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Haunted Home
Case #43/Stuart Florida Private Residence
Scientific Investigation- February 17, 2008
Attending: Point Person-Laila FPRF, Rita FPRF, Marlene FPRF, Julie (assisting Marlene)
This is a summary of my impressions and finding for this investigation.  
After arriving and meeting the members of the family, which were the mom and son which live in the house and the dad which visits frequently. We asked the family about any new happenings since Laila and Rita's last visit.
Nothing major had occured, even though the dad claimed that one time while napping on the sofa, he heard whispering in his ear, even though he was unable to make out any specific words.
All my attention was drawn to the left side of the home which I believe is the original structure of the home.  When entering Scott's (son) bedroom which is on that side of the house and facing the street, I immediately smelled salty or sea type of smell.  I did feel some type of light spiritual activity in his bedroom.  The mother's bedroom is on the other or newer side of the house and she has not experienced anything activity while sleeping.
I went then around to the rest of the house (with the exception) of the right or new side of the house and picked up nothing.  I took several pictures, and didn't pick up any orbs.  
Went outside the house from the front towards the back yard in back of the pool area, where there is a small dock area.  Again nothing, except mosquitoes.
I then decided to  see if I could get some type of reaction by asking if any spirit was present to show itself.  I did see an image of an older man, leathery tanned skin, rheumy eyes, red baseball cap, jeans, checkered short sleeve shirt, medium height, pot belly.  And then the phrase that kept running through my head was "smarmy old man".  During this time, Laila and Rita had been sitting in Scott's room in hope of making some type of communication or capturing any EVP's.
After getting the image of this man, I somehow felt that he was not attached to the house.  When we walked back to the house, Julie and myself traded places with Rita & Laila, and while sitting in Scott's room he joined us.  I followed my instincts and without explaining the reasons for the questions, I asked Scott if he knew a man that fit the description of the one I mentioned above.  Almost immediately he said yes, that when he was in 9th grade he would assist after school in caring for kindergartners, and that a man that fit that descripton had been murdered about 1 week after he had started working with him.  I asked him about other impressions I had received about how this man was and he confirmed them all.
After further questioning, Scott admitted that he never felt alone, and that he felt a presence even when he had left the house, at times he was even afraid to look into his rear view mirror when driving his car.
The following is a story that was just written for the New Times regarding the murder of this person on 2-7-08, almost 2 years after it happened. "Cartoon Creator's Grisly Murder"http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2008-02-07/news/cartoon-creator-s-grisly-murder
I feel that this entity is attached to Scott, even though they had met only briefly.  After reading the story you might understand this man's proclivity and why he would have been intensely attracted to Scott precisely at the time he had met him.  I believe this attraction brought him to his side even after his death.  I have a recording of this conversation between Scott and myself.  Rita, later interviewed Scott privately and he admitted that beside having his hair touched, he had also had his leg caressed while he was in bed.
Later on when discussing this with Scott and his mom, I gave her information on a couple of books she could read that can explain what an attachment is.
As to any other haunting that is part of the house itself.  I'm not sure if what's there is residual, but I feel that it's from many years ago possibly when the area was a fishing camp.  Julie who had been with me, had sensed a male, middle aged with brown hair and a beard.
On my way out, I gave Scott's mom a seat of your pants impression of who might be haunting the area, which I believe might have been someone who helped out in the camp, going from group to group.  I believe he worked there rather than lived there, but spent much time there.  I told her he might have possibly been seen in the adjacent's neighbor's yards as he wanders around.  She told me she would try to get information from her neighbors and let Laila know about this.
Even though this investigation was to be a scientific, it developed into a psychic one.  Again my impression is that the majority of spiritual activity here is due to Scott's attachment from the murdered subject, this coupled with a teenager's telekinetic energy.
After reviewing my recording I didn't hear any EVP's, but I would need to review it again to make sure there are not any EVP's that are not clearly heard.
Attached are some pictures, one is of the vase that fell over when Rita and Laila first visited, the squeaky toy that the residents claim goes off by itself, Scott's bedroom and a couple of the front and then the back of the house.  
Let me know if you need any further information
Spiritual Investigations
Team Members:  Point - Laila Fosse, Tracy Pretorius-FPRF Psychic, Tim Tedana-Director
(Report by:  Tracy Pretorius- Team Psychic )
Report Pending
Case Status - closed
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