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The Elliott Museum was founded in 1960 by Harmon Elliott in memory of his father, turn-of-the-century inventor Sterling Elliott. Created to showcase the inventive genius of Elliott and the 'American spirit.' Exhibits and shops are housed in the Americana Wing and the Elliott Gallery features changing art and history exhibits, plus programs of local interest.
Displays include an apothecary, a barber shop, blacksmith forge and ice cream parlor in addition to a wealth of unique collections of dolls, clocks and watches, pipes and tobacco, and more. One of the museum's highlights is an authentic hand-carved miniature circus; other galleries present antique bicycles, autographed memorabilia from Baseball Hall of Fame members, and vintage cars which include a 1926 Bugatti Grand Prix race car.
The Museum is located on Hutchinson Island, just minutes from the Gilbert's Bar House of Refuge Museum. Open daily, October-August; closed major holidays.
Hutchinson Island, Florida
Christine Rodriguez of P.O.R.T.A.L., an associate group to FPRF, asked if we would be interested in assisting her in an investigation of the Elliott Museum, on Hutchinson Island, Florida.  Her preliminary report sent to us is as follows:

Hello Tim.  I have scheduled the Elliott Museum Investigation for 1-24-04. That's a Saturday night from approximately 8:30 to 11 PM or midnight depending on how things go. The address for the museum is:
825 N.E. Ocean Blvd.
Hutchinson Island, Stuart
They have a Historical Society of Martin County web site so you can at least check out what it looks like.
The phenomena reported are:
1. Objects being moved from one diorama display to another on the first floor (showing up much later).
2. All employees feel they are being watched when there late at night. The CEO whose office is on the 2nd floor will not stay in her office during the evening (it was once the bedroom for Harmon Elliott who lived on the second floor when it was an apartment over the museum).
3. During a special museum event held last year in the South art gallery, an audio system failed to operate even though it had been tested and operating only an hour before by the director and staff. This was quite upsetting to the staff at the time and they could find no reason for the problem.
4. The Director has personally witnessed the opening and closing of two sets of heavy double doors leading in and out of the patent room where some of Sterling Harmon's small patented machines & vehicles are displayed. She was closing up one night and walking from the antique auto mall section toward the doors leading through the patent room and toward the main entrance when first one set of doors opened for her, closed and then opened the next set of double doors, then closed them while she watched in shock.
5. The director has also seen the apparition of a little 4-5 year old girl standing near the hallway to the art room near the lobby out of the corner of her vision. The child wore a long white Victorian style child's dress and vanished just as the director turned her head to stare directly at the child. She thought some kid had been left locked in the museum upon initially seeing the figure.
6. While doing a diagram survey of the museum on 1-27-03 in preparation for this hunt, Jack and I entered the patent room alone. This is a small ten by twenty area closed off by two sets of double doors (the same as mentioned above). We were talking about Harmon Elliot, the son of Sterling that founded the museum in 1960, when Jack's digital camera slung over his shoulder with a lens cap on it suddenly beeped that it had been turned on and it flashed a picture from underneath the lens cap at approximately 2:20 P.M. Jack was not touching the camera in any way. I took pictures around him at that time and captured a solid orb in the room with us.
I have been to the Museum twice and taken pictures with some other team members in a brief walk through during open business hours and captured orb activity on both the first and second floor. I felt energies in the South art gallery and a recorded a 6 EMF reading with a silent lighted Multidetector II meter in that room. Both Jack and I photographed orbs in there on that same Saturday. Orbs were also photographed on the first November walk through, particularly in the Baseball-Pharmacy-Barber shop diorama areas which are all adjacent to one another.
I have also talked to most of the museum staff - volunteers and director & CEO. They are very professional, well-grounded people who are curious and intrigued by this unexplained activity. They are comfortable with it as long as it is relatively harmless and noninvasive. They feel the spirit may be the ghost of Harmon Elliott who won't leave his beloved museum and may still be tending to it. This, however, does not explain the girl apparition seen near the lobby.
Scientific Investigation: 24 Jan 04  - Apprx 09:30 p.m.
Members:  Portal: Christine Rodriguez /FPRF:  Marlene Pardo, Julie Gleason, Tim Tedana
Preliminary Report:  By Tim Tedana
The investigation started a little later than planned, at approximately 9:30 p.m.  and lasted until appx 12:00.  Various EMF readings were reported in 'hot' spots which also showed 'orb' energy patterns on digital cameras.  Christine of Portal also captured several moving orbs on her Sony Nite Shot Camcorder.   One area of interest was in the antique automobile gallery, Christine's EMF kept peaking near a car located on the end of the structure, digital photos taken also verified energy anomalies near the car in question.  I personally did not 'feel' or capture anything for the first 1.5  hours of the investigation, I was beginning to wonder if indeed the mysterious energies would manifest themselves that night.  After approximately two hours had elapsed I suddenly became overwhelmed (literally) with  very sad, anguished emotions that suddenly descended on me.  I was not really prepared for this as unlike spiritual interventions where we 'try' to make personal contact, this was a straight up science 'hunt'.  Never the less, the emotional patterns that hit me nearly overwhelmed me.  I again started to take pics quickly, I was now catching two distinct orbs in the area.  As the night went on, the deep feelings of sadness  became stronger.  I decided to head to the upstairs office where reported activity had also taken place, Marlene and Christine also went there, immediately, they  also began capturing the orbs that I was 'sensing'  - (in a very negative way, which is odd in itself because I am not a psychic).  Over all, the investigation was a success.  All members captured anomalistic data, either in digital photo, EMF or on the Night Shot Video Camcorders.   It was near midnight when the team decided to call it a night, most members were very satisfied with the results of the investigation.  I personally had trouble shaking the emotional patterns that suddenly washed over me that last hour there.   I drove straight from the museum to Cassadaga FL, to meet some new team members there, I knew the positive energy in that town would  have a calming effect on me.   Dianne Frazier, one of our team psychics met me there and gave me a 'hello' hug and noticed that I was shaking (I was really feeling out of sync and shaken at that point, the emotions that were impressed on me in the museum were still going very strong).  It wasn't until almost 11:00 a.m. that morning that the 'feelings' finally dissipated and I felt 'normal' again.  Is the Elliott Museum haunted?  Without a doubt I would say yes.  However, the who's and the whys can only be speculated on at this point.  Perhaps some time in the future we will be afforded the opportunity to bring one of our team psychics to the site to determine that.  It was however, a very  'interesting' night.

~ Christine Rodriguez ~

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation