Florida Paranormal Research Foundation

The Florida Paranormal Research Foundation (FPRF) is interested in hearing from you.  All E-mail correspondence will be answered.  We are a non-profit group that is devoted to the research and documentation of the paranormal.  If you have a situation that you would like to have investigated, we would like to hear from you.  All investigations are confidential and the identities of  clients will not be published without permission.  Our group is composed of two teams, which can work either independently or cooperatively, depending upon the circumstances:  
Team 1 - consists of a Scientific Investigative Team which determines if paranormal phenomenon can be attributed to rational explanation.  If events or occurrences of a natural source are ruled out, phase 2 commences to the scientific documentation of the unexplained phenomenon, using standard accepted paranormal investigative protocols.  Results of the investigation are then reviewed with the client and copies of the unexplained anomalies can be obtained for personal use.  Clients wishing to discover further in-dept information on the specific nature of the phenomenon, FPRS can utilize
Team  2- the Spiritual Investigative Team which consists of a researcher, a spiritual medium or a clairvoyant psychic to further explore and provide  information on the phenomenon or specific type of entity involved.  Additionally, information on how to possibly handle the situation, can be obtained if  desired.  All services are free of charge.  Clients wishing to make a donation afterwards to aid the Foundation in off setting operating costs can e-mail us to find out how by using the link below.  Donations however, are not mandatory nor required for an investigation.
Interested in becoming a member?  FPRF is always interested in new additions to the team.  Potential members must be self motivated individuals who would like to become involved in exploring the 'unknown'.  If you are interested and located in Florida and are at least 18 years old, feel free to contact us.  Please include an introductory e-mail telling us about yourself and why this field interest you.  All inquiries will be answered.
Please feel free to e-mail us:   ~ Tim Tedana ~ FPRF Director/Webmaster  Floridaparanormal@yahoo.com
Mail: Floridaparanormal@yahoo.com
Florida Paranormal Research Foundation accepts donations to offset the cost of investigations.  All investigations are done free of charge.  Donations are not required but are gratefully accepted.  To make a donation please contact the Florida Paranormal Research Foundation at the e-mail listed above.
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