Haunted Home
Case #61/Port Saint Lucie FL,  Home  March, 2013
Morgana and Tim arrived at the home and Morgana began walking through the house to see what energies she could pick up. Immediately she told the home owners, “I get a male energy, very possessive. He is saying, “This belongs to me!”  

Morgana conveyed the energy of the home as “really angry” when she is walked through the area.

Morgana told them, “It’s like he (the spirit) owns the whole place and everyone that’s in it.”

Tim asked her, “Which room do you feel him strongest in?”

Morgana noticed, “Mostly in here (referring to the living room), but he goes all over the place. There’s more than one spirit. He’s got a lot of people with him.”

Tim said to Morgana, “The homeowner would like for you to touch a flag that she owns, okay?

Morgana then almost immediately began to channel a man who identifies himself as a Japanese soldier. He was walking around and very angry, “Why am I here?”

Tim answered the soldier, “I think you followed your flag.”

Morgana said (channeling the soldier), “They died.”

Tim asked him, “Are you here with other people?”

He answered (through Morgana), “They are waiting.”

Tim asked the soldier, “Who’s they?”

 “They got killed,” was the answer.

Tim asked soldier, “During the war? You were in the war? You were a great warrior...”

 “Fighting.  My people fight for a great cause. What happened?”  He asked.

Tim asked, “Do you remember fighting?”  

(The soldier), “We are in a battle again. There is our flag." (referring to the flag in Morgana’s hand)

Tim asked him, “Do you know where you are now?”

The soldier replied, “On the Island.”

Tim asked him again, “Do you know where you’re at now?”

He stubbornly replied in a louder voice, “On the Island!”

Tim told him, “You’re not on the Island anymore”

The soldier said, “They all have guns. We are all ready.”

Tim told him, “There was a great battle.  Can you hear me?”

 “We lost? Why are there holes in my flag?" he said confusion apparent in his voice as he stared down at his flag.

Tim asked him, “When 2 great armies meet in war do they both emerge victorious?”

 “My warriors were greater.”

 “You may have been greater, but even the greatest armies still lose warriors in battle. Do they not?” Tim said kindly.

The soldier replied, “Oh they fall..”

Tim explained, “Your history is written of many great warriors who fell. But they fell in honor fighting for their Emperor and King. Is there no greater glory than that?”

The soldier commented, “Honor…”

 “To fight for your Emperor," Tim finished the solder's thought.

 “To fight," the soldier concluded.

Tim told him, “You and your friends fought honorably.”  

The soldier added, “Always.. we did that.”

Tim explained to him, “But on that day you fell. You fell as the great warriors you are, defending your Emperor. The battle has long been over.  The country of your Emperor and your one time enemy are now allies.”

The soldier exclaimed, “What?!?  Them!?!? Never with them!"

Tim told him, “You are now friends”

 “Never!” he answered angrily.

Tim told him, “Decreed by your people.”

 “They would not stoop so low!!” he yelled.

Tim explained, “Two great armies merged as one..allies.”

 “How could that be?”

Tim said, “The war took its toll on many.  Both sides. It was in the common best interest that peace would be made.  To avoid more bloodshed”.  

“We sacrificed all!” the soldier declared.

 “Your enemy also sacrificed," Tim said.

 “My men; army, our children. We gave our lives for them.”

Tim continued,  “And you spared their lives. You fought honorably. Do you know what year this is?”

 “Year of the horse," the soldier stated.

Tim told him, “It is the year 2013. The war has been over a long time. A long time. Your Emperors land is now allies with the Kingdom you fought with. They are friends against new enemies. It’s a new world.”

The soldier asked, “We know only battle. Whom do we battle now?”

Tim explains, “It’s time to put down the battle.  Soldiers served their purpose. You were asked to die for an Emperor defending a land. The Emperor has made peace with the enemy.

“Why did he not tell us?” asked the soldier.

 “Because you had fallen in battle that day.  You were no longer there to hear. Nor were your soldiers. But you did fight honorably. That is the most important thing. There is nothing more important than honor. You can stand tall knowing you fulfilled your duty to your Emperor. And your soldiers also.  It is time to put down the sword.  Time to put down the gun."

The soldier asked, “What do we do?”

 “Time for peace. Do you remember someone back home? Before you became a soldier? Do you remember when you were younger? There was a person you cared for deeply.  Who is that person? Describe them.” Tim asked gently.

The soldier answered,  “Girl, short hair, a girl.”

 “You loved that girl?” Tim coaxed.

The soldier replied, “She’s the reason I fought. For freedom for her.”

Tim assured him, “She’s free now. Would you like to join her? Put down the sword and join her in peace. For your land is now in peace.”

The soldier said, “I don’t understand how.”

 “Your land is now our greatest ally.  We defend each other now against other threats."   

“More threats?” the soldier asked, seemingly alarmed.

Tim answered,  “New enemies that threaten your homeland and ours.”

 “We fight against anything that comes against our homeland,” the solder stated firmly.

Tim assured him, “The fight is over for you. You were asked to fight a great power in the Pacific. And you did as asked.  But, do you remember that girl? Do you remember the way she looked? Do you remember the way she looked at you?

The soldier answered, “She was the Light of my life”.

 “Ok…do you remember her voice? Do you remember the way she smiled at you? Do you remember holding her hand?”  Tim encouraged him.

The soldier was crying, "Do not torture me. I love her! I would love to see her again”

Tim said confidently, “You can. Because the war is long over. She is free.”
 “She is free?”

Tim assured him, “She is free. What do you see all around you right now? Can you tell me?”

The soldier answered, “I’ve been waiting.  I see brightness.”

“OK..you and your men need to go to that brightness. That’s where you are going to find her as well. And actually your Emperor is in there waiting for you too. “ Tim encouraged him.

“He is?” He said with astoumdment.

Tim stated, “Yes.”

 “Will he be proud?” the soldier asked.

Tim replied, “Very proud. You did the ultimate for him. You are warriors. I want you to look into that brightness. Can you see in there?”  

The soldier said, “I see them.”

Tim asked, “Do you see the outlines in there?”

 “I see crowds.”

Tim instructed,  “I want you to look for her. I want you to call her. Do you see her? I want you to look back at your men and tell them to follow you as you go to take her hand.”

The soldier said, “They will follow me anywhere.”

 “Then have them follow you,” Tim directed.

The soldier added, “Even to hell.”

Tim assured him, “It’s not hell. This is the opposite. That’s where she is. Then go…take her hand. Let her show you the way. Ok?”   

The soldier said, “Yes.”

Tim encouraged him, “Follow her. Follow her. Take your men and follow her. And when you get there tell them I said hello.  Good-bye my friend.”

The soldier and his squad went to the Light.

Tim told the homeowners that the spirits were attached to the flag. “Something to do with honor and that flag.  He just went home. He was in misery. He was attached to the flag. His whole squad was here. They thought they were on the battleground (Island) and you were the enemy...obviously American. They were still fighting, Where did that flag come from?”

The homeowner responded,  “No, my father was in WW2 and they were shooting at the Japanese. It was lost to the Japanese. They took the flag off a dead Japanese shoulder. It was given to my father.”

Morgana folded the flag very carefully and handed it to Tim. Tim refolded it Military style and returned it to the homeowners. It represented something great to many in the spirit world.  He asked them to always treat it with respect.
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