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Myrtles Plantation

( by Betty Harrell.)

Visitors Section
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Hi, my name is Betty and I want to share my ghost story with you. I took a friend with me to Louisiana to visit the Mrytles Plantation.

I'm so glad that I went. I never really believed in ghost but after that night,  I've changed my mind.  After checking into the B&B it was time to explore.  Walking around  outside,  you got the feeling that you weren't t alone., but it was nothing compared to what happened inside. We had walked through the house several times looking at everything; hoping that something would happen. It finally did. The third time going through was the charm.  See, there is this one room downstairs (a bedroom) I believe this was the day room, but anyway we had gone into this room and looked at everything, on the third pass something caught our eye.  Over on the bed, as clear a daylight, you could see an impression of a body lying on the bed. The pink velvet bedspread was wrinkled and indented. I was so scared that I wanted to run.  My friend, Chris and myself stood there looking at each other.  I thought maybe this was a light coming in from the outside causing it to appear so we got closer.  I stood at the foot of the bed as Chris came to the side, sure enough the impression was there.  I don't know why we didn't leave, I guess it was my curiosity that forced us to stay.  Anyway, both of us took our hands and smoothed away the wrinkles, but the very moment we moved our hands from the velvet the impression came back.  It was if we had never touched it at all. This is when we left the room!  I still don't know if ghost exist, but there is definitely something to the Myrtles.  So not only did I have the chance to see something that  I cant explain, when we returned home my photos gave me another surprise.  One photo is that of a young child (a little girl) looking out of the window onto the back yard.  Another,  which I took in our room, has the reflection of a middle-aged man, black hair and thick mustache,  I wonder if it is that of General Bradford?  I don't know but you can sure see him there.  So do ghost roam at the old home?  I say YES,  you will have to decide that for yourself.  Me,  I cant wait to go back!