Mediums/ Psychics & The Spirit World  

(by Inanna)

"Searcher" (aka..Tim Tedana) has asked of me a number of questions on psychic ability, séances, spirit guides and I am going to do my best to answer them, the questions asked by "Searcher" are in all caps and my answers are below:
I once read a quotation by Nietzsche. I put it where I can see it every day, so I'll never forget it.  The quotation is: "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster,"
 "when you look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you."
...That is the dangers of psychic ability!
I know this statement to be true because as a true psychic every time I have looked into that abyss, a piece of me stays there.
And what is that abyss, it's the life of the person you are reading or getting in touch with their loved ones, it's all the pain and hurt, and the love, and the desperate longing from the physical separation.  In some cases, when doing readings for people I also touch the minds of those on the living physical plane that would do them harm.
It's also coming into contact with those beings or elementals in their positive or negative aspects. For some it's their own fears, fear of going into the light, anger at being untimely ripped from their earthly existence.
Sorry at issues not resolved. It becomes at times a mirror of my own fears and sorrows that I see reflected and I always thought I have under control and yet sometimes slips.
Another thing, and this is the real monster that I'm always afraid of is, because of my psychic ability I'm afraid of being thought of as "god like" and for some they have fallen into that trap.
No true psychic is always a 100% right. Even well renowned psychic Sylvia Browne has said so.  Things we see are often subjective, sometimes it's symbolic images or colors that we filter through our own knowledge and experiences. If anything, we're translators, attempting to decipher a language we only partly understand.
I've been asked if I do readings, séances or channeling. I have done readings for people, and on occasion I have channeled some of my guides, but I don't do full séances, not anymore.  I use to many years ago, but the energy is too great to keep up, and I don't have a circle for support, but to bring in a spirit message via a reading is easier on me especially as I get older.
What happens during the readings there are times when I will have a spirit step in close to me to give a message or to let the person I'm doing a reading for at least know that they are there and thinking of them.  Now please be aware that not all witches are psychic nor are all psychics witches. This does not necessarily go hand in hand. However many people who follow the wiccan/pagan path, work with energies and as such have heightened their awareness to all things unseen around them.
Many psychic people, who are not pagan, have a strong spiritual belief system, depending on their religious upbringing or the religious belief system that they were or are most comfortable with.
Some people, who are or have latent psychic abilities that manifest in other ways, are not overtly religious, but they have such a strong desire to help those in need, are strongly in touch with the divine presence, although they may not physically or through the type of mundane work they do, have few chances to go to church. But the need to help is so strong that going to church is almost redundant for them as they give thanks every day to the Divine.
On doing readings, it's hard to say how I get the messages, they come in different ways to me for it depends upon the strength of the spirit and the best means for Spirit to get the message to me.  Usually when I'm with a person, I will take hold of their palm and then I look at the lines in the hand and then it's like someone is talking to me like they are just one inch outside of me but talking to me, sometimes they talk so fast, because they are on a different vibration level, they sound like a cartoon chipmunk. I have to ask them to slow down or repeat what they are saying.
If I am holding an object that belongs to someone then I get it in colors and symbols that I have to try to interpret. I do begin to feel the room area around me go cold, because it's drawing upon the energy fields around us. Energy in use is cold, sort of like "cold fusion."
Once a link is established, then someone in spirit will step in and I can sort of see them, and sometimes they try to talk to me. If they are talking in their native tongue, I mentally say "think your words" and then I see pictures of what they are trying to say. That is hard. Sometimes because they are so happy to be able to communicate that they don't slow down and it sounds like "Alvin and the Chipmunks", this is because they are now existing, as I said before, at a higher vibrational level, and it can get exhausting because I'm trying to understand them. The ones who are more advanced will slow down.
Yes energies do flow, but it's pictures and feelings and words that I see, feel and hear.  I've had times when a TV screen falls down in front of my eyes I see it but I also see through it to the real world as well for the worlds or planes, in reality are over lapping.
The hardest, and one that I will rarely do now, is a full trance, that is allow the spirit energy to come into me and talk and use my body. A full trance is when I step away from my body and allow the other energy to use it. I have no recollection of what is happening or what is said because my "me" is totally someplace else. Safely guarded by my spirit guides but it's someplace else. But I've rarely let that happen now a days.
Usually I do a light trance, where I am in an altered state but have a certain awareness of things around me, but I will allow the spirit energy to use me to convey a message, but I have just simply stepped to one side and observe.  Let me give you an example:
I was doing a reading for several ladies (I'm never alone when I do readings I'll either have a friend of mine or my hubby with me to help me and protect me).  With two of the ladies I could see the spirits who wanted to talk and give messages to them, but with the last lady the spirit was so close, that I went into light trance and described how my body was feeling as this person was stepping in--in essence I was describing the person and I felt my voice changing pitch and shifting and using inflections, at that point in went into a full trance.
This session was taped for one of the ladies so I had the tape to refer to as well as the observations done by my friend, for I don't remember everything because even though I've stepped aside I am concerned about being able to step back into myself. The reason is that as I get older it gets more tempting to leave completely. That is why I will not do a full trance--It's so beautiful over there.
I started sitting differently and I said to the lady (according to the recording) "Child, Nana loves you, always has child, always will. Your my little lamb and Jesus and God loves you just as much as Nana."  And then I held out my arms to her (now during all of this my eyes were closed) and the lady just fell into my arms and was on her knees in front of  me and we were hugging and she was crying and I was comforting her, actually the "Nana" energy was comforting her and saying "Hush my angel, hush my lamb, Nana has always watched over you " and I started describing a certain doll and a night light and telling her things and it was only confirming to her that we do survive and this lady had been going through some tough things and I told her (really it was "Nana" told her) that it was going to get better to see that lady lawyer and things will be right.
Then I began to feel the "nana" energy leaving me and I could step back in and I knew it was time for her to go and said so but I could "hear" nana saying it was going to be fine and relayed this message to the lady.  But this lady that I never met was excited because my features changed (I'll explain that later) and I looked and sounded like her African-American nanny who took care of her some 40 years ago and died when this lady was about 17.
I'm white and all this information that I related, only she knew about. But I told her that if her doll was in her home to have it in her bedroom and take it with her when she finally left that home. It was very important for her.
In a light trance when this happens to me I feel like a glove that has been slipped on but I'm still there, my own "me" is there in the top attic of my mind, but the glove "me" is doing the things, it's like I'm compressed with this energy and not only compressed and surrounded by it but it's inside me as well, but I'm there but my "me" is in the top attic floor of my brain but knows what is happening and has the strength to just step back into filling my body again without any effort. But in a full trance I am "the glove" and my "me" has left to another plane.  When the energy leaves the glove feeling is gone and so is the compressed feeling and I feel physically lighter for a bit like weightlessness in water or an Out of Body experience, and then when my "me" is back in place then I feel gravity in place. There is a bit of a high and then the tiredness comes in and that is when I know I'm done.
I'm not sure if all psychic people work that way, but I know how it works for me. I do know this, once the energy is in place it's like radar or sonar, a sort of pinging of emotions, moods, thoughts and words. But it also depends on the type of stress one maybe dealing with.  
Readings--a reading is where I'm in an alpha state or altered state, that is my conscious and subconscious mind are in touch with higher energies and I can hear the voice of my guide. This is when I'm talking to a person, then I either will hold that persons hand to establish a link, or I can use the "tarot" cards" as a focus. A third method is when I'm holding an object and I have no idea who it's from, but I will get impressions from it and "read" the object sort of like psychic Braille. I
n a reading I ask the person for just a yes or no or I do not know answer, if they have no idea what I'm talking about I simply let it go. But sometimes Spirit is so insistent about something "they" won't let it go, so I'll say what I'm getting and just "put it out there" for whatever it's worth.
What will happen is that later on the person I'm doing the reading for will remember what it is I was talking about, and then it will all make sense.
Trance work--is where I again go into alpha state, but I'm willing to let myself step to one side a little bit so I can get a physical impression of a person in spirit, in this case I'm in a light trance and am trying to get the message from the spirit to give to the person There are two types of trance states for me-- light and full. The full trance is where I'm am so fully out of my body that the spirit can come in and talk directly to the person, I have no awareness of what is happening, but in a light trance I have some awareness.
Séances--is a meeting by a number of people, who hold a circle, with one acting as the medium, the medium goes into a full trance and their spirit guide comes through and will act as the "gatekeeper" for those spirits wishing to speak to the members of a circle. This is hard on the medium and one has to be most careful about disruptions during any kind of reading/trance work but especially during a full Séances.
