Haunted Home
Case #42/Dunedin, Florida Private Residence
Scientific Investigation - 3 Dec 07
Team Members:  Joseph Bessard and Tonya Slaughter
(Scientific Investigation rendered enough evidence to warrant the scheduling of a Spiritual Intervention)

Spiritual Investigations - 15 Dec 07
Team Members:  Director-Tim Tedana, Team Psychics-Gail W. and Tracy Pretorius
Spiritual Intervention   12/15/2007 - Tracy A. Pretorius, FPRF Psychic & Public Relations

Tim Tedana, Gail Works and I arrived at the intervention site at approximately 7:00 p.m. After introductions were made, the tenant informed the team that her husband was asleep in one of the bedrooms. This presented some difficulty for the team due to the small size of the residence. As such, the team was limited to one small common room, and the room belonging to the couple's daughter.
Upon a very brief observation of the master bedroom, I immediately noted the spirit of a male between the age of twenty and thirty. My best guess was 25 years old at the time of death.  I got the very distinct impression that the master bedroom is his domain, and he was well aware of our presence in the home. Further, he was taking refuge in the back of that room knowing full well that we couldn't enter without disturbing the sleeping husband.
Gail and I left him where he was, and moved into the tenant's daughter's room. It should be noted that she is a small child of about 6 years of age. Upon entering, Gail and I both immediately sensed the presence of a small child in spirit. I got the impression of a little girl, crouched in the corner of the bedroom (in our reality there is furniture stacked in that corner, in her reality it was bare). She was plainly malnourished, dressed poorly and appeared to need a bath. As soon as Gail and I addressed the little girl spirit, the adult male spirit came through the bathroom and attempted to enter the child's room. I ran some interference at this point, due to his hostility and sense of ownership this being had toward the little child. Gail, Tim and I all agreed that there was an abusive relationship between this man and small child, and even after death he still terrorized her.
I was briefly overcome with a sudden headache accompanied by dizziness and left the room for a few moments.
Gail Works was able to successfully help the little one to cross over, however as much as we all tried to help him cross , the young male was too deeply entrenched to transition. This spirit can best be described as an angry young man with a heavy dependency problem. The impression I have of his death is that it was substance related, due to the metallic taste that rises in my throat when I focus on him. That taste goes along with a brief gastric disturbance. It should be noted that, this man perpetrated the death of the child in some way, whether by accident or on purpose. I also get a deep sense that many aspects of this incident went unsolved from a legal standpoint.
There is some lingering concern for the resident and her two small daughters, due to an attachment we believe to have formed involving the male spirit and the husband. There is a disturbing amount of synchronicity between the two situations, particularly in the demographics and family structure.      
Tracy Pretorius
FPRF Psychic/Public Relations Rep
Residential Investigations
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Report by:  Gail Works FPRF Psychic
As soon as we entered the client's modest home, the air became very dense…heavy.  I was immediately drawn to the back bedroom which the client's older child currently occupied.  I had already been told by my guides during the drive over that there were two souls in the home, one a man and one a child.   I could feel the presence of a child as soon as I walked into the room.  I saw the child in the far corner, almost gray from dirt, even the face and hair.  I thought it was a little boy and got the name "Sammy."  The client's daughter came into the room and I asked her if she ever played with a child in this room.  She told me that she did, and when I asked if it was a girl or a boy, she told me it was a boy, so I thought I was on the right track.  However, when my fellow psychic, Tracy, came into the room, she saw a girl, and said she saw her pulling her dirty dress down over her knees.  I knew then that I needed to look again, and when I did, I realized Tracy was right…it was a little girl.  She was terrified, and the presense of two people who could actually see her both fascinated her and frightened her even more.
The presence of an adult male could also clearly be felt in the house, and I saw him in the bathroom that connected the two bedrooms.  He sort of skulked around in there, watching and waiting to see what was going to happen.  He made no attempt to enter the child's bedroom until we got the little one to come forward.  Then he started to yell and threaten both the child in spirit and the people in the body.  He used some very foul language toward Tracy and me, trying to frighten us.
