Haunted Home
Case #40/Crystal River FL,  Private Home
(31 March 2007)  
Background Information
The following note was sent to FPRF on 12 March 2007
I am interested in having someone document Paranormal activity in our home. The activity is coming from my mother in law a 72 year old woman who is apparently possessed with a demon or demons. We have witnessed just a few of the following activities almost every day for the past 10 months. Last night some thing was having sex with this woman. The bed blanket was moving as if there were some creature in bed with her although she was asleep. This is happening frequently, the room gets cold, a presence can be felt, tingling feeling makes hair stand up like static. The woman has violent episodes wanting to kill herself or asking us to kill her. Superhuman hearing ability has been displayed, odors, very strong have appeared and disappeared, on one occasion she stated she was feces and the house was overcome with the smell of sewer and then went away. One week ago the woman was in bed and a strong  odor was coming from the room, when we entered the room found she had a large cross in bed with her.  The woman has manifested bruises between her legs and on other parts of her body which disappear. We have taken her to many doctors and still have no answers from the scientific community, we have tried exorcism and still this entity exist. Our interest is to have this properly documented. Please let us know if you believe you can help, this situation has been very draining to our finances and we can not afford a donation at this time. I am a retired Police officer and have never encountered anything like this before. I would like to point out that our motive is again only to document if possible these Paranormal events.