During a séances you can have rapping's, flashes of light, table tilting, objects moving, or suddenly appearing and in some very rare cases, formation of ectoplasm that create spirit forms. For séances to work you have to meet once a week on the same evening at the same time on a regular basis.
Channeling--is the bringing in of a supposed higher spirit through a medium who is in a Full Trance, Ramtha who was a big hit a few years ago is a channeled being, some people have channeled Dolphin spirits, some have channeled angels. You name it they've channeled it. The Michael channeling are unique in that a group channeled the group soul called "Michael" and from that they created a system of enegrams (for want of a better word) to help define your soul's purpose, anyone who has been trained for channeling "Michael" will be the medium to contact the "group Soul".
Sometimes one of my spirit guides will come in to give a lecture, when that happens I am in essence channeling that guide because I have given over myself to a guide to ordinarily doesn't come through me in my body, but one whom I will meditate with to achieve an answer to a question.
Jean Dixon and Ruth Montgomery are prime examples of conscious channeling in which they simply allow their "Me's" to step to one side and let the "spirit or spirits" type out the answer to the question.
With the exception of Seances,-- readings, trance work and channeling can be done in soft light conditions with as little electric disruptions as possible.
Before getting together with anyone for any type of spiritual work, I will meditate and let my team be aware that there is going to be a spiritual gathering and if it works out with their "Day Planners" to please meet me at a certain day, time and place--Yes I know that sounds strange but Spirit have activities that they plan on too on the spiritual plane, and it would be rude to not give them advance warning.
I also try to plan to meditate at least 3 times a week for 15 minutes, late evenings best and always at the same time. This works well with my guides because then they can plan to contact me with any insight. But sometimes I get the feeling that if they just sense me pondering a problem they just jump in and say "HEY!! Have I got the answer for you!"
Prior to doing anything, I will eat a light meal at least 2 hours before hand so I don't become depleted, soft light conditions should be set up, and soft very gentle music should be played (I like "Oracle") to set the mood of the moment. Then when we are about to do the work the music is turned off and the lights lowered. I say a prayer invoking Holy Mother, Holy Father to protect us and to keep away any and all negative energies, and only those loving spirits are welcomed, that this circle is a circle of love and light and healing, done in perfect love.
For Light Trance work I prefer one lamp on possibly on a reo stat with a red 7 watt bulb and covered with a lamp shade, or one candle in a red glass, placed away from me but providing enough light so people can see themselves.   
Why the color red? Well it was found out over the years to be the least disruptive color on spirit energy. If you look at the color spectrum it's really a form of electro magnetic energy which a small portion can be seen, the low end being infra-red to red and then upward through the colors of the rainbow into ultra violet. The low end infra-red and red the least disruptive with violet and ultra violet the most disruptive.
The conditions needed for a Séance are unfortunately also conditions for fakery. Conditions must be so low light as to be in near darkness, with the near absence of light can the energy of spirit come in. I've seen that the use of a red watt light on a rheostat seems to bring about the best conditions.
In the case of Sylvia Browne when she was bringing in the spirit of Johnny Johnson at the Sunnyvale Toys R Us store, two still camera were used and set to take pictures at the same time, one was loaded with regular film used in low light conditions, the other used infrared film.  What appeared was astonishing and rare, in the photo taken with regular film you saw everyone that was in the psychical world, but in the  infrared photo you saw Sylvia surrounded by a white glow, which shows she is in Alpha state and towards the back of the aisle a young manleaning against the shelves, this person was never physically in the building but in the infrared photo he appeared solid--it was the spirit of Johnny Johnson.
In these type of conditions you can get rapping's, voices, lights, apparitions, table tilting, floating objects. The question for a 'Searcher' is--is it  real or was it faked.
I, as both psychic and witch as well as a member of the magic community, have to be honest and say that there have been cases in which this has been faked.
It's best for me to have as little Chaos as possible in my life, and as much order and routine as possible, so planning things in advance is important, using ones answer machine or a phone message program is also important to eliminate disruptions. That means setting aside specific evenings to balance the checkbook and pay bills, planning the grocery list and setting that one or two days a month for shopping, observing (if you own your own home and car) things that may need repair and plan on that, routine auto maintenance and repair.  And set aside time to meditate, Meditation is very important; by doing it that way and keeping things simple and not having the outside world intrude upon me, I find I do readings much better.
Although the way many people's working conditions are it's very stressful times in any person's life. Even I, especially if I've been working on the front Circulation desk, come home exhausted and in pain from a very tiring day and it pains me to even get up the energy to do anything.
This is something that has to be corrected, but until those powers that be finally get it thru their thick heads that to work people until they are exhausted to produce results, is more harmful than productive, this is not going to change. Unless a serious "revolution" takes place.
Along those lines I can recommend Elaine St. James' books "Living the Simple Life" and "How to simplify your life". Great guide lines, because we as humans really make our lives complicated when it doesn't have to be. If we get too caught up in the material world and all it's physical attractions we cannot work with our spiritual selves to help evolve our souls.
Or as Granny use to say--"You can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, why do you need hundreds?"  Diet and music is also important. Certain foods for certain people can make them too heavy and lethargic, too much meat, starch and sugars and such, so I find it best to each fruits and veggies and some cheese and lots of pure water.
Listening to soothing music or music of another era such as big band or swing, or Gregorian chant, can help take the stress off of person. But not everyone works that way. And I like to listen to very soothing new age music before I do readings just to set up the energies of the room and get everyone into the proper mind set. (I'm going to talk about this lower down on the essay).  Ones does not have to be a vegetarian, but go easy on heavy meats and sauces. And increase your greens and fruits intake,  cut down on junk foods and watch your sugar intake.
One Spiritualist whom I use to visit told me that the old time Mediums would have a habit of eating a heavy meal with steak and potatoes, after doing readings or séance work, which it turns out was not good, many of them developed stomach ulcers or stomach cancer. And since the survival charka was located at the solar plexus or stomach area it seems that a number of mediums were doing themselves physical harm by eating heavy to re-plenish their energy.
I've found that if I have an egg cooked in a non stick fry pan, milk and fruit or herbal tea it has been the best way for me to get re-energized.  Drinking pure water is always a good way to break up the spiritual energies from one reading to the next.  But if you plan to do serious meditation or to contact your guides, angels, or do ritual, diet is very, very important. You must not be too heavy from eating and yet you do not want to be on a complete fast. Although in certain rituals fasting maybe required.
The term spirit guide(s) can apply to any beneficial guiding spiritual being, some people call them Guardian Angels, it can apply to one or many.  Spirit guides or guardian angels, etc. are not a new thing. They are found in almost every culture that has some sort of shamanistic belief system.  Another way to look at them are as spirit allies and it is one of the most outstanding characteristics of Shamanism.
In "primitive" societies they will be animal helpers who will protect the Shaman in dangerous work and are great sources of knowledge.  For example an Netsilik Eskimo (sited in Balikci works 1976) who was regarded as a major shaman had no fewer than 7 spirit helpers; a sea scorpion, a killer whale, a black dog with no ears and the spirit of 3 dead people.
Native American Indians too have animal spirits as helpers. When I was attending (many years ago) a Native American art/crafts cultural festival, a very elderly shaman stepped up to me and said "The spirit of the buffalo walks with you." His son came up and apologized for the old man's intrusion but I said that no apology was necessary, for he had seen my "friend" and simply confirmed something I needed to be sure of and I thanked him for confirming my "spirit friend".  Shamans are those can seek and move through and with the Universal fabric and walk along the path of healing by these sources of wisdom which we call Spirit Guides.
If you read the works of Sylvia Browne, Arthur Ford, Rosemary Altea, James Van Pragg, Edward James, George Anderson, Echo Bodine, Kenny Kingston (just to name a few contemporaries) you will find that many work with one spirit guide. Or they may not seem to have a guide at all, but I've found out, and this was confirmed by several spiritualists, that we really work with 7 spirit guides or a team of 7.
In many cases, the rest of the team simply has no need to be in touch with the medium since the one who will act as the guide or gatekeeper will do all the talking since that is the one who is most in tune with the mediums' energy.  Arthur Ford, Sylvia Browne, Rosemary Altea work with one spirit guide.
Edward James, James Van Praag, Kenny Kingston, George Anderson and Echo Bodine appear to not work with a spirit guide at all. Although Kenny Kingston has referred to them as "Sweet Spirits" which gives me the impression that he maybe subconsciously aware of his spirit team.
And in the case of Jean Dixon and Ruth Montgomery they seemed to work with a group of spirits.  In having a large group mind such as the entity "Michael" with 1000 souls is very rare. And in some ways makes me think of the Toronto experiment that was documented in a now hard to find book titled "Conjuring Up Philip".
