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The Police Department wishes to remain Anonymous (info)
26 June 2004/  Investigators:  FPRF - Marlene Pardo / PORTAL - Christine Rodriguez
Report by Marlene Pardo
From my understanding, the city was established in the 1930's and the building itself dates back to the 1940's.  The building houses not only the police dept but the city hall and fire station/paramedics also.
According to some of the officers and dispatchers who have stayed there late at night (usually 11 pm to 5 am), a shadow has been seen walking down the halls.  Sometimes they have actually thought it was a person and have gone in search of someone, and of course don't find anything.  One of the officers even claimed that before he saw something, he smelled like a damp, wet cardboard type of smell, and then he saw the shadow walk down a hallway behind him.  He claims even saw the reflection in a small window at the top of a door which stood ajar at the beginning of the hallway. He was so spooked that he sat outside the station all night long with the front door open, and would go inside to take calls, which weren't many since it happened around 4 am and activity is almost nil.  He has since quit and went to work for another department, but he came to interview with us and give us the story first hand.
On another occasion  2 officers saw the shadow going down the hallway and entering one of the offices.  They both asked each other "Did you see what I saw?!"  And they were so scared they weren't interested in following it into the office.
After interviewing one the dispatchers who stays there over night, she claims she hasn't seen anything, but many time has felt unexplained chills up and down her neck and back when sits at answering calls, and her back is to the same hallway where the ghost has been seen.  This might be related, who knows.
It seems that these sightings have gone on for years, how long we're not sure, since the workforce has turned over as the years have gone by.  But the stories have circulated of several personnel who have seen it.
As to who the shadow might be,  we considered one possibility is a police officer who worked for this department and lost his life in the line of duty around 1957-58.  There was another man who had been arrested and then shot in the parking lot after attacking some police officers, but outside of these 2 stories, we don't have an exact idea of who it might be.  It would be interesting to bring in one of our spiritual intervention teams to see what they could pick up.
Marlene Pardo