~ The Channeling ~

(By Lisa Anderson)

On 15 Nov 02 - I had the honor of being able to witness a medium channel a spirit.  I know that I believe in ghosts, the life after death theory and that there are plenty of restless spirits, else I would not be a paranormal investigator. But I have to admit because I have never witnessed this before, that the things you see on TV,  tends to be the only things you have to reference. I sat down and began watching Monica meditate. Just as I thought nothing was going to happen, her body began to contort and writhe. Not like a snake or like anything you have seen on the tube but just like she was moving over to make room, to share her space. Again I admit I was waiting for her to start to growl and spit and the thought of this had me so tense that if a pin dropped I would have fallen to the floor.
Then Monica finally stopped writhing she started to slowly sit up straight. Her head was still down and I really expected to see someone else's face at this point. When she looked up it was her face, but her expressions were not the same. Her lips were pinched and she had a scowl on her face an expression that appeared to be years older than she was. She had her hands together, her finger tips pointed together. And she looked around the room and began a slow chuckle as she looked at each one of us.
This had my neck hair on end, the electricity you could feel in the room was like nothing I can describe. When she started to speak her voice was so different that it was eerie. It was low and raspy, very forceful.
The voice belonged to White Feather, an ancient Indian Chief and a guide to Monica. The way White Feather pronounced words were from a time long ago.  Every word was pronounced to the tee. I will not go into the full conversation that we all had with the spirit called White Feather, because some of it may be too personal to others but I will tell you of mine. I lost my grandparents both last year and it was devastating to me. They were my heart and my life. This loss was a contributing factor to my divorce and a lot of the reason I am, how I am now.  We were very close. I was concerned that my love for them and my inability to let go would keep them apart in the after life and not allow them to go on.  Without prompting, White feather looked at me and told me that they were both by my side.....together.
They were worried about me but I was not keeping them here. There was  more but that was the most important part for me. White Feather told me things about them that only I and they (my grandparents) would know. Personality issues that were not common to most but just with them.  After White Feather had made many observations, had answered questions personally to each of us and had given us advise on the path we are about to embark on, he announced that it was time for him to go. I could not help but feel sad that he was going to leave, I wish I could have kissed his cheek and thanked him.
I was skeptical at first and now have no reserves about any of this.  I have sat here many times and thought that so many things were fake or ridiculous, and to know that was because I was being the kind of person I abhor. Closed minded and opinionated.  Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it un-real.  Our goal is to discover all realms of the 'unseen' together, this will be an interesting adventure for all of us.
~ Lisa Anderson ~
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