The first is "The Alchemist" ---this person works at helping to elevate your energies to it's highest vibration to receive messages and to help see those wishing to give messages. The Alchemist never speaks through the medium because he or she is too busy making sure the energy flows are in proper alignment.
Of the remaining 6 members of your team almost anyone one of them may become your spirit guide depending upon which is the most attuned with your personal energies. Most of the time it could be your second spirit the "Gate Keeper".
The second guide is "The Gatekeeper"--this may also be the main spirit guide who will enter the body for full trance work, this will be someone who can be in full tune with the mediums body with the aid of the Alchemist. Or this one may just help guide those other necessary guides or spirits into coming through to give messages. In many cases the "gatekeeper" is not necessarily your primary spirit guide, it could also be anyone one of the remaining team of seven.
The spirit guide is usually male to male medium or female to female medium, although the medium/reader/channeler will have a spirit team of mixed sexes (oops I know that doesn't sound right)
The guide will manifest his/herself from what they were in their last incarnation, as a matter of fact most of the team will reflect their last incarnation, usually it's easier for the medium to relate to that. And it's the easiest to hold human reference as being the most recent. They will even manifest a deformity if they had one in real life, although on spirit side all bodies are made perfect. Again this is to reflect their previous earthly existence.
In the case of Sylvia Browne's guide "Francine" she lived only once on this earthly plane as an Mayan or Aztec Indian back in the 1500's and it seems that once around the earthly plane was enough for her and proceeded to continue her spiritual development on the spirit side.  When she appeared for the first time to Sylvia it was in that human aspect and she has always appeared to her in that physical manner.
Third is the "Shaman"--this is usually a Native American but it can be a "native" healer of any ethnic background. This person will give advice on basic practical matters as well as teaching a person to be in tune with the earth around them. Rosemary Altea's spirit guide "Grey Eagle" is in essence a Shaman, and he is her primary guide the one best in tune with her.
Fourth is The Doctor--The doctor is not necessarily a medical doctor, the doctor maybe, instead a doctor of divinity or psychology, because sometimes healing of the spirit is just as important as healing of the body. For if the spirit/soul is healed the body will follow
Fifth is The Philosopher--the Philosopher is usually an "oriental" now this can mean someone from Asia or the Middle East. They will speak on things of philosophy; for example--people ask which came first the chicken or the egg but the philosopher will say that is unnecessary because of the fact that the chicken simply be here to do what it has to do is the primary purpose of the existence of the chicken. The Philosopher is usually the teacher of the group. Sylvia Browne's spirit guide "Francine" is a Philosopher as well as Shaman in that she does her duties in both matters of teaching.
Sixth is The Parent--this is usually a family member or close friend who is in spirit it may be a family member who has died a long time ago and the person has never met them in real life. But this person has taken on the job to assist in matters of family relations. Arthur Ford's spirit guide was called "Fletcher" and this was a friend of Ford's who as died as a very young man but had agreed on the spirit side to help his friend Arthur by being his spirit guide. Kenny Kingston's guide is an Great Uncle.
Seventh is The Child--The Child is perhaps the most unique, these are spirit children who existed for only a brief time on earth but their job is to help us keep in tune with our own inner child. They teach us to take pleasure in the simple joyful things in life. Sometimes the child is the spirit of the child that wasn't born to us, that is their life terminated before they were physically born. I myself know that I have a spirit child that was one that would have been born, but through a miscarriage didn't. In some cases the spirit child maybe a childhood friend who passed away a long time ago. This child reminds me of things so simple such as blowing bubbles and just taking pleasure from the simplicity of all of life.
Yes I do.  I happen to know my guides and it took months and months of meditation to finally meet them all.  My spirit child is the son that I never had on earth because of my mis-carriage, sometimes I sense he's full grown that is at the age of 30, but lots of times he's like only 4 years old. Through him I still love merry-go rounds, bubbles, playing with the lights that make pictures on the ground, cutting out snow flakes, circuses, zoos. He helps me keep my child like wonder even after a day of being an 'adult'.
My Spirit parent is my Father's Mother, she does it because she feels guilty for not having paid much attention to me as a person when I was young, but now in spirit she realized that I helped my parents when dealing with grandpa, her husband, and I never really blamed her for her neglect, I just took it in stride. And also I helped Mom in helping her deal with Dad and his illness Now even more so I've had a good laugh, because one day I looked into the mirror and realized that I resemble her more so than any other member of the family on both sides. So now she is trying to make amends to me. Another person who comes in at this level is my Uncle Mike, who gave my Mom and me hissy fits, now he tries to make amends by giving me financial advise and when I listen to it, it works. Once in a while my Aunt Margaret comes in, just to check on things.
I know when I was taking care of Mom after Dad died, that my Dad would come in from time to time and give me advise on how to take care of things around the house or with the car. I think in a way my Dad got me and Hubby together, just to make sure I'd be O.K.
Once my Granny appeared to me in spirit when I was under a tremendous amount of stress, and she, in spirit, removed from my body a dark object that appeared to be blocking my chest, after that my stress worries lightened up and I knew I just had to deal with it.  So it seems that I almost have a sub-team of guides that are my family members, which is fine, I love them all.
My Philosopher is an oriental or Chinese lady that simply wants to be called Lady Wu, she is very old, and tiny, but through her and Doctor Anderson (he's my spirit doctor) she helps me understand things metaphysical and philosophical, it was she who led me to the writings of Joseph Campbell.  She lived to be nearly 100 years old. She told me she made a promise to me to come back with me just before I was born.
Doctor Anderson is my doctor of Divinity, and it's he who has helped me understand things religious, he died in 1918 from the influenza epidemic and was a minister to an Episcopalian parish in Philadelphia. He was in his sixties when he passed.
Now my Shaman guide is a native American, he maybe Navaho, because when he came through he said words that sounded like "Ya ta hey" which I understand sounds like the Navaho greeting. He seems to help me with those people who have medical problems, no so much with healing but in giving advice for them to ask their doctors. I call him the Buffalo Man (and he accepts that name) because I always see him wearing Buffalo horn head dress. I asked him why? Especially if he maybe Navaho or Dineh as he calls himself. He told me that my totem animal is the White Buffalo, so he wears the head dress out of respect for me and my totem animal.
Just recently one of Hubbys' officers was complaining of stomach problems and my Shaman told me his stomach bleeds, so I told hubby that officer Berry should see his doctor for a bleeding ulcer and if they catch it now it can be controlled with diet and medicine. Well I was right and now the man is doing better. But this can also be about how to de-stress yourself, or how to look at life a bit differently.
My Alchemist is a Monk who I think is Franciscan because every time I'm at a California mission I feel at home and at peace, I've seen him I guess that's why I also like the Brother Cadefel mysteries, because there seems to be such perfect order in the Benedictine monasteries and I feel my energies lifted to it's highest point when I listen to Gregorian chant. He works very hard at elevating my energies and it gets harder if I'm on medication for my high blood pressure, so we find that if I take my pill early in the morning, then when I do meditation at night a lot of the effects of the pill has worn down and works much easier.
Now who is my spirit guide--I don't know her name, she's never told me, it's as if I don't really need to know her name, but I've seen her, she is Egyptian or appears to be Egyptian, from her hair and dress but there is something different about it, and when I saw her she appeared to be filled with stars. It was like there was the night sky behind her and she was limed in light in out line so I could see her hair style and clothing and I could make out her features but she also appeared to be filled with the night sky and with stars. It was a wondrous sight.  She works with me in coordinating everyone else and when I need to be still, she is there.   It is she that has taught me more about the Goddess and the fact that there are more spiritual beings of all types and levels then just those humans who have gone before.
Through her she has shown me the angels, elementals, fairies, and spirit in general And it is through this magnificent 7 of mine that I'm able to write the way I do and understand what I need to understand. I know that they will place in my way the materials I need to find to do the work that I have to do, and I know that it is they that help me find the words that I need to find to express myself in what I need to express.
The number 7 (seven) seems remarkable, in a certain way, for we have 7 charka's, 7 layers of auras. In one of the very rare instances that my Monk was conversant with me, he said that each spirit guide also works with each charka. Starting with the root or base charka, that is governed by the Child, the Parent works with the sacral charka, the Shaman or native American works with the solar plexus, the Doctor with the Heart, the Philosopher with the throat, the Gatekeeper or guide with the Brow or third eye and the Alchemist with the Crown charka.
When all 7 are in perfect alignment on those special occasions it creates the Kundalini fire or sacred serpent of wisdom and that is when at those moments you are in touch with the Divine presence.
Yes you can--there are many books out dealing with it, but the best way is to try a meditate, at least 3 evenings a week for 15 minutes, on the same nights at the same time, again low light conditions, and sit in the same chair each night you meditate.
The first time you do it you are really sending out an invitation and you are in essence setting up appointments with them so that they can try to get in contact with you. If you can't meet on a certain day to meditate let them know and tell them (mentally) that you will meet them on the next assigned meditation day/evening. You have to be faithful to this, it's not hit and miss.
It's best to always begin with a prayer for protections, then meditate.  Do it 1 team person at a time, start with your "gatekeeper" it may take some weeks before contact is made, because your team is forming, getting together. Each one has to try and work with you to see if their energies will match yours. Especially with the Alchemist, if one doesn't seem to work well with you another may try until one finally clicks.
It took me nearly two years to discover who my team was. And interestingly enough, many of the guides have made promises to you before you come to the physical side of the plane, to see about being in touch with you and also to see if the energies match.  With those guides that are family members, such as the child or the parent and even the gate keeper, they themselves discover that if they want to evolve spiritually they can do so by choosing to commit themselves to be spirit guides.
In the case of Arthur Ford's "Fletcher", "Fletcher" himself said that he would not come back as a guide to anyone else because his lessons and duty for this time around were done, he was going to the higher planes to learn more lessons, to see what he needs to adjust his "blue print" to evolve more spiritually. Part of that maybe to come back on the physical plane or he may work with higher beings. It would be what his teachers and himself think he needs.
For Sylvia Browne's "Francine" she did most of her spiritual development on the spirit side, but took on one physical incarnation so she would have a better understanding of the physical nature of our world and thoughts, at the right time Francine took on the role to be Sylvia's guide as her spiritual evolvement. I do not think that Francine will come back unless in her spiritual "blue print" it demands this.
So you see there are different reasons for each spirit to take on the role of a guide.
In my case I had a friend of mine Graham who had died of complications due to AIDS. He hung around me, doing things to help my life, and in some cases presenting situations so that I would experience what I needed to experience and meet people that I needed to meet.  He was not really a part of my team, but he asked permission to help me as a way of his saying "Thanks" and to learn what he needed to learn to get adjusted to the spirit side. But I was afraid that he might get stuck. That he might have been afraid to go completely to the light.  So I told him that he didn't need to hang around me, because I was afraid that it would hinder his own development and that he was free to go, his love was all I needed by his way of thanking me. Well he did leave, but once in a great while he pops in. I think he might be considering becoming a guide to someone else, to help his own spiritualness but he hasn't made the commitment yet.
O.K. first I need to clarify some things or terms, first off is this, when a group of people such as those seeking to contact spirit get together they call it, yep, "a circle".
Now what I was told by some old time spiritualists is that the "circle" would meet once a week on the same day and time, and if possible always wear the same clothes, now why the same clothes had me puzzled but it seems to be on the same level of ceremonial robes. If you wear the same thing (especially if it's comfortable) it gets your mind set for "contact".
Now the same day and time is also important, because believe it or not we have to make an "appointment" with spirits. On the spirit side they really have no concept of time, except that's it's going forward, and that's only for purposes of coming back to be born in human form. But once they see that you are meeting on a regular basis then those who are interested in contacting the "circle" will also make it a point to be there when your group energies are elevated to for spirit contact. Yep you got to get attuned, it helps to open the "portal" (wooo weeee oooooo)
But believe it or not in religious groups when they get together for their bible discussions, or prayer meetings it's always held on a certain day and time usually evening for the "spirit of the Lord" to be present. O.K. see the analogy? Same principle just different concept.
On the evenings that one is going to "Circle" it's best to eat lightly, and later eat again when you get home again lightly, to replenish your energies.  In the "old" days and I'm talking anything before 1960. We did not have the disruptions that we do now. We didn't have all these social commitments, this need to work 24/7. Back then it was understood that work was so many hours and home was so many hours. We didn't have this frantic need of being and doing this and that. We didn't have the need to have two paycheck incomes. If the wife worked it was out of the home doing something like care giving or checking on an elderly person, or baking, or sewing and this would bring in a little extra income.
Mom would work at the American Can company during the high season for canning which would be about 4 months, the money made would go to any house repairs. Granny would work at the Delmonte plant during that season especially when tomatoes were ready to be processed.  I still remember those, trucks and trucks of tomatoes lined up and the kids would see if they could steal a few, because tomatoes with salt mmmm, mmmm good. Of course the stealing wasn't.  During the war, Mom would work full time at the Can company to off set Dad's low military pay to help pay for the house, although Dad would send almost all he made.
Sorry I'm drifting off here, but what I'm trying to say is that there were no TV boom boxes, microwaves, only a radio and either a crank up phono-graph or a simple electric one that played 78's, if you stop and think now a days we are heavy electric, gas users. Back then it was basic.  People lived where it was easy to get to public transportation and then walked home, the car was for special and not everyone could afford a car.  So people would come home have dinner, clear away the dishes, then go to "circle" once a week, any church on Sunday. The days were easily planned out. We didn't have Johnny's ballgame, or Susies ballet classes, or Richies' flute lessons, those classes were always near home that the kids could walk to. And we didn't have the dangers back then as we do now a days to kids.
So it was easy to relax from the day and go into "circle".
Now we have to planned things carefully, spend a certain amount of time to relax ourselves from the stress of work, find baby sitters, put our over-spent worries to one side. So we meditate.   One back then could meet at 7:30 p.m. hold circle and be home by 10:30 p.m. Now a days it's hard to get on time to anywhere.  I'm just trying to point out the difficulties that we have now as compared to then.
If I were to hold a "circle" or do readings, I would eat a light supper, non-spicy, and drink water. I'd set the atmosphere of the house to be relaxing, soft music, gentle lighting.   I would ask people to come by at 8 p.m. the phone and the ringer would be turned off. It would have to be held in a room which had the least amount of electrical things preferably nothing except for a lamp. One lamp with a red bulb on a reo state or candles. The location of your home needs to be on a quiet street, If people bring things to eat, it would go into the kitchen and frig to be consumed after wards.
I would ask everyone to go to the bathroom first, because once circle is in place it cannot be broken. We'd then sit down, catch up on each other's lives, briefly. This helps us to relax, the music would be playing and it would set up the right conditions. Then I would turn the music off and the candles be lit. We would say a prayer of protection, and if possible sing a spiritual song or two (and no please not "Cherry Bright") " Amazing Grace" seems to be a good one, so is "Go tell it on the Mountain". This seems to help elevate us. Then we would see what would happen, Usually we would do a healing prayer first for anyone we know who needs healing or help.
Then we ask spirit to come in and we would go into Alpha state. After that well, who knows. Eventually we would feel the energy leave and we knew it would be time to break the circle. So we say a closing prayer thank the spirits for joining us, confer when we will meet again and announce to spirit when we would meet again. Then we slowly increase the lights so as to not shock our systems, again play the gentle music, make a bathroom dash, and set out the food, talk laugh and compare what we experienced and discuss it. Then we say a final prayer of thanks and to watch over us and our loved ones and depart. This usually happens about 10:30 or 11 p.m.
Well in our hectic living style it makes it much harder. If I'm called I'll schedule it for the first evening that I do not have other commitments, sometimes it's the next evening. Again 8 p.m. but what I do the night before is I meditate to contact my guides and tell them what the situation is and if all or some of them can meet me at that time. My Alchemist and Gatekeeper always keep sudden meeting dates with me and so does my Philosopher.
When a spirit steps in I will feel them come from the left or right side of me. If they come from the right then it's a father or male energy, or on the left a mother or female energy, sometimes we will say during a sitting "I have a woman here from the father's side of the house." Which will mean that it's a woman from a reader's father's family or relations, sometimes a friend or co-worker. The same is true for the mother's side of the house, the "house" being the home of relationships that we have.
The next thing I will feel is at what level are they, lower level means a child, same level a sibling or friend, upper level a parent, aunt or uncle or friend of the parent.  So the reading I could have might be "I have a woman here from the father's side of the house, upper level which means it's could be his mother (i.e. the Grandmother of the reader on the father's side of the family).
Now if I sense it's the same level then I have to sense distance, close could mean sister, further away could mean a cousin, or friend or even an ex-wife--yes I've had ex-wives come through as well.  Now strangely I've had spirit stand in front of me which tells mean I'm dealing with a friend of the family in general. This sometimes happens, as in the case of the Lady's "Nana" she was in front of me and just sat on me to step in. (I know, weird but it worked -- I had the vague feeling that the lady said to my "me" ' 'cuse me but I gotta talk to ma baby child' and away she went.)
If you have ever seen the wonderful movie "Ghost" with Whoopie Goldberg, watch it because the director and special effects people show visually, what it is like for someone to step into you and of course suddenly step out of you.
