Haunted Home
Case #57/Atlantic Beach  FL,  Home  5 Nov - 2011
Science Team Members Present:  Jennifer Kavouras, Nick Perkins, Rich Adams, Charlie Carter.

Science report by:  Jennifer K.

The Home under investigation was newly construction and purchased in 2006, no one had lived in the house prior to her purchasing the home.    The property was originally part of the neighbor’s land, and an orchard was located where the house now stands.   The owner was originally purchasing a home in Dutton Island Reserve (further down the road) but due to complications purchased this home instead.

The home is a beautiful, two story house with a detached garage, large front and back porch and a balcony on the front of the home.  Large electrical lines run parallel to the side of the home and smaller electrical lines run parallel to the front of the home.   There are many large trees on the property whose branches touch the home.

The owner stated that things started occurring several months after moving in.  The first thing that she noticed was leaving the home one night, while in the car she looked back and the bathroom light turned on.   No one was in the house.   A few days ago a neighbor came to the house waiting to meet her.  The neighbor had keys and was about to enter the house when she heard scratching on the windows from the inside.   She left.

The owner stated that she is known to sleepwalk.  She will go into the kitchen at night and can have conversations with people while she is asleep.   In February of 2007 she woke up with a headache and to blood on her pillow and her hands.  There was dried blood coming out of her left ear and she had an ear ache.  She noticed blood splatter on the backboard of the second step from the top of the stairs.  There were blood drops leading into the kitchen and a small puddle in the kitchen.  She eventually sought medical help and had a skull fracture.   While she still does not remember the actual incident itself she has had repeated dreams of being pushed down the stairs.  She had other dreams that were disturbing, after getting a St. Benedict medal the dreams stopped.  The owner reported that she had not experienced anything unusual before living here.

When asked if she experienced any electrical problems she stated that the motion detectors in the living room would go off constantly.   She does have two large dogs but the detectors were set so that the dogs would not set them off.  She had the alarms checked and there was no reason determined for them to be going off.   The problem kept occurring so often that she now does not use them.

The owner reported seeing an apparition one day of a man standing on the landing.  He was tall, thin, wearing cutoff jeans and a t-shirt.  He was pacing back and forth and when he turned his head to her he had no face.

The owner, her son and a neighbor have repeatedly heard walking upstairs, mainly in Chance’s room.  The walking can be heard at all times of the day and night.

One of the dogs, Grace, will track something with her eyes when nothing is there.   If they see something out of the corner of their eye, Grace will also usually be reacting as if she sees something.

In 2009 they had a black widow infestation.   When the exterminator came out he stated he had never seen anything like it.  There were black widows under the house, all around the house, under the furniture.  The exterminator had to come out a second time because the first treatment was not entirely successful.   On his second visit the owner showed the exterminator a spider they had caught under a glass jar that didn’t look like the others.  The exterminator identified it as a baby tarantula.

The owner had a glass vase sitting on the table.  It had an iron cage with the glass bulging through the iron.  There was a ladder in front of the vase.   The vase was found shattered on the floor.  In order to do that it would have had to have been turned sideways and then gone up and over the ladder.  Chance was home at the time and never heard anything.

Approximately two weeks ago a hole was discovered in the wall opposite the first floor bathroom, underneath the coat rack.   It was  a large hole that looked like it had been punched into the wall.  The owner had no explanation for the hole, and being underneath the coat rack, not sure how long the hole had  been there before being discovered.

Chance has heard light knocking.  But would not admit to the possibility of ghosts being in the house until he heard that we were coming, then he told his mother “you’re going to piss them off”.  Chance will not sleep in his bedroom or go in there during the daytime for any length of time.  He sleeps in the living room.  Kimberly feels uncomfortable in the living room, the craft room and a portion of her bedroom.
There are no reports of unusual odors or sounds, except the knocking and footsteps.