Sammy did not talk too much at first, but answered questions as best she could for a very traumatized six-year-old.  I sensed she did not have any clear memories of a mother – that the man in the other room was daddy.  He hurt her, many times, and finally killed her in a fit of drunken rage.  It was an accidental death that had simply been only a matter of time.  This little soul had lived a very tragic existence.  Tracy and I told Sammy that we were mommies and teachers so we loved children…all children, and that we were there to help her.
I told her that much time had gone by, and that she no longer had a body…that she was a spirit.  As a spirit she was free to go someplace that was safer and nicer than the place she was in now.  The light portal opened for her and she was able to see it.  The idea of being free was hard for her to accept, but not because she mistrusted anything Tracy or I told her…just that it sounded too good to be true.  I asked to think of someone she really loved and missed, someone who had always shown her love and made her feel safe.  An older woman appeared in the portal, and she said "Gramma."  The woman smiled and Sammy stared but could not move.  I asked if that was the person who had loved her so much, and she said "yes."  I explained that she could go to her just by thinking about it, but that was too difficult a concept for a six-year-old to grasp.  My angel guide, Marie, stepped forward to help us.  She is so beautiful and Sammy was enthralled.  I explained that Marie could help her go to her Gramma, that she could fly with Marie.  Sammy said, "Doesn't she talk?"  I replied, "No, Marie has never said anything to me either, but can you see how much she loves us?"  Sammy nodded her head.  I asked if she had ever wanted to fly, to be held safe in someone's arms and to just fly.  She told me "yes."  I told her all she had to do was to take Marie's hand, and she would fly to her grandmother and the beautiful light.  Sammy raised her right hand, and put it into Marie's.  I was crying, and Sammy asked me why.  I told her that grownup women like mommies sometimes cry when they are very happy, and that I was so happy she was holding Marie's hand.  She hesitated and sort of pulled back for a moment, and I urged her to hug Marie, to go with her.  Suddenly, she just took a step forward…and then up!  She flew right over Marie's head, and Marie let go of her hand.  Sammy's arms were outstretched, reaching for her grandmother, whose arms were waiting to hold her.  As soon as they were together, the portal closed.  Sammy was home.
After taking a few moments to calm down and drink some water, we turned our attentions to Bill, who was still in the bathroom.  He was very angry that Sammy was gone, and called us "f**king b**ches" in a very loud, angry voice.  Tracy and I told him that Sammy was now free, and that he had the same choice.  We spent much time trying to explain that he was dead, that the life he had lived was over, and that he was now a spirit.  This was very hard for him to accept, mainly because he had been experiencing life vicariously through the man who currently occupied the home, fast asleep in the other bedroom.
After much arguing and discussion with Bill, Tracy had to leave the room, overcome with a sick headache.  Tim came in to assist me in attempting to counsel this lost soul.  Bill actually came to a point where he was very apologetic and sad for what he had done to Sammy in their time together, and I explained that all was forgiven, that God just wanted him to come home, and that the only punishment he would receive was right here on Earth and he had already received it.  Still we could not convince him.
Tracy returned and we continued together, each of us adding to what the other said.  We got Bill to think of a loved one, and to our surprise, it was the same woman that Sammy had envisioned!  We saw a sweet, touching memory of a little boy, cooking in the kitchen with his mother, sometimes hugging her leg as they stirred a large bowl of something good to eat.  She actually stepped out of the portal to come to him, and I saw a gray mist between the two of them.  Part of him wanted to go to her, but she had not been able to protect him from his own father in life, so his trust for her was not there.  I told him that he would have to take the first step in faith, knowing that she was in the mist, waiting for him with her hand ready to take his.  He could not do it…he just did not believe it.  In the end, I believe, living through the other man was just too tempting, because it was both easy and familiar.
It was very difficult for me to leave, because I felt we were failing Bill.  I had to reframe this situation and be grateful that we could reach at least one of these two lost souls and help them to go home.

Case Status - closed

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation