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"Presentation - The Ghost of Elliott Museum"
Hutchinson Island, Florida
28 Oct 2006

FPRF Speakers:  Gail W. & Tim Tedana

Saturday, October 28, 2006
The Elliott Museum, located in Stuart, Florida, asked representatives of Florida Paranormal Research Foundation to recount the story of the January 2004 public investigation they conducted, in conjunction with a special Halloween function/fund raising event they were hosting for members of Martin County.  The museum had been made-over to give it a Halloween 'feel'.
In addition to Tim and myself, who were to be the principal speakers on behalf of FPRF, the museum director  had engaged the services of a local talented psychic named Rena (pictured with us above).
Just as we were ready to begin the presentation, there was a problem with the museum’s wireless microphone system.  It was non-functioning, even though they had tested it shortly before our arrival.  just as the location was noted by the previous team to be haunted, it apparently still holds true.  Note in the photos the presence of numerous orbs.  This place is definitely haunted, but in a “good" way.

Gail W.

FPRF Investigator