Haunted Home
Case #6/Davie, FL
(Clients name and Pictures used with permission of individuals involved)
Background Information & Interviews ( by Luisa Velez)
The following is an email sent to us at the end of March by a young man named Seth in search of our help....
To whom it may concern,
I came across your website as I have been trying for the last month to figure out what has been happening to me for years. I noticed you just recently did a house in Pembroke Pines, just 10 minutes away from me in Davie. My haunting is not limited to my apartment...it is attached to me.
It has haunted me since I grew up in Cooper City, went away for several years, and came back when I moved to Texas in 1999, followed me to Indiana in 2000, stayed with me when I moved back to Florida in 2001, and it has gotten progressively worse in the last 6 or so months.
The following is a story I submitted for someone's website as a contribution. Please let me know if you can help.
~Seth P.

This story may be long, but it will paint a picture of a lot of paranormal activity that I have experienced from the time I was a child. I am now 25 years old, meaning my story starts about 17 years ago.
I grew up in a very nice suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and I came from a happy home. The house was built just for us when our family moved up from Miami when I was three years old.
Through my childhood I would have these dreams that would end abruptly. They weren’t nightmares, but they weren’t good. I would be in the dream doing something normal, always around my house, and then a basketball would roll across the street or something like that. In my dream I would go to get it, but I would get stuck in the middle of the road, and just as a car was speeding to hit me...I would wake up really quick. It wasn’t always a basketball across the street, one time it was me in the field beyond my back yard and I couldn’t get out of the way of a crashing plane.
One was my father turned into a vampire and I couldn’t move to get away. How weird. But this happened so often, that I consciously knew what dream I was in and what I was about to expect in a couple minutes. But as I grew up, the dreams went away.
One time, I believe it was a Saturday morning, I was sleeping in. I was about 11 or 12 years old living in the same house. I was actually dreaming what I was doing at the time...sleeping! Everything was identical. I was laying on my right side looking at my closet across my room. Then, as I turned over to my left side (in the dream AND real life), I saw a nice-looking “ghost” come out of my closet. This was obviously the dream part. And as I continued to turn over, the ghost became hideous. It was like the ghosts from the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” when the Nazis opened the ark on the island. The ghosts started out nice, but turned nasty and killed everyone. The ghost from my dream was the same way. Just as I had completely turned over, I remember the nasty ghost in my dream go really fast toward my bed. I felt something hit my back and I hit the wall...in real life. I woke up and knew I had just been hit by a ghost. And except for my dreams, that was the last haunting until a few years ago.
I was a graduate assistant at a large private college in Texas for the 1999-2000 school year. I lived there on my own and every now and then I would feel my bed vibrate, waking me up in the middle of the night. It was a low-level vibration. The kind you would get from a vibrating bed in a cheap motel, but not as much shaking. It was constant and would last about a minute. I never thought it was anything out of the ordinary because I lived in a really crappy apartment complex. I just thought something was happening around the building.
I moved to Indiana and did an internship for the next school year. This time I lived with someone in a much nicer apartment. It was new and put together very well. And every now and then, I would wake up in the middle of the night with my bed vibrating. It didn’t bother me much and I didn’t connect Texas to Indiana yet.
I moved back with my parents in Ft. Lauderdale in August of 2001 after my internship. I slept on a futon in what was my old room. And every now and then, the futon would vibrate. But now I started to see shadows move in the dark. This freaked me out. I just attributed it to an overactive imagination. But then I would see shadows move more and more.
Then I moved in with my best friend in May of 2002 just 10 minutes away from my parents. Now my bed was vibrating constantly, shadows were moving every night, and now flashes of light were becoming evident in my room. I knew by this point that I was haunted. And it wasn’t just where I lived, it was ME. I even went to visit my sister in college five hours away and my hotel bed vibrated one of the two nights I was there.
I once tried to speak with whatever was bothering me, and I was scared out of my mind when I heard a faint voice try to talk back with me. I don’t think I fell back asleep that night and I never tried to get a response again.
I went to a psychic just after Valentine’s Day in 2003 and tried to see what was going on. She told me there were several evil spirits around me. They are all my past lives, and all of their lives were cut short and were unable to resolve things while they were living. I believed everything she said when she told me that “I had reoccurring dreams as a kid that didn’t end.”
But the night before I saw the psychic, the ghosts had a field day with me. It was my worst experience ever. The bed shaking happened all night. I was laying on my back and felt something rumble from on the bed, starting at my feet and working it’s way up towards my butt, and eventually grabbing my midsection sharply. It also felt like someone was crawling on my bed next to me. Shadows moved and I heard sounds. It was like they knew what was going on and that I was going to see the psychic. I feel my ghosts know my thoughts and actions before they happen.
So this is what I am living with. Every night I go to bed thinking about what might happen. It isn’t on a set schedule, so I never know what to expect or when to expect it. I don't get much sleep because of it.
The only explanation I have is something that happened on Valentine’s Day in 1996. I was a freshman in college and was hanging out with some of my single friends in my dorm. A water fight started and I was caught up in it. I ended up slipping on the floor and breaking two bones in my neck. I was fine because nothing happened to my spinal cord. But I had the surgery a month later on the Ides of March (the 15th – my mother’s birthday). As part of the procedure, the doctor has to replace the bad joint in my next with a bone from the “bone bank.” For a time, I felt the spirit I inherited was tied to this bone. But that doesn’t explain the dreams as a child and the one time a ghost hit me in my sleep 7 or 8 years prior.
First Phone Interview
The initial phone interview was made at 9pm EST towards the end of March. Seth was at work but was able to talk at length about the subject.  He has no history of psychokinesis.. I doubt that this is a viable hypothesis as he has no history of being stressed or emotionally charged at the time of the activity.
It has never happened with his girlfriend when she would be laying in the bed.  No one else has ever been a witness to the events. I asked if this was something that happened while wide awake, in a b state of twilight sleep, or while fully sleeping. He says he goes to bed and after about thirty to forty five minutes after having fallen asleep, he is awakened by the bed vibrating. The activity continues for about a couple of minutes after he is fully aware.
He has never been involved in any sleep deprivation studies, forgot to ask if he has had a battery of neurological testing done. I am interested to know his brain wave activity while asleep. He "could" be very well causing this. If his brain wave activity can show a large increase in workload during his first entrance into REM sleep.
He often feels a presence while at the computer. Will feel as if a someone is messing with his ear to annoy him and he rubs his ear or brushes it and it happens again. this will go on for minutes as well. Almost like an annoying sibling (my words and impressions, not his) To this I asked if he knew of any children that his parents might have lost and he replied that his mother had had an abortion the year before he was born.
No history of correlating pains or feeling in the donated bone area while activity is going on. That information would possibly discount the theory of any residual haunting by the bone donor on his present owner.
He has been taking pics with a 35mm camera whenever he feels anything out of the ordinary. Has not finished the roll yet so he has not seen if anything came out. (update: the film has since been developed and no anomalies were seen in any of the pictures)
He had been to psychics who attribute the entities to unresolved past lives... I thought you were your past lives? I thought it was your soul the whole time? So if his past lives were in limbo because of a past emotional trauma his soul would never have crossed over to be reborn again...Is he haunting himself? I don't understand the psychic's statement.
I made the phone call short as he was at work and told him we would keep in touch.
First In-Person Interview
I met (Luisa) with him to conduct a personal interview that involves several questionnaires and a release of liability as required by our protocol. This was Wednesday April 3rd and we met at a restaurant for a little safe conversation.
He signs the liability release form and we moved on to the questionnaires which revealed no history of physical, mental, or drug problems. He seems like a very sincere young man. He spoke of no smells, apparitions, nor direct intelligent contact with the entity.
He mentioned having spoken out loud at one time. Soon after he heard inaudible whispering and decided never to try do that again.
He also speaks of his family having a history of being sensitive and relates a number of stories of family member experiencing something paranormal before. Sensitivity is known to run in families. So this is possible that Seth is finally trying to reach out and understand his gift and learn how to use it. ( There are no accidents and everything happens for a reason)
After having some trouble getting together a science team for the scientific part of the investigation and a few other setbacks we decided that we had better act soon to help this young man out. He only had a very short time frame of availability so we went against our own protocol and scheduled a spiritual investigation without conducting a scientific one first.
We were deeply disappointed at the situation and saddened that the integrity of the investigation would somehow be compromised by skirting the protocol . Seth explained that he wasn’t concerned because he was more interested in the spiritual discoveries of it anyway and would not mind foregoing a scientific investigation for a timely spiritual one.
Residential Investigations
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Spiritual Investigation:   Completed 18 April 03
Investigation accomlished by: Luisa Velez and Monica & Tim Tedana.  We arrived at the house at appx 8:30 p.m.   After introductions, Tim immediately began taking random pictures on his digital cam. We also took some base EMF readings of the apartment.  I was getting an unusually high reading of 4 – 4.5 where a futon had been placed and without having any electrical appliances or electrical source at all.  I mentioned this to Tim and he took pictures of the area by the futon.. spirit energy patterns (orbs) were discovered by it.
Simultaneously, Monica was getting a feel for the emotional energy of the apartment and walked from room to room to get 'impressions' of the entities in the home.  She decided she needed to give the roommates personal readings as to why these events were taking place in their lives now. Monica has detected 5 entities living in the home.. actually, more accurately stated… ‘following’ Seth from residence to residence.  While she gave her readings and impressions to Seth and Michelle, Tim and myself continued to examine the rest of the house with EMF readings and continued taking pictures in areas we felt had high energy levels.  Tim was a bit frustrated as there were mirrors in the home at almost all angles which compromises the authenticity of pictures.. but given that this was a real life field investigation and not an ideal lab setting we did the best we could.
Seth shared some past pictures that he had taken over the past few years with a 35 millimeter camera that showed some really good examples of orbs around them.
After Monica was done with the individual readings and went over her findings with the couple, we all moved into the bedroom to try to contact the dominant spirit in the home via the Ouija board, our usual first step in making contact. It was unsuccessful as the spirit was being reticent and she decided that it would be best if she simply channeled the spirit. She succeeded in tapping into the spirit of an older man who had been following Seth since the age of eight. He spoke through her and related his reasons for the following was mainly because he thought it would be easy to take over his (Seth’s) body. He had been very unhappy with his life and was still carrying that sadness with him.  He was lost and felt he had no where to go, kept saying “you don’t know what its like to die and loose everything that ever meant anything to you in your life.. to loose it all”.  Tim started a dialogue with the spirit and explained to him what has happened…he eventually called upon the gentleman’s loved ones in his last life to come to him.  The spirit was happy to leave, we succeeded in helping this elderly gentleman to go with them back ‘home,’ to once again begin his souls journey of evolution.
After channeling this gentleman, Monica was exhausted.   Tim was a bit frustrated in that only one was rescued.  For while we succeeded in identifying and helping the single unhappy soul, 4 playful children still remained and continue to follow Seth.   A constant reminder to him that he himself has much more growth and learning to do of this realm.  He himself one day is destined to interact with this unseen realm and will aid these spirits along their journeys…

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation