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Krista Mattson      

(Paranormal Investigator)

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“Me hunt ghosts?  No way!  Well, that’s what I would have said a few years ago.  I have always had a fascination with ghosts and the paranormal, after all, how many senior high school students write their term paper about the Bermuda Triangle?  That was a very long time ago, and it was only in 1999 that I ventured out on my very first ghost hunt.  A short time later, I became a member of the International Ghost Hunters Society.  Since then, my ghost hunting has blossomed into paranormal research, where I was the Vice-President and Co-founder of North Florida Paranormal Research, Inc. and Ghost Tracker Investigations, both of which launched in 2000.  However, after irreconcilable relationship differences and business practices, I parted ways with NFPR, Inc. and Ghost Tracker and immediately jumped back into the work I love so much with the Florida Paranormal Research Foundation.”
Paranormal Background & Experience
Krista’s experiences as a ghost hunter and paranormal researcher have taken her to many places beyond cemeteries.  She has researched the spirits of Cassadaga as well as haunted St. Augustine and Tallahassee, Jacksonville/Duvul, Clay, Baker, Volusia, Orange, and Brevard Counties in Florida.  Her travels have taken her to New Orleans, Gettysburg, and to the infamous Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana.  She is an Inner Circle Member of the International Ghost Hunters Society as well as certified ghost hunter and paranormal investigator, certified through the International Ghost Hunters Society and she is also a member of the American Institute of Parapsychology.  Many years of formal photography education & experience afford her the expertise to analyze and scrutinize ghost photos as being genuine, fake or otherwise.  However, she believes that there are many areas of computer and digital photography in which authenticity is often very hard to detect.  If someone sends her a photo and she can’t tell the tale, she will refer it out to her colleagues and other experts for their opinions.  
Media  Appearances
Krista has appeared in the following media:  The Discovery Channel (The Haunted Myrtles Plantation which originally aired in April 2002), The Palm Beach Post (November 2001), The Florida Times-Union (October 2001), The Lex & Terry Show on Rock 105, Jacksonville Florida (October 2001), Fox 30 News Jacksonville Florida, First Coast News Jacksonville Florida, The Watch Hound Show on PBS Channel 7 Jacksonville Florida (December 2000), St. Augustine College Radio (February 2001), The Entertainer Magazine (January 2001), WOKV News Radio and the Monk & Kelly Show on Mix 103 Radio Jacksonville Florida (October 2000).  
Education & Experience
Krista’s background includes a degree in Media Technology from Allegany College in Cumberland, Maryland with an emphasis on television production and photography.  As part of her college work-study curriculum, she worked at the Allegany County Vocational Resource Center, which afforded her numerous hours of photography darkroom and studio experience.  After college, she continued her studies with several advanced photography courses.  In 1985, she entered the world of advertising sales, beginning in radio.  Her advertising sales career expanded into broadcast and cable television, direct mail and magazine.  Krista also developed her organizational, leadership, business and communication skills by becoming an active member of the Business & Professional Women’s Club (BPW/md) and helped to found the Allegany County Commission for Women, North Florida Paranormal Research, Inc., Ghost Tracker Investigations, Cassadaga Spirit Tours and Jacksonville Haunted History Tours.
Personal Information
Krista currently resides in Cape Canaveral Florida.  She is an Account Executive doing national business to business sales with one of the nation’s largest business communications companies, located in Cape Canaveral.  Krista has one son, Jeremy, and one grandson, Dakota, who reside in Maryland.  Her future plans include building the Florida Paranormal Research Foundation as well as continuing her studies in the fields of parapsychology and metaphysics.  She is planning to begin working towards her Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Metaphysical Science/Counseling.
Closing thoughts
On a spiritual note, Krista says, “Our Creator has provided us with a vast and wonderful universe to explore.  If part of my paranormal research produces any answers or helps people to better understand the questions of life after death, then my life has a good purpose.  No longer do I fear the unknown or conjure up images of boogie men and scary monsters like I did as a child.  What I have learned through my studies of the spirit realm is that the things that go bump in the night are spirits who want us to acknowledge their existence.  We have far much less to fear from them than we do of the living!  The most crucial bit of advice that I can offer is how important it is for us to release all of the negativity from our lives before we transition.  Not only will we live happier lives, but we will also be much happier spirits in the afterlife!  To coin a phrase, don’t take life too seriously; it isn’t permanent!”

~Krista ~