In doing a reading the medium is a "sensitive" and that is literally correct. The best way for a reading is a comfortable low light condition, with no distractions or interruptions. Because light it's self is a form of electro-magnetic energy, too much and the energies that "spirit" works with gets disrupted.
When one is doing meditation that is also true, in setting up these conditions, one de-stresses themselves to be able to connect with the "higher consciences" it also lowers one's blood pressure, takes away the cares of the world and helps one focus only on being one with the "Spirit".
Now in doing a light trance work, full darkness is not needed, I've found that having a lamp on a rheostat to adjust brightness is the best. Some people prefer candles which is more natural and less electrical energy disruptive. Or if not that then a 7 watt Red light bulb set on a rheostat.
If you use candles make sure that they are glass enclosed and on a heat resistant surface--safety is of primary importance.
f the medium is interrupted in the middle of a trance (light or full) it can led to a possible heart attack or stroke for a medium. It much like if you were in a heavy sleep and suddenly a loud noise woke you up in the middle of your sleep pattern. What happens, you body goes into shock, your heat rate increases, the blood races, and there is complete disorientation. The best analogy is like a rubber band stretched to it's fullest extend, then suddenly letting go so it snaps back and if the other end is wrapped around your finger well it will hurt quite a bit.  Suddenly turning on the light to full can do this, touching or shaking the medium can do this.
Granted low light conditions are perfect for fakery, but in the case of genuine mediumship such disruptions during a session could be fatal.  Now not all mediums or sensitive need low light conditions, there are some who are so highly aware of spirit around them that in almost any lighting conditions they can see spirit.  However to have spirit manifest itself to those who are not as sensitive, low light conditions help eliminate the electrical disruptions to manifesting spirit energy.
Living next to high power lines or having near high energy use equipment on (micro wave, TVs. radio, computers etc.) in the same room as where you meditate can present problems. I have found though that the use of a CD player for music seems to not present as much problems, provided that it's far way from the medium.
In the case of catching spirit voices on tape, the use of a cassette player seems to present no problem at all and as a matter of fact is sometimes used as a conduit of energy for spirit.
There is this wonderful 1950's English horror film called "Night of the Demon" starting Dana Andrews. I love it because it's very no nonsense in it's approach to the occult.  There is this scene where the villains mother, in all innocence, invites the hero and heroine to a séance to contact the heroines dead father. They way they conduct the séance is much like it would be done only it's an emergency situation but when the hero interrupts the proceedings, the reactions are very close to what would happen in a real séance if it were interrupted.
I recommend popping lots of popcorn, it's a good muncher movie.
Some people will perform prophecy and some will do predictions, there are differences.  A predictions is a fluid, mobile thing; it's a vision of an event that MIGHT sometimes be influenced by people and their choices, so that the outcome can't be clearly seen. I've always said that I see one of several paths before me, and the immediate path is what is right in front because, so far, that person's choices have led to that path. But always their next choice can change it. It's much like those "chose your own adventure books" that once was popular with pre-teen children long before Harry Potter and Captain Underpants, and these "Chose your own adventure" books have different choices with different outcomes, different endings.
A prediction is much like that. It's all based on choices.
A prophecy is far more concrete. It's a true vision of the future, impossible to alter unless someone with certain knowledge interfered. There are very few True Prophets in existence. And those that always preach doom and gloom without any hope are the one's to avoid at all costs.  And even those that say that only by following them can you be saved are also to be avoided at all costs. ( remember Jonestown, the Branch Davidians, the Heaven's Gate group).
An Example: Suppose a psychic had a prophetic vision of a newspaper headline that stated a hundred people died in a hotel fire. The psychic knows he or she won't be believed if they tried to warn them, so the psychic does the only thing they can; Goes to the hotel and sets off a fire alarm before the actual fire is discovered, the people get out. But the hotel burns just the same. The headline the psychic saw will never exist but the event that generated it will still happen but with a different outcome.  Therefore a prophecy can be changed, but only partly.  The only problem is knowing whether the interference will alter the prophecy or bring it about just as the psychic saw it.
I once saw an old, old "Outer Limits" program with Dana Andrews, he invented a time machine and went back in time to the early 1900's in hopes of preventing a tragic event, during his time in the past, he fell in love with a lady. But in trying to prevent the event from happening, it turned out that he was the cause of it, the event did happen as according to the news headline and his love died in the tragedy.
In another program a man went back in time, and he tried not to change big things but he did bring about minor changes, to the point where he went back to warn people about an explosion that was about to happen and by saying "Can't you smell the gas? It's going to happen now!"  His warning did not prevent the explosion, but by his intervening no one was killed as the previous headline said in which the lady he fell in love with was killed. Instead she lived, the headline was the same but the outcome was altered and for the better.  That is what can happen to prophecy.
Of course now we could get into the whole "Space Time Continuum" thing, but that is what I'm not talking about. I used those examples to show that we cannot prevent the major event from happening, but we can through careful choices, prevent it from being the major tragedy that would have happened.
However in the long run IF a person or group of people are suppose to die, then it will happen no matter what. It is then a fixed destiny as preordained according to the Higher Power's will. Some people call it Fate. Or as in the movie "Final Destination" 'Death may have gotten ticked off out of being cheated.' I have always thought that the Divine Presence only needs to have things in balance.   But how can one know?? Many true psychics say you can't. Even I tend to lean in that direction. For the psychic to interpret what they see is difficult enough. Trying to figure out if your warning or interference is the catalyst that will bring about the very outcome you're trying to avoid, can be emotionally straining, it can sometimes be almost impossible, one can only guess, but if the stakes are high enough a wrong guess could have a very costly price tag.
Predicting the future is a tricky business, and more often than not the worst thing a true psychic could do is offer explicit details even if the psychic is sure of them. Precognitive visions tend to be shrouded in symbolism, with the interpretation uncertain and conclusions risky.  Sometimes the simplest and most direct warnings can be the safest.
When I do a reading I always say "that the tendency is there to have this happen but only by your personal choices can you (the sitter who asks for a reading) change the outcome or have it happen."
The bottom line is that no psychic is 100% right 100% of the time.
I have often said that I am only 80% right, Kenny Kingston, another psychic claims to be 83% right. My husband, who is a retired cop, nowinto professional security just hates it when I say "I've got a feelin' " because he knows "when I've got a feelin', I've got a feelin'" and it's most always right.
It isn't really? It's just a different way of spirit manifesting it's self, the group soul called Michele maybe like my own personal team of spirit guides just that, a group of guides, but one's that have decided to act together as a single entity which can be tapped into. Think of them like the Borg of Star Trek but of a beneficial sort.
Another possibility is that the 4 people who contacted "Michael" may have been in touch with their higher consciousness collectively. This would be well within the realm of possibilities, since if you look at 4 people times 7 that's 28 spirit guides and if those 28 spirit guides are individually in touch with 7 more guides each, well it just snow balls.
Now Sylvia Browne has said that we each are a part of a group of people in which we are drawn to who we interact with to learn our lessons both on earth and in spirit. If there is someone that we had contact with on earth and did not care for we will have little or no interaction with them in spirit, but as we drew up our "Blue Prints" before we were born, our guides or those who agreed to be our guides took a look and saw that we need to meet a certain person who would make us uncomfortable, but they would be from another spiritual group and they on the spirit side agreed to do the interaction with us, because it would help each to achieve a lesson that needs to be worked out or learned.
Our family and close friends are all part of the same spiritual group.
Even Dick Stuphen wrote about groups of souls (and I'm talking large, very large group of souls) who make a commitment time and time again to indure hardships, sufferings, and other horrible things so that they will evolve higher, and also be the lesson teachers to others on this physical plane.
The best description are those who suffered the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust during WWII. They consciously do not remember making these spiritual commitments before they were born, but that is so that individually they could also work out their own personal blue prints within the greater commitment.
So the concept of a "Michael" group is well within the realm of possibilities.  But you know old "Inanna" she has always got to play the skeptic as well, because I've also encountered fakery too.
Here's an example of a group of people getting together for one time and one time only---because it happened to me:
Some 16 years ago I was a part of a group of people who were selected to do jury duty, now I would never have been drawn to each of these people in any other manner on earth, nor would I have interacted with the judge, defendant, lawyers or any of the others, but we were all brought together because we were needed to cast judgment upon the defendant, because we had been brought in and had agreed to do this before we were born by the defendants' spirit group, so we each from our spirit groups had agreed, and on the spirit side we will interact hardly at all if ever. My spirit team told me this, as much as I didn't want to do jury service my spirit team said I needed to. But when I go to the spirit side, these people and the defendant I will most likely not interact with them, it was only because in making up the "blue prints" we had to interact with each other on the earthly side for whatever purpose, most likely the defendants, to come together.
