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~ Hauntings ~     

Hauntings:  Repeated manifestation of strange and inexplicable sensory phenomena to include; smells, sounds, tactile sensations and hallucinations - said to be caused by spirits, ghosts, elemental or thought form type entities attached to a certain locale or person.  There is no general pattern to a haunting.  Some phenomena manifest periodically or continue over a short period of time - a matter of days - or a long duration going on for centuries.  It is assumed that most hauntings involve apparitions or ghosts of the dead.  In actuality however, actual apparitions are associated with a very small minority of reported events.  Most hauntings generally involve noises, such as mysterious footsteps, rustlings, whisperings, animal sounds or howlings, thumps, tapings or rapping's on walls; smells, especially of flowers, perfume, burned wood or rotting flesh or matter.  Tactile sensations, such as a cold prickling of the skin, cold breezed and feeling of being touched by an invisible hand.  Some hauntings feature poltergeist activities such as rearranged furniture, stopped clocks, smashed glassware and mirrors, and the unexplained movement of objects.
(Picture above is not real, but it is a typical assumption of what people commonly believe apparitions appear like)
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