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Mrytles Plantation
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On the Smithsonian's list of the most haunted places in the world - The famous Myrtles Plantation is located in St. Francisville, Louisiana.  A  small picturesque town with an extraordinary large number of very old Victorian and antebellum style houses.  The Myrtles Plantation itself was built in 1794 by a General David Bradford and remains today an excellent example of antebellum architecture along the Mississippi River.   When entering this domain one definitely feels as if though you've stepped into the past.  For further reading on this famous landmark, please click on the following picture for an article written by Troy Taylor :
FPRF has had several team members investigate the famous landmark.  Krista  participated in an investigation for the Discovery Channel (The Haunted Myrtles Plantation which aired in April & Oct 2002).  Tim & Monica decided to investigate and spend a night at the haunted plantation.   Monica & Tim both reported that immediately upon arriving they could feel multiple energies at the site.  It was especially noticeable when they were getting settled into their second story room.  "The air had an 'electric static' feel to it.  It was very eerie at first." They both reported however, it was an experience there they will always cherish.  "Initially, the energy there was a bit intense.  As night fell Tim, myself and a few others decided to tour the plantation in depth without the usually escorts one finds during guides tours.  It was truly a night to remember."  After the night investigation and documentation phase was accomplished, the two went to into the darkened plantation alone while the rest of the group chatted outside in the garden, - to make contact with the entities there.  "Actually many of the entities there simply felt lost and sad" Monica reported.  The two performed a ritual and gave a message to the energies that were with them that night on the second story of the majestic old home.  "We felt a sense of peace when we were done with the ritual and passed on the message, they were all around and listened.  Mind you...the place is still haunted, most likely it will remain that way till the plantation has passed into history and memories.  Still, it was one of the most peaceful nights we've ever had in such a location."