The original "Michael" group are much like Elizabeth Clare and Mark Prophet who through their meditations are in touch with "Ascended Masters" to understand the teachings of "Jesus"
Another possibility is that they may have created "Michael" as the Toronto Group in the early 70's when they created "Philip" and "Philip" came alive i.e.: a possible Tulpa, but by drawing upon their collective higher consciousness.
O.K. here is where we start getting into "Beta-zoid Central" but it's a concept with a lot of merit.
First you have to remember that all things in existence are made of energy, we are all energy, we have flowing through us electrolytes and those electrolytes are important because they carry the impulses for our bodies to function, both involuntary and voluntary. Potassium is an important component of electrolytes, remove it and we die.   So we ourselves are energy but made solid, we are also affected by energy that we don't see but is there, beyond our limited visual spectrum into the ultraviolet and infrared worlds.
Buddhist say we only think we exist (I hope I've got that right) well we do exist, but we are "Star-stuff" (thank you Carl Sagan) but "Star-stuff" that has lowered it's vibrational level to become dense matter. In our "real" world we are thoughts forms bits of light that can merge and divide and our minds are so powerful we can at the higher levels create our world.  But this is governed by the Devine Power. Who is both male and female, but the female is dominate for she is wisdom, and he is creative force, wisdom cannot create with out the creative force nor can creative force come into being with out wisdom, but it's wisdom who persuades the creative force to create so that makes wisdom greater, because wisdom too, can through manipulation, bring about creative force and that is why so many Goddess legends talk about the Divine egg and the Divine female (and that's your religious lesson for the day).
But we at a lower level can create "energy forms" called Tulpas. (Warning Will Robinson, creation of Tulpas is a dangerous practice)
Tulpa(s) is a Tibetan word for "thought-form" if you imagine something in the right way it becomes real, centuries ago they use to be called witch's familiars.
Alexandra David-Neel wrote a book called "Magic and Mystery in Tibet" she was a French woman who traveled throughout Tibet around the turn of the century. In one part of her book she describes how she heard of holy men creating thought forms called Tulpas.  Eventually, through study and practice she managed to produce a tulpa of her own--a monk, who took up resident in her house. When she traveled, he would follow. Other people saw him and assumed he was real. In the beginning he was friendly and funny and nice to have around.  Then Alexandra sensed that he was changing into something that made her feel increasingly uneasy, something malevolent.
What people forget is that in creating something from our own thoughts we also forget that it includes our own "Monsters of the Id", and eventually it's these subconscious monsters that will take over the Tulpa  (See the movie "Forbidden Planet").  So David-Neel having materialized him in the first place, decided to dematerialize him, the problem is that he wouldn't go, in her book she said it took six very difficult months to get rid of him.
Another story that David-Neel tells in her book is about a "Hat that walked". A hat apparently blew off of some traveler's head and landed some distance away, the villagers found it but didn't touch it, because it looked strange to them so they thought it was some sort of animal.  After several days of skirting around it, afraid to get too close, their fears imbued the hat with a life of its own and it started to move around by itself. Again according to David-Neel the thoughts of the villagers gave it life.
In Ireland, in the 1920's an animal of some sort appeared in a farmers home, they never really saw it but just knew it was there by it's scratching, and eventually it began to talk, and said it's name was Greff. It finally casted a shadow to show what it looked like and it appeared to be some sort of mongoose type creature. There were young children living in the house and as they grew older and began to take interest in other things this talking creature faded away and never came back.
It was the same thing with "Philip" created by the Toronto group, when one of the members of the group got bored "Philip" vanished.
Now here is one more thing to make you shake your head--In a church in Italy and I can't remember which one. There is a monstrance or holy object that contains dried blood of a saint. It is said that if the blood liquefies that the people of the town will have prosperity.  Only once did it not liquefy and there were terrible floods that year.  I saw it on TV and that year the blood liquefied where first it was dry and the town had a good year. But was it a "Miracle" or everyone imbuing it with their thoughts to liquefy? As some people would say, that is the power of Faith.
On a more humorous side just take a look at the song "Frosty The Snowman", it's really about making a Tulpa of snow come to life.
O.K. lets looks at Ghosts and Hauntings (but why is this taking us away from Spirit--trust me it's not)
One theory about hauntings is that if enough people think a place is haunted then it will be, that is the internal fear of the people to create the hauntings and they become permanent within the structure.  Think of most hauntings, any hauntings and you will see that it's the same, footsteps, unexplained noises, doors opening and closing, odd smells, cold spots and a general sense of unease or a presence. In some cases a vague form drifting.
If you dig back into the history of a house any house you will generally find something unpleasant has happened, even in new house, you will find out that a older house was there before and was torn down, or a tragic event occurred in that area. Because belief is strong it can create energy to create a haunting.
I suspect that the Amityville haunting, the so-called original one was created by the mind of the husband who was going through some very difficult times. Because when the new owner moved in she said she never experienced any such things and all the so called rooms or images were never there in the first place. The only things haunting her were the tourists that were annoying her.
I myself have been to the U.S.S Hornet (now a museum) and I've had the pleasure of talking to some of the people who work on the ship some of them disbelieves of ghosts, but they have seen something. They view the ship as a home for those who have gone to the other side who come around to see the ship lovingly resorted. In some cases I do believe that there might be even  slight time warps in which the people of today see the people of yesterday going about their duties.  No fear, just love and a cause--keep the "Grey Ghost" (that's her nickname) floating.
I'm of several minds about the existence of fairies, gnomes, trolls, and other "wee folk". One thought is that they are beings that were created long,long ago by the fear and beliefs of "primitive" people and through the centuries we keep them "alive" and so we call upon those energies to work with us--these "thought-forms".
The other idea that I've had is that they are a part of the Divine presence, they are a part of and yet separate from the Devine presence in that they think for themselves but must obey the universal laws as laid down by the divine presence but they work at higher vibrations, but with our beliefs we can see them if we make ourselves meditate to see them. Because they work differently than us and in a sense have their own laws of conduct we have to learn to work with them as well.
Getting back to hauntings--these repeat hauntings that seem to do things over and over again are like a snapshot from the brain, in that they do the same thing in different locations. And now with television to further our fears, the thought-form hauntings can become more elaborate.
Now that is to not deny the fact of real, genuine hauntings--those too exist. Because they will be spirit souls that have themselves trapped because of their own personal fears or hatreds.  Or because they don't know they are dead or have form such an attachment to a place they don't want to leave it and so become stuck.
Granny told me that those hauntings which repeat the same thing over and over again are from genuine events that occurred and were so strong in fear and energy that they imprinted themselves in the atmosphere but we ourselves continue to perpetuate the hauntings from our own energies because we expect to see something, so some hauntings never die out because of our fears and expectancy.
This was an experiment done in 1973 in Toronto, Canada, by a group that wanted to re-create an old fashioned Victorian Seance, not the kind you would attend now a days. But in those old days people then thought they were in contact with ghost when in fact it may have been a form of PK activity.
So the Toronto group decided to contact a made-up or fake ghost "Philip".
The group created a back ground for him in which he lived during the English Civil War, had an unhappy love affair over which he killed himself. "Philip" never materialized physically, but "He" began to communicate with the group through rapping & knocks but the group got amazing results such as poltergeist activity.
The way the séance was conducted with moderate light, people sang, and even told jokes, in general a relaxed atmosphere.
When I've attended spiritualist meetings there would be singing and prayers and a lecture sermon, but the atmosphere was always friendly.
When "Philip" manifested it's self it could answer questions that were put to it, but only about the "created" life, as created by the group, if they asked it something that was not part of the "scripted life" it couldn't answer.  Eventually "Philip" faded away when one of the members got bored, so the energy to create him dissipated.   So the question in the experiment was, were the old time Victorians contacting real spirits or was it just PK activity created by their group mind?  
"Blue prints" are the life lessons that you and your guides and other spirits that you interact with on the spirit level, plan on before you are born. By going over your past lives and what you've learned from before, you can determine if you need to come back and learn something different; continue your spiritual development upon the spirit side, or come back and try to learn the same lesson all over again. You also with the others have to determine with whom are you going to interact with to learn these lessons.
It's a long and very complex and well thought out plan. It's also during that time that you will meet your potential guides to see who you are going to be working with. And it's also on that side that those who need to become guides to work out their "blue prints" will chart that into their own lives.
