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( by D. L. W.)

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Hi - My brother related something to me today that really astounded me.
My brother works for a construction dumpster company. He told me today during Thanksgiving Dinner he was called to empty a dumpster at a site out in the country here in north central Florida where a very large old house was being renovated. He said the house appeared to be at least over a hundred years old.
When he got there, there was no one around and my brother wanted to peek in the windows of this old house because of his interest in old houses. He said he went onto the front porch of this old house and was peeking thru the windows in the door of this deserted old house, when something stung him on his chest. He said he thought it was a wasp or a hornet although he never saw it. After brushing it away like a madman, he said he regained his composure enough to look thru the window again. When he did, he felt another bad sting on his chest but he still saw no wasp or hornet.
He said this made him give up on looking in the windows because he figured the house had an infestation of wasps or something.
When he go to his truck, he checked his chest and was very surprised to find that the stinging he felt was actually burns left from his gold cross that he wears. It was then that he lifted his shirt and showed me the two burn marks in the shape of his cross on his chest. I would have never believed him if I hadn't seen the burns myself.

D.L. W
Crescent City, FL. - 11-27-2003