The TV turned on by itself, once, last week.  The scale in the bathroom has been reported to have moved.   Also last week Kimberly saw a man wearing  a black robe with a hood (fitted at the top, loose from the waist down) run from the stairs into the entertainment center.
The house used to have a lot of mirrors, they made the owner feel uncomfortable so she took most of them down.  She is afraid to look into mirrors in the house.

When asked about voices, the owner stated that she was on the phone with her grandfather  and she saw a man, five foot nine or ten inches tall, dark hair, piercing blue eyes, stocky/chubby.  He said  “will you help me now?”.   She researched her greatgrandfather and the civil war registration cards had a description that coincided with the man that she saw.

The neighbors that used to also own the portion of land that the house sits on are Catholic and they don’t like the house.   They have also reported that they have a spirit dog on their property.

In February the owner found out she has brain lesions and poly neuropathy and is currently taking Neurontin and morphine.  Activity has also increased since February.

After the interview we headed upstairs to take readings while the residents stayed in the living room.   All of us felt a difference in the atmosphere in Chance’s room.  It was immediately apparent upon crossing the threshold into his room.    During an emf scan of the room Nick Perkins was able to determine that there is an alarm clock on the nightstand that gives off an unusually high reading of emf’s.   This was brought to the attention of the owner and it was suggested that she replace the alarm clock.    There were occasional high winds during the investigation and it was noted that branches hitting the home at those times could be taken for knocking or footsteps.  There were also a few emf spikes over the bed in Chances room.

During an evp session in Chance’s  room there were unaccounted for noises heard several times.   At this time, audio is still being reviewed so it cannot be determined yet if they are indeed paranormal.

During the investigation of the first floor orbs were repeatedly captured around the stairs and in the kitchen area.   Nick recorded an unaccounted for emf spike between the kitchen and sofa.  While investigating the living room we kept hearing what sounded like something being rolled.   It was narrowed down to an area that is the roof of the back porch.  Upon further investigation Charlie was able to determine that at certain times the high winds were able to cause a picture located high up on the back porch to rub back and forth against the wall.  This was creating the rolling noise that was periodically being heard.
Residential Investigations
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Atlantic Beach Spiritual Investigation 11-5-11  
Report by:  Nick Perkins
The Spiritual Team consisting of FPRF Medium Morgana Starr and Tim Tedana arrived to the home shortly after nine pm.  Morgana Starr and Tim Tedana immediately toured the house with Morgana gaining initial spiritual impressions.  In the front room, Morgana said a male entity said, “I will trip you and make you fall.”  It was directed at the owner, then repeated the same towards Morgana.

In the owners craft room Morgana picked up on the same male entity right away. “It seems like he won’t stand still.” Morgana then commented that this spirit seemed to follow us through the house. “He’s upset about something that somebody  did and it feels he’s directing that at you,” Morgana commented to the homeowner.  

Morgana and Tim then continued to explore the house going up to the second floor, passing by a picture on the wall Morgana exclaimed “He wants to punch a hole in the wall.”  

The homeowner quickly asked to Morgana to repeat what she said “Did you say he wants to poke a hole or punch a hole?”
“He wants to punch a hole,” Morgana answered using her fist to punch hard into the palm of her hand. “He is angry.”

(Unknown to Morgana one of the unexplained occurrences was a fist size hole in the wall downstairs near the craft room.  A coat rack obscured the hole but it was shown to the science team upon their arrival.)

Morgana once again picked up on the male spirit. “Does it seem like he’s the same one?” Tim asked. “Yes it’s like he keeps following us.”
9:29- Morgana and Tim upon moving about the second floor seemed to settle in on the master bedroom.  Morgana once again focused on the male entity. “What I am getting right now, and I will bring him in, is that he is upset that you had a boy and not a girl.” This referenced the homeowners only child, a boy.

Morgana fell into a deep trance, channeling the male entity. Tim started the interaction, “we’d like to talk to you.”  Morgana had to take a moment and stated that this male spirit was beginning to communicate with foul language cursing.