Now if you are going in for a reading the guides of the medium, will confer with your guides, weather you know them or not, to get information on your "blue print" but the one thing they don't tell you is that within your blue print you have choices, to either go ahead and learn what you need to learn or chose not to at that moment. They, the mediums' guides, can only tell you what they can immediately see if you continue with your current path.  Even with in your blue print you still have free will. And it's not unusual for someone who has made a blue print for their current earthly life to opt out of doing anything.
Granny told me that all souls are at different levels of evolvement or blue print planning, and you can almost tell where they might be.   Example: around the corner from Granny's house was a house that had a family living in it that could charitably be called "rednecks" or hillbillies and not in the most kindest of terms.
We also knew another family that were hillbillies (I'll call them the "A" family), and they were far more evolved in kindness and charity than most refined people.   But this Other family in particular (I'm going to call them the "O" family), well were just above being feral, not a decent bit of kindness, nor morality within them. Always in trouble, you pitied any animal they might have as a pet, so they seldom had pets. Ragged clothes, and I'm not sure they kept the plumbing up to working order.
But the "A" family, well yes, their clothes were well worn and patched but clean, the kids struggled in school, their folks didn't have much education, but the father always managed to find work. Their house was always in need of paint or some repair, and on Saturdays the father was always working on house or the car to keep it working.  But no matter what the mother always made sure the kids were clean and fed and all went to Church, even if the youngest was wearing hand me downs, and their clothes were second hand, and couldn't afford much in the way of dental care. And the parents taught those kids manners and the kids were always helping around the neighborhood.  But you could see the difference even if both were poor, Granny told me that the "O" family were souls that are just beginning their evolvement, she said that even natives tribes of Australia or Africa were far more evolved than the "O" family, but in time over the eons their souls would mature.  The "A" family though she said were more advanced, far more and in fact most likely their souls chose to come back into a poor situation to learn humility, and simplicity.
Granny told me that when souls become so evolved they no longer come back and in fact join the Divine presence.  Then new souls are created.
But we have a problem, because of the wars, Korea and especially Vietnam, too many souls have come back too soon without understanding that they need to work their blue prints, they simply revolve right back into the nearest available body to be born, and in some cases in spirit encourage impressionable girls to have sex so that these souls can be born. Why do you think we have so many unwed mothers?  So what happens is they are suddenly back in a physical body, but their soul was not ready to be born and it's these young people that die at a young age, and in some cases just revolve right back again onto earth, desperate to live an earthly life without understanding that they need to stay on the spiritual plane so their souls can heal and learn and plan.
It's almost like a revolving door until spirit can slow them down and catch them and send them into the light to be healed and educated. Trust me, your prayers for those souls well-being and rescue helps.  
Well this would also include the "Michael" group, "Ramtha", "Seth" and the "Ascended Masters" and of course, the Dophins, the Aliens any "Hunk-Ra's" that are out there I've always felt that they might be dealing with several types of scenarios, depending upon the education of the person who is channeling.
1. they could be getting in touch with their higher consciousness,
2. These beings are thought forms created by the channeler, that the channeler is giving permission to use their body,
3. it could be one or more spirits that want to be "alive" so much that they are willing to create a new life for themselves by claiming they are something else.
One thing I do know, to have a male energy, channeled into a female body can cause an imbalance in the enzyme make up, which can result in depression or a loss of femininity. As in the case of Jane Roberts who channeled "Seth" she couldn't handle it any more and committed suicide.
JZ Knight who channels "Ramtha" I feel in the teachings has taken a strange twist to the point of humiliation, and I wonder about her mental health. Lately I found out that she has scaled back her and "Ramtha's" appearances.
The Michael group came about when 4 people sat around a Ouija board, in this case I believe that they got in touch with their higher consciousness, but "Michael" grew and I believe that the original 4 are no way involved with "Michael" any more.
Now getting in touch with Dolphins, St. Germain, and Aliens, "Hunk-Ra"??? Wooooo Weeeee Wooooo I always say. It's one of those things that I am very wary of.  I keep thinking of those tragic souls of the "Heaven's Gate" group. The two leaders came through the Bay Area back in the late 70's and talked about a space ship to come and take selected souls to "heaven" and one woman in Alameda wanted to go, but her family had her restrained to the point where they had her hospitalized. This woman starved herself to death despite all efforts by the hospital and family. The woman kept saying she had to go with them, with (are you ready for this?) with Bo and Peep. Yep that's what they called themselves. And that they were in communication with the ships.
Tragic self delusion. That is why Marian sightings are thoroughly investigated by the Catholic Church. They don't want people to martyr themselves.
Because it was their last incarnation. Pure and simple. (sorry this comment was from my Guide) On the spirit side we can take any form we wish, but when people come back a guide they will take on the form of their last incarnation for it's the one that they will most currently be comfortable with, and more easily identifiable. Also it will be from that last incarnation that they too will have to work out their own evolvement, as a developing soul.  In some rare cases, the guide may take on the aspect of the incarnation that they felt most comfortable with.  Usually those are very advanced souls, because we in spirit are a little bit of each of our previous incarnation. And when we come back into earthly form, inside of us, we contain those bits and pieces of those previous lives to re-use that internal knowledge in our current incarnation.
Example: Dennis Wheatly wrote a number of fictional works dealing with the so called "Black Arts", his most  well know one is "The Devil Rides Out", he was an occultist in private life as well as a spiritualist. In one of his novels the group of interpited "demon busters" were trying to find out the one person who was dealing with the black arts and trying to summon up a "nasty".
Well one way to determine who it might be would be to go into the Astral plane and observe their suspects as the suspects would astrally project during their sleep. Now I found it interesting that one suspect was a man, but when he went into the astral world, his soul took on a female aspect, dressed in ancient Greek dress and meditated for a while in a temple, then this soul, suddenly heard an invisible cry for help, and went to a part of London that had just been bombed (the time frame for the story was World War II), and the soul mentally changed it's clothes to be that of a nurse, to assist those souls of the newly departed who died in the bomb blast.
The person who was observing the suspect then changed his clothes to be that of a doctor to help and noticed other advanced helping souls from both the living astral plane and the spiritual plane all doing the same work, to assist the newly departed into the light, towards peace and healing.  Then the observed soul that took on the aspect of a woman returned to it's current male body after it's spiritual work was done. The leader of the "demon busters" said that particular soul was very advanced, and could alternate from female to male as it re-incarnated to achieve it's advancement, but in the astral/spirit world preferred it's female form and from a time where it could re-charge it's spiritual energies.
I broached this to Granny and she said that it was so, but that some times we prefer to be of one sex over another, but if we are to learn something we may have to take on the other sex so we can learn our blue print lesson.  But as a guide we will almost always come back as our last incarnation, because by taking on the role of being a guide we are evolving our blue print and because we are in our immediate blue print, we won't know until we've discharged that blue print for that time how much further we still need to evolve until we can finally sit down with our spirit teachers and look over what we've done and still need to do.
For example: Billy( a guide to L---s) who is 4 years old is still trapped in his last blue print and only by helping those on the earthly side can he begin to evolve, but he will not be able to confront those souls who are his parents until his duties as a guide have finally been discharged then he can meet them on the spirit realm to discuss with them and their teachers, along with his teacher, why their choices were so negative and what needs to be done to correct it.  Will his body be found?? I don't know, but I do know that once he has fully settled in on the other side, the location of his body will further recede from his mind for his body will no longer have any importance to him.  When he confronts his "parents" he will not be a 4 year old boy, but as the soul image he prefers.
They are but in a different way. Guides chose to be guides for what ever reason they have to meet the blue print for their development. Some are very spiritually advanced, and take on this duty much like a Sufi master will to help a promising student do his/her duty to the world.  Some do it because they feel the need to make amends, such as my Father's Mother. And by doing it they will evolve their soul as well.
All souls eventually have to be a guide at least once in their evolvement, some will come back and do it several times.
Lady Wu told me in meditation that she has come back several times as an ancestor guardian to members of her descended family, but now she is freed from that obligation because other family guardians are taking over. But she loves us frail, stumbling humans and when she met my soul self before I was born, she agreed to be one of my guides, she came through first for me, and had been working with my energies to a certain extent until my Alchemist met me when I was a little girl at Mission San Miguel here in California.
I thought he was one of the Franciscan monks there, but he was wearing his hood over his head and it was warm. I was petting this little burro that the monks had and his hand reached out and petted the burro as well. I looked up at him and he smiled and I felt very comfortable with him, then he slowly dissolved in front of my eyes, well when your 10 years old and a man vanishes in front of your eyes your inclined to be a little upset, but Granny was there and said don't worry he's a friend. He was the only one that I met in bright sunlight and when I was not in Alpha state. Which only goes to show how powerful he can work the energies. It was at this point that Lady Wu turned over elevating my energies to him, especially since we had immediate rapport.
