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Karen A

(Psychic ~ Medium)  

I was asked to write this bio so you all could get to know me a little better and understand my abilities. Abilities that until just recently have been a skeleton in my hall closet. Hidden from the public because I was afraid most might think less of me because of them. I’m not sure how to explain things so guess as the White Rabbit says "You should start at the beginning and go until you’ve reached the end". When I was about twelve I being seeing things. My mind would drift off into far away places without even leaving my room. I would see things very clear objects, places and people would be very real as if they were right there. As a child I had always been told when something happens you don’t understand you should share it with an adult who can explain it to you better. So I went to my mother and explained what I had saw. Not more than 24 hours later I found myself in the office of her Baptist preacher hearing about how I could have never experienced what I thought. It was in that office everyday afterwards for what seemed like the whole summer that I sat hearing that preacher tell me what was and wasn’t possible, that I decided maybe it wasn’t best if I shared that with others. From that time on I found two things to be evident one being that I was never talking to anyone about these experiences again and two that the abilities were getting stronger.

As time passed and I got older the abilities seemed to become stronger and stronger. I then began trying to learn more about them. I at first thought that what I was doing was astral traveling I had read quite a few books and it did seem I was going from place to place. Until one day I had a realization that would change my life forever. I had bought a box of books from a yard sale and sat in my living room going though the box. After I got to about the third book (a children’s book) I flashed. Things began to go black and then slowly twinkles of light began to appear until I could see. But when I could see I really didn’t want to. A young girl sat before me crying, tears ran down her face and she seemed as if she couldn’t catch her breath. The feelings overwhelmed me and I too began to cry. I could see her clothes, her shoes and even her pony tail holders. Then somehow I am not even sure how I dropped the book and the vision left. I sat for a moment and caught my breath telling myself over and over that I was ok. After a few minutes I picked up the book again to put it back in the box and again I saw the image. It was then that I realized that the book had given me the image. Now images flashing thought my mind are more abundant. I pick up images from objects, places or people who have strong energy. Even in places where energies are strong.

Besides this ability I am your normal mother and wife. I am not a freak or crazy person. I just think maybe a part of my brain works that does not on some other people. I am in this organization with the hopes of learning more about my ability so I can control it. So that someday I can choose when my flashes of truth and energy happen.

Karen A

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