Haunted Home
Case #41/Jacksonville, Florida Private Residence
Report by:  Jennifer Kavouras
The home was originally investigated in Oct 07 (one of the 4 cases that were deleted from our original web site back when problems arose with it).  The original investigation and intervention (conducted by:  FPRF Psychic, Dianne Frazier and investigator Jennifer Kavouras was a success.  A new entity, however has been reported by the home owners which has a different MO than the previous one encountered by the original team.

Jacksonville, FL Spiritual Update 19 Jan 08
Jacksonville, FL follow up Spiritiual Investigation conducted by FPRF Psychic Deb Nichols and FPRF Investigator Jennifer Kavouras.
Synopsis by Jennifer Kavouras.
Time of arrival:   1:15 p.m
Time of departure:  6:20 p.m.

Deb gave both Susan and Jennifer readings prior to walking through the house (info).   The readings were to address the issues of what was going on in the house, how they were contributing to the issues and why.  They were both given homework assignments and a reading list that would get them started on improving their psychic abilities.  Because even if Florida Paranormal clears the home on every visit, they will continue to have new issues pop up until they learn to help themselves.  Which also coincides with the advice that Dianne Frazier had given them during her visit

Deb located portals in the front yard, the kitchen, the dining room, the master bedroom, the guest bedroom, the guest bathroom and in the backyard.  She closed the portals that were located inside the house.   Deb talked to Susan and Jennifer about their abilities and how the energy in themselves and their homes (Jennifer also has issues in her home) would change once they resumed the path that they are supposed to be on in this life, but that they have to take the initiative and do the work.


Deb Nichols (Team Psychic) and Jennifer Kavouras will be conducting a spiritual investigation of a private residence in Jacksonville FL on 5 Jan 07.  
Case Status - closed
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