Now usually one doesn't met ones guides like that. Usually only through meditation does one meet ones guides, but sometimes they take it upon themselves to reach out.  
It happens and more and more often sad to say. I have to laugh when I watch the Miss Cleo ads. The lady is a kick but you don't see what they've cut out.
What happens is that someone is so anxious to have a reading that they will give out clues or blurt out what it is they want to know. Then all a fake has to do is just feed back the same thing but with different words.
I know a man who is a retired fake swami, he showed me all the tricks to do a cold reading and he says the easiest are young impressionable women, young and old women with serious worries, and young gullible men. And he says that the young one's are the easiest because they have not had enough hard-core life experience to warn them.
Even those who say they've been down the hard road, you get out a deck of Tarot cards give them a basic reading and then they will open up and you're feeding back to them the same information they told you.
There are other things called "tells" or "tell-tales" which are give a ways as to what is going on in the persons mind. Professional poker players watch for the "tells" as well.
Now my Swami friend would give a very general spiel, to a person but within the spiel would be key words gauged to have a response from a person, so my Swami would watch for changes in expression or in the eyes or mouth, doesn't take much, something will always give a person away. From that then he can get a little more specific.
But he is an honest old soul. He told me that he could never do a con on a person just to get more money from them. But he loved running his "mitt-camp" (fortune telling booth) So what he would do especially if the person was in a sad situation, is he would give them a pep talk, tell them positive things they can do, even recommend support groups that could help, or to go to their priest or minister to seek help as well.
He told me that it never failed, maybe a year or two later if he was in the same town, which ever person that he'd help would come and see him, he'd do a reading but he could see that things were going good so his reading would be positive, so he'd say, "well in the past things were looking very bad for you but though your own hard work you've managed to turn things around and it's getting better and better" then that person would say something like--well I had a reading done by you 1 or 2 years ago and you told me in my reading that things would get better if I worked at it and not give up.  Now he told me that he'd even had people come to him to get in touch with their loved ones and what he would say is that communication is personal between them and would give them guidance on meditation. He said he'd never do a spook show and would even think of doing one.  And he was talking about fake séances and he knew how they could be faked.
Then you get these fake healers---like Peter Popoff, their scam is so old, and it has been exposed again and again by people like James Randi, what they do is they have shills in the audience who claim to be ill with something, and the fake healer "heals" them. Another thing they do is they have people write their questions on a piece of paper, put it into an envelope, then the basket of envelopes, appears to be burned, but what happens is they've been switched, and someone in a control booth is reading the questions and feeding the question to the "healer" via radio, because the "healer" is wearing a small ear piece and can hear the person in the control booth. So it looks like the "healer" is getting divine "vibrations" well if that ear piece short-circuits he'll get more than "vibrations".
Now here's the flip side of the coin---
The late and great Harry Houdini wrote allot about fake psychics and he exposed a lot of them-- but he was not  above lying either. I know sounds like a contradiction but it's true. There was one psychic Eudora something or other, I think she was Italian, and Houdini couldn't find one thing to trip her up. So he had her in a cabinet and yet she was still able to produce manifestations, yet after the séance, Houdini showed a ruler in the cabinet and claimed that that was how she produced her manifestations.
Some years later an assistant to Houdini, said that Houdini told him to put the ruler in the cabinet so that the woman could be accused of being a fraud, because Houdini was afraid that she was for real.
James Randi also slants things so that no matter what anyone would lose.
One person who briefly worked with Randi visited my Club and told me that Randi did things like that because Randi was afraid of genuine manifestations.
But if you look into the basic concepts of weeding out the fakes it has merits. But it also makes it hard for a genuine psychic prove themselves.  But as in all things a healthy slightly skeptic attitude is good, but when you encounter the real thing, well it can be hard to believe.
Yep, all the time. You can meet them on the internet, or in the mall, or on the street, or even on the bus or they could be a so-called friend.  And they use fear, to exert their control over you. One of the oldest cons- is the "Gypsy Switch" in which they convince you that your money or something of value has a curse on it. So they go thru this big show, say they've removed the curse but to not unwrap the money for three days, well when you do it's nothing but newspapers and they con artists are long gone.
Beautiful example is in the Movie "The Sting" with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Only they don't use a curse, they just act like two guys who need help. But a con is a con. Watch the movie it's a classic and a near perfect film and I'm not going to tell you the end because that would spoil it for you.
Now for a~~~
Real life example: A number of years ago, a young girl about 15 came into the library and asked one of our reference librarians if they knew anything about Tarot. Well they looked at me with that "this one is for you" look and I talked to Cherri, I could see she had fear in her eyes.
So I asked her point blank what was she worried about--well she though I could read minds, so she blurted out that her friend read tarot cards and in doing a reading for Cherri the Death card #13 was drawn so her so-called friend told Cherri that Cherri was going to kill her parents!!!
Well I really got ticked off when I heard that, but I stayed calm because this girl really needed to hear the voice of reason. So I asked her if she could remember what cards came up and in what position. She remembered most of them which was good.  So I drew the layout from her memory and gave her a different reading, I told her that the "Death" card doesn't mean someone is going to die, it just means that the old way of life, her former perceptions of life is going to change i.e.- die.
Part of it was that her parents couldn't accept the fact that the little girl was growing up (which was a form of dieing for them) the little girl was no more but the young lady was trying to be born, so the Death card is a card of change and transformation, and it comes to all people.
Her parents still wanted to keep her as a little girl, but inside of herself she wasn't and she herself didn't want the little girl inside of herself to die, but it was. I told her that what was going to happen is that in the process she was going to have arguments with her parents because she is growing up, but she wasn't going to kill them. Only their image of their little girl, was going to be "killed" and be replaced by a mature, responsible young woman.
And I told her how to achive that, and how to work with her parents during this time of difficult transition. I told her that I did see her going to college, and meeting a very deserving young man but that the hard part being married to him would be to keep up with the type of work that he was going to be doing. I told her to never allow herself to become house bound and to not hide her talents, to work part time if need be so to keep her hand in the working world. But I did see that she had all the makings of being a hard working and wonderful mother.
When I told her that her face lightened up and became radiant with understanding, I mean it glowed. I told her to never be afraid of the Tarot cards but do be cautious with the reader, especially one who might not be such a good friend.
I never saw Cherri again until 8 or 9 years later, she graduated from college, worked part time was married to a really good man and just found out she was going to have a baby. She came to where I worked hoping I was still there --I was--she said that the revised reading that I did for her made such a difference in her life and everything I predicted has come true, she asked me my first name, and if I ever had a boy child what would I have named him. I told her, so she said that if it's a girl she was going to name her after me and if a boy she was going to give him the name I would have given. She had a girl, but I told her the next one could be a boy. And she might be moving. She and her husband moved to Seattle, and last I heard she's doing fine, with her daughter going to be married soon.

Psychic ability is a serious responsibility, and it's hard work in doing readings or trance work.
There is a lot of fakery, and too many people are easily fooled. But if people are fortunate enough to meet with those who have genuine abilities it can be a very rewarding spiritual experience.
In doing readings or being in contact with Spirit or those who have gone before, lot of it is interpretation, and since we are imperfect beings, our minds cluttered with other extraneous junk that we have to set aside, it does take a bit to establish who we are dealing with in the spirit world, then once we have acknowledge who they in spirit are they become soooo happy, that the energy just fly's off the handle.
Interestingly though most of the messages from spirit are "We don't die" yes, all they want to do is re-assure those here on the physical plane that they are still alive, existing on a higher level but alive and well and filled with love and compassion.  There are those who want to give comfort to those left behind especially if they died suddenly, they want to give such assurances that the need is overwhelming.  It's this message of love given over and over again to many, many people that is why the greatest message given to all of us is from the Teacher of Nazareth, who spoke for the Higher Power. Our life's Greatest Commandment to "Love One Another and to Love thy Neighbor as Thyself". For that is the greatest commandment ever given by the Highest Power, and sadly it is the one most overlooked and the hardest one to keep.
I consider this to be almost a magnum opus.  Enjoy!!!
I  had fun doing this, I didn't realize how much is still retained in my mind.   My Guides also helped me with this as well.  They felt it was a good time to get this on "paper" and what I'm going to do it take each section that I wrote to you and build upon it.
My Team says there is a lot, lot more involved in this, more than could be possibly related, each requiring an almost in-depth chapter.  But in just getting this down was a commitment to myself, and my team.
I felt that they even drew in information from other sources beyond themselves.  And I have never felt so warm with them in such a long time.   It felt like our muscles were stretched again.  It was good to use them.

Bright Blessings,
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