The Nature of Truths & Realities

(By Elizabeth Sturino)

I cannot not speak to another’s truths, only my own. I cannot judge what someone else believes to be true for it is in their own experience and understanding of that experience does their truth become their reality.
If I were to ask you “Is the grass green? Is the sky Blue?  Most people would say “yes”. Some would say “no” because they are color blind. Some would say “no” because they understand that it is not the grass that is green but the chlorophyll that is in the blade that gives it the appearance of the actual blade being green . The blade of grass is factually translucent. Is the sky blue? No, the sky is factually black as the night sky. It is the reflection of sunlight off upper atmospheres that gives the sky the appearance of blue. But to everyone who looks up during the day, the sky is blue and they can and will defend the blue sky because that is what they see. Unless they can see and understand how the natural world around us works, they are stuck in the paradigm that what is in front of them, what they can see, what the guy next door says is the truth is, to them, the only truth.
Thank goodness Steven Hawkins, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, Martian Luther King didn’t buy into the paradigm of the day and not try to find their own truths, their own possibilities. They wanted to challenge the status quo, the belief of that time. Which is similar the quantum physicist of today who are continuing to discover and prove new possibilities of the universe and even the medical profession in understanding the function of the mind and brain connection. The possibilities of our human experience continue to be, one step away, one idea, one connection, one “what if”.
When I began my journey into discovering my spiritual self I had a very difficult time balancing this world and the one I knew through my own private experiences did, in fact, exist. I had no one to guide me and explain what these experiences were or even to just accept that these experiences were in fact happening. All I had was books. I read with an obsession that could have been comparative to a stalker. I was stalking the truth about my self and about these glimpses of something beyond what was common knowledge but was very true and real to me. Some of what I read let me know that my experiences weren’t so abnormal. Some of it was so very depressing because it elicited very human reactions of inferiority. I had started to compare someone else’s experience to my own and making their truth mine. I stopped reading so many books. I had started to wonder if all of these experiences were truly my own and not just suggestions to my psyche. I started to just be and stopped trying to be a part of someone else’s experience and their truth. In this, a great understanding has taken place and a trust of self that cannot be broken. Books and others words are wonderful as references as we seek to understand what we have already experienced. But to use them as our own truth without having the actual experience we are not living our own truth, we are living someone else’s truth, using their methodology and thought process to come to a spiritual or human experience, which if it is ours to experience in this life will ,in time, come to us.
Words, smells, places each elicit a million different responses in different people. While the word “magic” to some is exciting and mysterious, to others it elicits feeling of condemnation. To some the smell of roses elicits feelings of love and comfort while to others it creates a sadness of loss. To some a walk in the woods is calming and peaceful while to others it is a bit scary. Why would the word “magic” elicit feelings of condemnation? Perhaps someone’s up bringing was very controlled in one form or another and the idea of something beyond the human perception was ridiculed. Why would the smell of roses create a feeling of sadness? Perhaps someone’s first memory of a funeral of someone they love, the smell of roses was prevalent and evokes feelings of loss. Why would a walk in the woods be a bit scary? Perhaps someone is afraid of spiders, getting lost, or they are just out of their element. Because there are many different life experiences that evoke many varied responses within our psyche and because no two people have the same experiences in their lifetime or process the same experience the same way. An experience shared by many is processed not in the same way but in many different ways, which, in turn, creates a new truth for each individual.
While some do not always have the right words to describe an event that has occurred with them, or should I say a “politically spiritually correct” way.  It does not negate the fact of the experience or the personal truth that occurs within someone that in turn expands the mind and spirit and creates an understanding that will at some point change the paradigm. Understanding, expansion, truth without fear and trusting yourself is first and foremost. Being generous in spirit enough to give another that same opportunity on their journey is the greatest gift one human can give another.

Elizabeth Sturino ©

FPRF, Psychic

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