Haunted Home
Case #9/Macclenny, FL
Spiritual Team Members Present:  Deb Nichols (Team Psychic), Tiffani  (Empathic Sensitive)
Scientific Team Members Present:  Lisa Anderson, Marleen Nichols
Temperature, EMF, EVP, Digital & 35 mm photos, Video – Variant readings  Filed.

Spiritual Team Findings  By Deb Nichols – Team Psychic
Last night proved quite interesting. Brought along a friend of mine that has also done some work with me with Andrew Nichols group (American Institute of Parapsychology). Have given her the info to join us officially; especially since she ended up the medium last night.
There is quite a bit going on there with several energies with layering of time sequence and about 4 entities that we are.  Attracted to the place are a young man, named Daniel, apron. age 20's, who feels as if he spends a lot of his time in the living room,; and likes to 'peek' on people; and a female child. . Regarding the child, we are unsure as to whether this is a "split" astrally of the daughter herself, and hence a energy mirror, as she is in ouropinions quite psychic and sensitive herself. She isn't the drawing force, but definitely an attraction, along with the massive amount of electric immediately next to and within the house due to the electrical pole and lines adjunct to the house.  There is also an older woman, I believe is the former Mrs. ______. She is a contented older soul, who I believe has crossed through the light and is choosing to visit with and at the house at this time. She is a friendly, easy spirit who was very content in that house. We believe that it is her who goes through the kitchen and the living room.
There is a high energy spot in the kitchen which, to Mrs. _______ was the heart of the house". Mrs. Y. may also be acting as a Guardian for the girl and the property, being the kind thing' that she could be. Did not spend much time on, with, or about her, last  night. Most of the energy and attention of the evening was spent on the older man ( for the time as his age at first felt to be no more than early 40's), who also enjoyed rocking and is very hostile about being discovered and recognized.  The present house is at least the 2nd dwelling on the property, which we believe had also been an operational farm , in the past. The original house was built by a man who is still on the property, hence causing the haunting. He is the entity responsible for moving things within the home and doesn't like other people in this present house. He is angry; we perceive was Catholic, and has issues with women going back to his mother and his raising, and the many disappointments within his marriage and of his wife. She caused him great sorrow and disappointment. She is also sometimes, wistfully outside the house. It is possible that he "may not be allowing her back inside". Although he had built her a very nice 2 story, wooden Victorian house, the wife was never satisfied and he has chosen to not leave the premises.
It is "His House and he is not leaving. He is doomed to damnation, and do not talk to him about the light." He has quite a bit of energy and anger.
There is a vortex/doorway in the closet in the back bedroom, which Tiffani and I had perceived to be blue in color from the time we entered it and were working in it. It is not - what we saw was deep blue striped paper-type wall paper with a thin striping of a lighter blue.
Only when Tiffani saw the pictures that Marleen had snapped, during a rest, did we become aware of the color differences and perception. The back 2 bedrooms had been closed off and the air vents closed. I suggested to Debbie to leave them open to appease him, and give him more comfort, as he opens them anyway. We believe that his house had been destroyed by fire, possibly set by him, and we are not sure if he meant to do it. He considers that house his greatest accomplishment of his life. Hence - when I started to close the energy doorway, he freaked. His name, he claims I know, and believes sharing it would give me additional power over him. His name I believe is Johann( Jon)- Willhem ________ (last name Germanic and I couldn't quite get it).  To send him through the light will require another visit and I sat down in that room and offered him a proposition as he is especially mistrusting of women. He, the spirit, was also angry that the boyfriend had moved out of the house and although not hostile, shows his disgruntled ness by moving things around the house continually. I suggested that the boyfriend had a "man to man" talk with this entity and tell him the reasons he moved, declare his family feelings and offer him a man to trust. I also set up the scenario to build trust and prepare him for the close of the energy door, and a trip to the light. I also asked him to be more tolerant of the new-fangled contraptions" and to not move things around the house. He has not been disrespected by these occupants and hence we are asking the same. I believe we may have set up things for the house to be cleared in the near future, and building a trust with out further uneasiness in the house. On the next visit- I think the house can and will be cleared and things calmer until then.  We did not really address the other spirits as we could feel their interest regarding the conversation about 'going in to the light'. The possibility of distraction for leaving this plane, due to the amounts of electrical output because of the pole and wires emitting so much energy, hence causing confusion, is quite possible.
Time in: about 7:45 p.m. and time out: 9:30 Deb Nichols
Residential Investigations
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Follow Up Report - 19 Jan 04 (Tim Tedana)

Deb Nichols, the psychic on this case had to leave unexpectedly  to travel to Calif  immediately after her initial spiritual investigation to handle some unexpected family business.  Do to timing schedules upon her return an immediate follow up/ intervention attempt was not made.  Deb stated recently that she had called the number the client listed several times and received no return calls.  I finally made contacted with the client this month to see if there was any improvement on the situation at her home.  She informed me that the disturbances finally proved to be too much and has since moved out of the country home she initially loved so much.  Johann (or  Jon) still resides at the house.  It is disturbing to me personally that we were unable to help free him from his self - imposed purgatory.  He like so many spirits we have encountered, is trapped in an emotional web of  his own creation.   We look forward hopefully to one day,  finally help him move on to final peace.

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