“He can cuss if he wishes, “Tim commented.
 “You don’t have to give me permission in my own house.” exclaimed Morgana now obviously channeling the male spirit.
“I’m not leaving,” Morgana then said to which Tim replied “we just want to talk.” Tim then asked the spirit, “Do you love this house?”
The spirit through Morgana replied “The house and everything in it belongs to me.
“Did you build a house?” Tim then asked.
“What difference does it make to you?” the entity replied forcefully.  “It’s a big house; did you build it for just yourself? It’s a beautiful house” Tim said.
“I built it for her. She left me, “the entity replied.
“And you stayed her after she left?” Tim asked.
“I built that room for my little girl and she left.”
Tim then asked the spirit if it stayed behind after she left and whether she was his first love.
“I loved her and she loved me.”
“How old were you when she left? 30’s, 40’s?” Tim asked.
“She came back. It’s her, and then she had a little boy” The spirit stated obviously referring to the homeowner.
“The woman standing there?  It’s not her,” Tim stated trying to get the entity to understand the mistaken connection the spirit had made to the unrelated homeowner.
“Yes!” The spirit remarked confirming the belief that this was the spirits long lost love.
“It’s not her” Tim once again stated. “You have been here a while.”
The spirit then proclaimed. “She came back and she brought a boy and I don’t know where the girl is and I pushed her down, I just wanted her to listen.“
(The homeowner had fallen down the stairs mysteriously in the middle of the night causing a skull fracture unbeknownst to Morgana.)
“What did you do with our girl, what did you do with our daughter?????” The spirit asked anxiously.
“She did nothing this is not her.” Tim remarked.  
“She looks like her…” the spirit stated, now once again referring to the connection the spirit was making between the homeowner and his long lost love.
“A lot of women look like others.” Tim replied.
“Do you ever remember being sick?” Tim then asked.  
“I’ve got to get her to listen, so I can find out where my little girl is. She won’t listen!!!” the spirit exclaimed.
“What year is this?” Tim asked to which the spirit replied.
“1840, why do you ask such stupid questions?”
Tim then tried to reason with the spirit “This isn’t the same house, this isn’t the same woman.”
“Is there anything else you remember besides your wife and your daughter?”  
The spirit replied, “Others tried to help me, can you help me make her listen?”
“What’s your name?” The spirit replied “George.”
“Your daughter, would you like to see her again?” Tim asked.
“Haven’t you been listening? I am looking for her.”
“George you have been dead for a long while. God feels your pain.” Tim then said to the spirit trying to make it realize its physical mortality. “George, you’re not forgotten. Everyone cares for you even your daughter cares for you.”
“I know that’s why I want to find her,” George answered.
Tim then commented, “Have you ever seen the bright light outside? That’s where she is. And you have been so angry and so sad you can’t see that light. The bright light has been seeking you for a long time.”
 “The others told me not to go towards the light.“ The spirit replied “Every time I tried to go they choked me.”
 Who’s choking you now George?” Tim asked. “Nobody’s choking you. Do you see the light?”
“I see something it looks pink. My daughter loved pink.” The spirit stated.
“That’s your clue, she’s missing you and she is in the light. She’s been calling you and she’s been missing you for a long time. Leave all this misery and go to her. “

The spirit then became emotional and stated “keep them back” referring to an unknown entity.  Calm then descended upon Morgana as the spirit of George apparently proceeded and went into the light to be reunited with his lost daughter.

Tim then asked Morgana if she felt the presence of any other spirit in the house to which Morgana replied that she did not. Morgana stated how mad the spirit had been towards the homeowner. Apparently George had gotten confused and attached himself to the house and homeowner not realizing this was not his wife of long ago. Morgana and Tim assisted the spirit not only in realizing it was not alive but also to go towards the light to reunite with his daughter he loved so much.  The homeowner seemed to be at peace with this understanding of why this haunting took place and with a new sense that perhaps she could once again resume living in the house again normally.
* 2 week post investigation status. 
-  19 Nov 2011 - As of this time, no further activity has been reported by the client.  FPRF will continue to monitor and follow up as needed.             

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