Haunted Home
Case #8/Gainesville, FL
Background Information
Florida Paranormal Research Foundation was contacted by another paranormal group to see if we were interested in taking a case that they were unable to accomplish do to unforeseen circumstances.  It involved a private residence (apartment) in Gainesville, FL.  The occupant was reporting instances of paranormal activity and wanted to know what was happening.  He was becoming agitated at the 'event's frequent reoccurrences.  We agreed and Lisa Anderson was assigned as the point person for this case.
First  Interview By Lisa Anderson
As soon as we arrived one could see that _(the resident)___ was very nervous. The activity had increased greatly since he has went to a spiritual store and had been told to sprinkle rock salt and peppercorns around the perimeter (he attempted to 'cleanse' the home on his own). To light frankincense and muhr. To demand that the spirits leave them. This had seemed to only make the situation worse. They (he and his girlfriend) had been having terrible nightmares and he felt that his girlfriend had been accosted by the male spirit as she had been talking in her sleep and had been moaning and such.  He said that he was afraid the we would not come to him and help him as he had been in contact with another paranormal group from the Central Florida East Coast and after they had promised him to come but they no showed and that then refused to return his calls. He insisted that this had never affected the small child in the home. He had lived there for 4 years and none of this had started until the end of March this year. His girlfriend moved in, in January.
He Stated:
He was in the master bedroom when the first even took place.
A  spirit type entity visible at the bedroom door is what first caught his attention.
He first thought that it was his imagination playing tricks on him .
There are no sounds or smells associated with the sighting.
His reactions to this were he was able to play with the orbs that flew around the room as he thought this was some reaction to medication  he was taking.
He wears glasses and he had then on when this happened, he is nearsighted and has no other eye problems
No hearing problems
His sense of smell is fine but he has had no instance of smelling any odd odors when the spirits are present
'They' make physical contact with them in the way of shocking them like it is static electricity. The orbs fly at them and when they hit, they get shocked.  He said that in the beginning when he touched what appeared to be a male in the corner of the room that when he pulled his arm away that it was covered in ants, but he could not feel them. He then returned him arm into the entity and asked of him to show him something else and when he pulled his arm away the second time that his arm was covered with flatworms. he again asked the entity to do something else and the ants returned again. The entities have left no other marks on him.  He has been communicating with the entities.
He was not drinking at the time of first contact nor was he on any drugs or any other kind medication.
My reaction to this is that the home and this client need an  intervention, as the spirits/energies are unwilling to leave the home.
These are not the spirits that have harmed my car and such (back ground info -- before engaging in almost all cases of this sort, unusual runs of 'bad' luck always seems to strike the investigators.  In this case my engine apparently 'blew' when getting ready to come down for the first interview).  My granny told me that we are all treading on ground that we are not welcome on by a higher and darker power.  In our quest to help there are those that we are a threat to and that these problems all team members have been experiencing will continue and we need to be ready for them. (info)
The client filled out the standard questionnaire and release forms.  By all appearances this seems to be a legitimate case.  Will schedule a documentation team investigation per our protocols.
Residential Investigations
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Scientific Investigation  - 30 Apr 03, approx 7 p.m. (Report by Marleen Nichols)
The team on this case consisted of myself (Marleen Nichols) and Lisa Anderson.  Another team member who was to be involved ran into some unusual circumstances (more bad luck) prior to this investigation and was unable to attend. We arrived and met the resident, _____________ as pre-arranged by Lisa .  The resident agreed to allow the team to set up surveillance at his home, in an attempt to verify with scientific methods that the had had paranormal activity occurring while using the Standards, Protocols and guidelines to ensure a professional investigation of physical evidence.
When we walked in the house you could feel a bit of apprehension.  We talked to the resident for quite a while and asked for him to turn of all of the fans and the a/c so that our readings would be accurate and our pictures would capture anomalies not dust particles. You could tell that he was in unfamiliar territory, he was a true skeptic of these things until he had to deal with this issue himself.  He was a bit guarded at first with what he said like he was unsure of how we would take what he had to say. After he felt assured that we were truly interested and that we believed what he had to say, did he began to tell of the events as we walked thru the house and began to take readings and some  photo's.
Home readings using the infrared thermometer averaged 72 degrees F, except for the kitchen and the master bedroom (the later being were most of the activity allegedly takes place).  The temperature in the kitchen stayed at 60 degrees F, while the master bedroom averaged 75 degrees.  Frequent readings were taken at regular intervals throughout the investigation to check for variances.  We had the resident turn off the air conditioner to insure no dust particles were blown around.
The Sony Nite-Shot Camcorder recorded shadows (Note:  the tape is still being reviewed).
EVP using a digital recorder produced some garbled sounds (unrecognizable words but words being spoken), such as:  "shut up Helen," and "got to go" and other various short phrases.
The digital camera's captured various orb energy patterns by the front door, the bathrooms, the dining area and an abundant amount in the master bedroom.
While we were in the bedroom, the resident got up from the bed and begin to walk around with his arms outstretched and said that he could 'feel' them.  That they were like cobwebs with a different temperature.  The infrared thermometer showed that the temperature in that area had risen to 86 degrees F.  Moments later the 'feeling' seemed to dissipate and the temperature again dropped down to 75 degrees.  Multiple orbs were also captured during this 'event'.
Some interesting side notes - The team experienced  back pains.  When notes and findings were discussed after the investigation, it appeared that each member did not experience the pain at the same time but randomly.
Additionally, team members and the resident felt the distinct 'warm' spot, which left the hands/arms with an electrical static sensation.  This is the same 'spot' verified via the thermometer reading.
Members also discussed that they both experienced seeing moving shadows standing in the hallway by the master bedroom.  Only thing that registered on the camera's however were the orb energy patterns.
Conclusions of Scientific Investigation
It was the conclusion of the Scientific Documentation Investigative Team that this home, especially the master bedroom, harbors much paranormal activity/energy.  It is also believed that the resident will benefit greatly when the Spiritual Investigative Team intercedes and provides their analyzes of the situation.

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