Ghost Hunting & Metaphysical Techniques

(By T Tedana)

~ WE are not against scientific protocols, we merge and incorporate them in our research for a greater understanding  ~
”Hate destroys any positive they could have done”, words spoken by a much respected researcher in this field.  He was speaking of groups that combine scientific methodology with ancient metaphysical techniques.  This individual then goes on to ramble rhetoric full of intolerance towards subject matter he does not understand, nor desires to research for himself.  If only he exemplified in actions what he says in words. Self-righteousness and Narcissistic attitudes persevere in a much misunderstood area of paranormal research.  Many “scientific” minded individuals think that the area of “proving” the existence of spirit energies is exclusively there own territory and should not be trespassed upon by anyone who thinks differently than they.  This is an amusing view point from someone who speaks of the importance of continuing to seek knowledge.  For centuries the existence of other “realms” has been the exclusive area of spiritual minded organizations (not just Christian groups but spiritualist and pagan groups as well), while the scientific community simply ignored their teachings as “nonsense”.

Today there is a greater understanding of parallel dimensions thanks to quantum physics, which acknowledges the possibility of unseen dimensions existing in the same “space”.  Science is now looking at the possibility that unseen dimensions and energies/entities may exist with us (something spiritual & metaphysical groups have advocated all along).  This particular individual is a leader of a very large network of ghost hunting organizations. He believes that  research and discoveries of this nature, should be the exclusive right of ”only” his group and those who believe exclusively as he does.  He constantly belittles all groups that have always professed belief in this other realm and is especially indignant that “they” should utilize scientific techniques (the exact same ones he uses) when they “research” this realm.  He states that “they” have no business in this area.  Research means to “explore” delve, inquire, study the unknown.  Research is best accomplished on multiple fronts. Florida Paranormal, amongst other emerging groups approaches research with a greater awareness of our universe. We look at ALL aspects of the spirit realm.  We merge parapsychology principles, with spiritual research and modern scientific tools and documentation to arrive at conclusions.  This apparently is an irritant to some.  The study of parapsychology is taught in colleges and has been studied by various world governments. The ability for humans to “sense” the unseen and in some cases can create phenomena to occur (PKI).  This does not mean that these new breeds of researchers are ignorant of the need to verify findings.  It means we look at “all” sources to shed light on a given situation. Paranormal Research should look into all “paranormal events” and attempt to understand what is happening.  This unnamed individual scoffs at the ability for human souls to progress to the point of “sensing” disembodied souls; however he will give credit to his dog for its ability in sensing them.
To set the record straight, any information obtained via a group medium or even a Ouija board is verified for accuracy by a team archive researcher.  If an entity claims something (identity, historical act, etc) that statement can be, and is verified for authenticity. What better way to discover the nature/world of unseen entities than by asking them directly.  During an investigation we obtain; scientific documentation of an anomaly, mediums statements are also checked and verified.  There is nothing stronger than a medium stating that there is an entity in the corner of a house and digital cameras capturing an anomaly at the same time EMF meters are peaking, or capturing an 'orb' or spiritual energy pattern, as we prefer to call them- as it approaches a Ouija board to communicate on camera .  That is a very beneficial merger of talents and approaches.  This high profile individual also belittles our ”type” of research groups as being in it for financial gain.  Florida Paranormal does not charge anything to conduct an investigation.  We do investigations for the purpose of helping the individuals requesting our assistance as well as, the opportunity to Research Paranormal Activities and inquire on the nature of the entities involved.  We do not sell anything, this group is financed only by its research members (unlike this individual who blasts groups like ours on a monthly basis and sells items from I.D. badges, ghost hunting manuals and tools which are all grossly over-priced and can be obtained for a fraction of the cost elsewhere on the web).
FPRF members sent this individual a letter to call off hostilities...researchers can get more accomplished by comparing notes and working together than attacking each other.  He declined and continues his attacks in his monthly newsletters.  He regrettably gives out much misinformation.  
We have never in the past criticized him or his organizations. FPRF actually used to praise him and his advocating of pioneering research techniques.  We at one time had his organization prominently displayed and had a link on our front page to his because his organization utilizes tools and techniques which we advocate as well.  He however chooses to see our differences rather than focus on areas of similarity that can be used to unite groups and forge ahead in various realms of research.  He does not “know all” as he believes.  All good scientific explorers build upon existing facts to continue pushing the barrier of understanding higher.  What if Einstein said that Newton's law of physics was the absolute truth?  He would have never questioned and explored to discover the laws of relativity.  What if future physics researchers never questioned Einstein's theories and continued to push the barrier...we would have never discovered the principles of quantum physics.  All good researchers continuously forge onward to pursue the unknown, to think outside of the box.  We have always had a great respect for colleagues in paranormal research organizations and especially for this individual and his partner. We have gone to see them speak at workshops and were at one time great advocates of theirs.  Yet now, they attack our type of groups editorially monthly in their newsletter.  He is the close minded individual who needs his ego stroked.  He is the one showing hatred for something he does not understand and he is the one who is making money off of his associate groups.  We will continue to build upon both the scientific and metaphysical approaches.  Metaphysical Studies have ALWAYS dealt with the existence and nature of the spirit world...we simply now expand that arena to include the utilization of scientific tools and protocols as part of a validation and discovery process.  We are NOT down on scientific protocols, we believe in merging the two.  If this individual and his partner wish to stand still in their approach, so be it...We Will Not.  We will continue to explore all facets of the unknown.
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Tim Tedana

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation