder motor noise and decided it would be best to do later anyway. I continue to get the chills and Goosebumps at random times through the night. I also use another tape recorder with less motor noise and set it up on side 2 to record the hallway while we talk and look around the rest of the house.
* 9:55 chills and goose bumps
* 10:20 chills and goose bumps  addition to visual sensitivity of child. Has been diagnosed as schitopic sensitivity.
* 10:25 Amy feels cold blast in hall I inspect and feel nothing...the child walks out of his bedroom and runs toward kitchen states that he just felt the chasing feeling again. He is clearly flustered and his face is reddened. I walk into hall and room and again feel nothing. I ask to watch some TV in the living room where Amy reported seeing shadows walking past with her husband.
* 10:30 Amy reports seeing light and feeling cold spot in hallway even though there are no lights on in that part of the house. I walk towards hall. She is standing just outside of hall and urges me on. I am unnerved, overcome by goose bumps.  I admit my fear and grab her arm to go with me. I did not feel the cold spot but was overcome by anxiety.
* 10:36 I am listening to different stories from child. He tells jokes to lighten the mood as he is clearly unnerved and does not want to be in his room alone. His mother has been asking him to got to bed for over an hour and a half and he resists. She understands his fear and relents. I am facing the door and hallway and they are facing me. I look to the door as I see movement in my peripheral vision to see a dark figure appear, take two steps, and disappear. I am flabbergasted. they did not see it. I describe it and the mother agrees that it is an accurate description of past experience.
* Family recounts previous haunting experience in last apartment. Family hauntings in mother's house and cousin's house as well. Also of haunting experiences in Georgia.
* Amy states that a rocking chair in living room will rock by itself
* The child finally goes to bed and reports a foul odor at 11:15. We go in to inspect and find nothing. He is in bed with the cat. I ask if it is possible that the cat might have flatuated. He said maybe and giggles. At the same time Amy feels something out of the ordinary in the hall and walks towards room. I remain in the child's  room inspecting and she calls me out into hall. I feel chills really strong and this time I feel the cold spot in bedroom doorway at waist height. I felt I had to leave hall pretty quick and I did.
* 11:20 chills by front door. Shortly thereafter the glass strip that runs the length of the front door is mysteriously darkened as if someone were standing on the outside blocking the light. Amy gets up to look out window to see if anyone is out there as she states that the doorbell is not working. there is nothing there and the darkness remains.
* The husband comes home at 11:35 and recounts seeing a child running across the living room out of the corner of his eye. I look toward door and notice that the door strip is back to normal and mention it. Amy agrees and realizes the stark difference in light from before. She was not aware of what I was seeing before.
I make my leave shortly thereafter.  Yes, there is something there. I think we should assemble a team to attempt documentation..
Residential Investigations
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Scientific Team Investigation Scheduled:   14 March 03 - Completed     (Report by: Luisa Velez)
The investigation began around 10:00 pm.  The 3 person team consisted of:  Luisa Velez, Marleen Nichols and Lisa Anderson.  They began by taking routine EMF and temp readings on all parts of the house to establish a  baseline for the rest of the night. Although cold spots were perceived by both Lisa and Marleen there was no documented evidence of such occurrences that could be registered on the thermal scan.  All three of us found ourselves getting simultaneous chills at random times. No pattern of occurrence could be established.  Most of the evening was spent  taking pictures with the two digital cameras as well as with a Sony Nite Shot video Cam and rechecking reading EMF readings continually throughout the home.  Marleen set the digital recorder to see if she could capture some EVP.  Several energy patterns (orbs) were captured using the cameras.  We all experienced seeing shadows around the front door/porch area that I spoke about in the initial interview. Lisa thought she saw a little boy run across the living room once out of the corner of her vision  but nothing was there when she turned her head.  Marleen felt tightness in her chest in the hallway and bedrooms. My thoughts are that it has something to do with the duel witnessed by the little boy in his room and, that the tightness in the chest could allude to the chest pain the defeated opponent must have felt when he was shot.  I am not sensitive as the other two team members are but I can say that I saw shadows on the front porch and felt the heebie jeebies on several occasions.  The documentation investigation was a success, several picture anomalies and EVP were captured.  I  felt unbelievably itchy during all this, and this feeling began the moment I got in the car to head to the house on Friday.  I have scratched a couple of spots raw even. I don't know if there is a tie to the  house but I can't take it. Where's the rake or pickaxe? I must scratch....