Crystal River, FL

The client exchanged several e-mails with FPRF concerning the nature of this case  and its impact on the family.   Once sincerity was established, a science documentation team consisting of Lucien LaRoche, Harry Rogers and Mary Collins was formed and the case given to them.
Science Team Report by:  Lucien LaRoche
Date of Investigation:    Saturday, 3.31.2007 -- 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Investigators:                 Lucien LaRoche, Harry Rogers, Mary Collins
Weather:                        Clear
Originally, The client and his wife lived in Miami where he was a police officer with the City of Miami.  When he resigned from the police department, his brother recommended relocating to Crystal River where the pace seemed a bit slower.  Prior to the move, Mrs.___ 72 year old mother, A___, began living with the couple; Mrs.___ brother had been taking care of A__, but according to Mrs.___, “He couldn’t deal with her anymore.”  The family reports they have been living in this home in Crystal River since July 2006.  The home is a single family dwelling.  What is known of this home is that previously it had been used as a “crack house” until raided by the local police shortly before the family moved in.
A__ reportedly has a long term history of mental illness that was first diagnosed while living in Cuba.  She had been diagnosed with Manic Depressive Disorder while living in Cuba.  A__ has had a reported 18 separate treatments of Electroshock Therapy, and multiple psychopharmacological medications prescribed to manage her condition.  A__ has a history of what can best be described as intense irritability, rapidly fluctuating moods, and limitations with appetite.   Additionally, she has episodes where she is hyper verbal, and exhibits increased psychomotor agitation, along with verbal/physical aggressive episodes.  Additionally, there have been a noted decreased need for sleep to the point that he has taken to placing the heavy kitchen table in front of A__’s open bedroom door at night to keep her from wandering in the home and leaving the premises.  Mr. & Mrs.___ also report here have been instances where A__ has tried to grab sharp kitchen utensils while shouting about her intent to harm herself.
It should also be noted that there appears to be a cognitive decline illustrated by a disturbance in executive functioning, (planning, organizing, abstracting), and memory impairment involving both retention and recall.  During the course of our home visit, A__ was noted to by hyper verbal and ruminating on relating stories of her childhood; however, she would repeat the same story continuously while speaking in Spanish.  A__ did not exhibit any behavioral difficulties during our visit, and did appear to respond favorably to the attention from the team – particularly Mary.
Up until 2 years ago, A__ was employed and active in her daily activities.  Reportedly, A__ was hit by a car and the cognitive and behavioral decline began shortly after.  A__ has been recently diagnosed by a psychiatrist with Schizophrenia.  She additionally has had a PET scan to rule out the possibility of Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type, but the PET scan had reportedly been negative for visual deterioration.  A__ however, had received the diagnosis of Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type by a previous physician.
The couple report that unusual occurrences in A__’s behavior have increased since moving into the home.  The behaviors and disturbances have been in effect for roughly the past 10 months.  It does have to be noted however, that a decision had been made to discontinue A__’s psychiatric medication roughly about the same time as the family moved into the home.
A__’s “episodes” of often verbally violent and disruptive behaviors occur without warning, frequently manifesting themselves late at night to early in the morning.  Mr.__ has described moments where A__’s voice seems altered, her facial features become threatening and grimacing, and her overall behavior become erratic and uuncontrollable; as if appearing possessed by something unseen.  Just as quickly as these behaviors flare up, they recede, and A__ becomes quiet again.  Mr.___ showed the team multiple digital photographs that he has captured of A__ both in these states and out.  In these pictures, He noted to the team what, in his perspective, appear to be faces of demons with their tongues sticking out and their teeth bared.  He also showcased to the team captured images of crosses within circles, what he described as angels, and the digital image of a demonic face appearing in a burned circle of grass on the property.  This last image was captured on a day when He reported that there were hundreds of Swallows on the property, hovering and flying over this particular burn area on the property.  In his opinion, these Swallows appeared to be “herding” something into the burn area for a period of 3 hours while he and his wife watched.  Mr.__ also reports that after this incident, A__ did not exhibit any type of behavioral disturbance for a period of 5 days and he believes the presence of the Swallows to be a form of divine intervention that was the result of his wife and his,  prayers for help.
During the review of the digital photographs with Mr.__, team members pointed out the how cognitive pattern recognition can process information so that you essentially see what someone directs the eye to see; better known as Matrixing, or seeing familiar objects in amorphous images.  The images were viewed often in a 200% magnification and while the team agrees that the images were noticeable, it is unsure whether this is the result of distortion of the digital image or due to the enthusiastic directive we received to acknowledge their existence.
Mr. and Mrs.___ further report that they have utilized reading passages from the Bible to calm A__ during her disruptive behavioral episodes.  From what was described to the team, A__ resists at first listening to the passage that’s being read to her, often at times having difficulty stating the name of Jesus Christ, but she does eventually become calm and more directive as the reading continues.  It is interesting to note that A__ had apparently engaged in the practice of Santeria during the time she resided in Cuba; she and her daughter (Mrs._)  left Cuba and came to the U.S. in April of 1999.  Reportedly, 8 years ago, A__ had a Scraping ritual performed while living in Cuba.  In this particular ritual, human bones are ground to a powder and the power in turn is placed into cuts on the skin.  The purpose of this ritual is to provide protection to the person on whom it’s performed to ward off any form of harm or possession.
Mr.__ reported that two women from the Deliverance Ministry came out to the home and performed a “laying of hands” with A__ in the hopes to contain her turbulent episodes.  During this visit, A__ was apparently asked who she was and she replied, “Feces” – immediately upon saying this the home became inundated with the smell of sewage; not just in a localized area, but  throughout the house.  As quickly as the odor was noticed, it dissipated.  Mr. and Mrs.___ report no problems with the plumbing or the septic system.
Mr.__ related an event where he checked on A__ while she was sleeping and noticed that the bedcovers were moving, even though A__ was asleep and perfectly still.  In another incident, he states that A__ was observed an event with a wooden cross that she keeps at her bedside.  He reported that again there was an overwhelming odor in the same manner as the odor of the sewage as stated earlier.
Other occurrences of note have been episodes where A__ appears to speak in his voice, but he is not present.  From what the team could gather, this particular manifestation has occurred on 1 or 2 separate instances.  He also reports that A__ has appeared to develop hypersensitivity in hearing, and can hear conversations between he and his wife when they are out in the screened porch area of the home with the front door closed.  Mrs.___ has reported seeing a “black blob” on the kitchen table while preparing dinner, and routinely indicates that the animals in the home appear to react fearfully when A__ is in one of her episodes.  The cat in particular routinely appears to stare up at the ceiling as if following something that the rest of the inhabitants of the home cannot see.  Mr.__ has additionally reported being awakened from sleep by the sound of choir music playing, yet no source of the music could be located.
According to the couple, the events in the home and A__’s disruptive behavior patterns have left them exhausted and unsure as to how to resolve the situation.  He mentioned that he and his wife are considering resuming psychopharmacological treatment for A__ in the hopes that perhaps some of the behaviors can be contained.  The couple is also considering the possibility of placing A__ in a nursing home or assisted living facility where she can be cared for and monitored for changes in her behavior.
At this point it is inconclusive in the team’s opinion that this home is experiencing events of a demonic nature.  There are three strong points to consider regarding the current difficulties experienced in the home: the presence of a psychiatric/organic disorder in regards to A__, the relationship dynamics between Mr.__ and A__, and the cultural/personal beliefs that exist in regards to Santeria and paranormal activity in general.  The team at no time felt threatened during the home visit, and there were no negative incidents to report.  No additional evidence supporting a paranormal concern (anomalous readings on equipment) could be ascertained by the team members.    Science team finding:  Inconclusive.

Lucien LaRoche
FPRF, Investigator
Residential Investigations
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