Haunted Home
Case #58/West Palm Beach  FL,  Home  16 Jun - 2012
Science Team Members:  Laila F, Rita Adams, Nick Perkins & Rich Adams

Science report by:  Laila F.

The owners of this house, Tony (37) and his wife Brenda (31) and son Anthony (3), contacted FPRF, emailed a number of pictures of orbs from inside the house and stated that several unexplained occurrences have happened ever since about a year after they moved into the house in 2007 and started remodeling the house: in the master bedroom a matchbox car moved across the floor by itself (6 months ago) and a wine glass fell down and broke, bathroom door closing and tub stopper rolling around in the bathtub by itself, several strange noises and knocking around house, and a non-friendly voice saying "Hey!" in the TV bar area and Anthony's bedroom (2 weeks ago). The FPRF team, consisting of Laila (point), Rita and Nick, conducted the science investigation on Saturday June 16, 2012.

Tony explained that he had found in the Palm Beach Post archives that the original owner of the house, Arthur Pope, owned a funeral home. Unfortunately this man's 3 year old son (Also named Arthur) swallowed some lye and suffered for two years before he died at the age of 5 in 1929 at St. Mary Hospital. When the family moved in Tony had found his tomb stone in the back yard and moved it behind the garage. Tony stated that he did not believe that there was an evil entity in this home, but Brenda wanted them out. They have been bothering her for years, but only recently a voice that woke her up, scared her pretty badly. She felt that after she moved to the house she had never really felt like herself.
During the investigation we got several significant EMF readings: on the dining room table during the interview, along the north outside wall in the master bedroom and especially in Anthony's bedroom along the east wall. Several pictures of orbs were taken outside and inside (kitchen and by indoor hot tub). During the interview Tony explained that the occurrences revolve more around Brenda. She has seen a child-like apparition in her son's bedroom and felt something lay down on her bed next to her. They tried communicating with it only once and got infra-red camera video (Tony will try to find it and give us a copy) of an orb-looking object coming towards them in the living room. Little Anthony said he is woken up at night by a girl. Tony says that his son is a sound sleeper and that at night he hears him talking to someone. Tony's brother, Thomas (49), lives in a separate part of the house but was unavailable the night of our investigation. He has also heard strange noises and has had a very strange dream about a guy who kidnapped a little girl the same night Tony dreamt the countdown dream and heard the tub stopper. The family is catholic and practicing.

On Tuesday June 26, 2012, the spiritual investigation was headed up by psychic Marlene and her daughter Julie. Marlene first stated that there were several overlapping things going on. She picked up on an anti-social, partially mentally ill middle aged male named John Arman, who died from head trauma possibly by the use of a firearm. He doesn't want attention but just wants to stay in the house. She picked up on that the orientation of the house is somehow off. What used to be the main entrance door facing north is now permanently locked and no longer used. The current main entrance is the door to the west. She said the house has been occupied by many people who do not fit in the typical family unit. She heard many footsteps on the dining room floor and picked up on something in the attic. Julie picked up on a another male entity not necessarily attached to the house but the area to the east of the house. He walks around outside watching everything, intrigued by the house remodeling and art, and wants to come in and be noticed.

Since Brenda was the only one who has really seen the entity, Marlene put her under hypnosis. Brenda stated that she could see an angry old lady named Madeline, who was the one who scared her by saying "Hey" in her ear and that Madeline was mad at or because of Anthony. Marlene talked to Madeline through Brenda and Madeline said she hooked onto Brenda because Madeline had lost her baby named Anthony and Brenda was depressed and sad at that time. This happened in the TV bar room about a year after Brenda moved in. Madeline said she used to have problems with her heart and that she now was passing this problem onto Brenda. Marlene told Madeline she needed to remember how she died and go to the light where her baby and loved ones are. Marlene asked if there were any other spirits in the house and Madeline said "John". Marlene asked all the spirits to leave.

Reluctantly Madeline finally did cross over after Marlene called upon powerful guardians. Marlene does not know for sure what happened to John. When Marlene asked to talk to Brenda again, she started to wake up and Marlene brought her out of the hypnosis. She did not remember anything or know why she was crying, but she could still see the image of angry old Madeline. Marlene told her what took place and that nothing will happen to her anymore but she should sage down the house to dispel fear.         

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