Spiritual Team Investigation / 22 March 03 - Completed. (Report by Monica. Tedana)
As part of my own ethical code, I stay out of the scientific team’s investigation.  I want to go into a home with no knowledge of what has been occurring so it will not influence my reading.  While preparing for this intervention by the Spiritual team of FPRF, I was visited by my main guide, WhiteFeather.  He is very wise and extremely protective of me when I channel.  He told me this family has many ties to the “old ways”, the path of the Native American Indian’s.   He told me he would have me do a different type of clearing on this house because the entity involved was a Native American.  Even though the family has ancestry in this lifetime of Native American Indian descent, in their past lives, they themselves were Indians.  He showed me this family as part of a tribe where they were all going about life yet having very strong ties to their tribe of American Indian’s.  He told me to have our team as well as the family members present for this clearing.
When we arrived at the home, we met with the family.  Afterwards, I did a walk through of the home which is standard for me to do during my process of connecting with the entities in the home.  I was given strong impressions and messages for the family members.  Also, while walking in the child’s room, I immediately felt the presence of young children playing with my hands.   They were very happy children.  Then, almost immediately, I was aware of the presence of an Indian Male.  He wore his hair in one long braid, with a single feather hanging to the side.  The feather was white with red and brown at the tip.  He did not smile nor offer any welcome.  He watched over the children.  That was his purpose.  I picked up from him that he had been cast out of the tribe (ostracized) because they felt he abused children and this was not accepted in the tribe.  When in actuality, he himself had been abused as a child.  He had been wrongly accused by the rest of the tribe.  So, in his isolation, he made it his mission to watch over the children, protect them.  He was very cautious of me and watched me intently.  While walking into the master bedroom I was overcome by the presence of elders, watching over our clients.  There was an extremely strong feeling of pride and safety.
When I returned to the living room to meet with our clients and the rest of the spiritual team members, I gave personal readings to our clients.  This information was given to me with a strong sense of honor to pass it along to them.  After the readings, I met with the rest of the team members outside.  I wanted to give the family a moment to digest all that I had just shared with them, as well as informing the group of what was about to transpire.  They were informed how this time, we would all form a circle on the floor of the child’s room (the room where the Indian Soul lingered).  I brought a special candle with me for this moment as WhiteFeather had informed me prior to coming that this would be necessary.  I told the team I would be channeling the soul of the Indian Warrior and then WhiteFeather would channel through me as well.  Both spirits would be inside of me at the same time.  Then WhiteFeather would take him home.  After we were all in circle, I began to relax, say my prayer of protection and allow the Indian Warrior to enter my body.  He was channeled first, and he was very embarrassed.  He still bore the shame of the events during his lifetime.  As well as, the shame of being cast out of his tribe.  He did not say much, but was obviously present.  Soon thereafter, WhiteFeather entered my body.  He spoke to the team and the family members that were present.  After he delivered his message to everyone, he took the soul of the Indian Warrior with him, back to the light.   I felt the struggle as they were both within me, but WhiteFeather always protects me when I channel.  A short time thereafter, they both left me and I soon returned to my body.
I did another walk through of the home.   The ancestors who protect the family in the master bedroom where still present, presenting no harm to the family.  Upon walking into the child’s bedroom, I felt the children.  I wasn’t sure if they would go with their guardian or not.  When I walked back into the dining room, Amy felt the children pulling at her hands.  They remained, but present no harm to the family either.  We talked for awhile and then

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