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My Cousins Ghost

( by Debbie)

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Hi Tim!!  My name is Debbie and I am from Maine. This summer I was taking pictures when I got this one and wasn't to sure who it could be. My first thought was to send it to a psychic to see what they got. I sent it to more than one but Dianne Frazier of your team responded back.  She picked up on some thing no one else did. When she said it was a young boy about 13. My jaw dropped!  We conversed and I had know for some time that my cousin was around me and he had been for a while. He would come through with other readings. What did not come through was that he was caught between our world and the other side. My heart broke when I realized this. Dianne helped me and told me what to do!! It was hard!! He died in 1960.He had a bad heart and went to Boston Mass for open heart surgery. He this was December 16,1960. He was suppose to be home for Christmas. He passed away on the operating table. It devastated what was left of a broken Family!! Now I was being told that I had to help him cross over!! I was just a little girl when de died and I could not believe all this time he was here but it's true! Now it was up to me to set him free!
I took 3 candles, a picture of him, me and his brother.  We all lived together and were close.  I wrote one note that said "Dicky go to the light, Go to God!" and another that said " I love you and Come back when you can!"  As I prayed and told him to go a Blue Cloud appeared and I thought how beautiful and as quick as I had that thought the cloud turned into Angels Beautiful Light Blue Angels!
I have never experienced any thing like that. I knew at that Moment that Dicky was with God and O.K. What a Blessing!! That is the first time I have ever helped any one cross over. What a beautiful experience!! God is Good and Dicky is Home!!
Love, Light and Sprit Blessings!!