Haunted Home
Case #56/Woodlake Village, Palm Bay  FL,  Home  27 Aug - 2011
Science Team Members: Nick Perkins, Rich Adams

Science report by:  Nick Perkins

The Science Team of Nick Perkins and Rich Adams arrived at 7 pm and listened to the owner’s account of events leading up to their arrival.
The owner remarked that two significant events had occurred in the apartment inthe last several weeks.
On one occasion she was taking a shower with nobody else in the house and she watched the shower curtain peel back as if a hand was moving
it back. Also the owner talked about being in the living room and hearing what sounded like a small animal scurrying in the kitchen and moving on top of the plates and dishes. She said she has no rodent problems to her knowledge. 
The owner also talked about the previous history of the family and having moved from Clearwater where they lived in a home that was a
previous crematorium. Activity seemed to begin upon living in that home and seemingly had followed them to Palm Bay Fl. The husband of the owner was pretty much at wits end and the owner was as well. They both have a young daughter who is completely aware of the situation.
We began by doing EMF readings of the entire apartment which all came up at .1 or nominal and without being remarkable as evidence. The only
slight area with EMF reading was in the daughters room near her aquarium and the fluorescent light inside and the refrigerator in the kitchen. Both of these
areas  gave off a slightly higher EMF reading.
After sweeping the house Nick Perkins ventured into the bathroom where the shower curtain had moved back and briefly got a .4 on the
EMF meter or a small spike in EMF activity. Rich had been trying to stir up a little bit of activity. Rich also commented on feeling somewhat of a
chill in the daughters room and feeling of a presence in that room.
The Science Team immediately began an EVP session in the daughters room. Rich felt that whatever was there was attached to the
daughter.  We immediately had small spikes of EMF readings, but traced it to the aquarium.  Upon reviewing all evidence during all EVP
recordings, we received no evidence of entities or possible EVP voices or noises.
Using a infrared thermometer the bathroom was 4 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment, however it was located right next to the
air conditioning unit.  The Science Team then conducted various EVP sessions in different rooms of the apartment with no
results except for one instance in the daughter’s bedroom.
Upon a return trip to the daughter’s bedroom and another EVP session we received an extremely high and unexplained spike on the K2 EMF meter
as all of the indicator lights lit up at once. Rich Adams Science Team member felt at that exact moment he had been touched on the back of the neck. This
concludes the evidence gathered from the Science Team which was limited, but centered around the daughter’s bedroom.

Residential Investigations
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Woodlake Village Spiritual Investigation 11-5-11  

Spiritual Team Members: Tim Tedana, Morgana Starr, Paul Alexander

Report by:  Nick Perkins
At 10 pm the Psychic Team arrived consisting of Tim Tedana, Morgana Starr and Paul Alexander arrived. The two team psychics were separated so
that both could give their own independent readings of the home.
Paul Alexander’s reading, “Impressions, the impressions I am getting is of a young girl who is about 4 or 5 years old, who had passed in the
spirit.  She apparently knew your daughter or felt her spirit when she was about the same age. So I would imagine
your daughter has been seeing or hearing things for about 3 or 4 years at least. The spirit has more or less attached herself to her because she doesn’t
want to cross over yet. She doesn’t want to believe that she has passed, that she is dead. She was looking for friends, she was looking for family and she
found your daughter.”
“She needs to move on” continued Paul, “but your daughter is entering (puberty) and her body is changing and that is part of what this
spirit is fighting against. My feeling is she needs to move forward, but for whatever reason she is resisting.  It’s almost like she is angry at
times because she is trying to communicate but nobody is listening to what she wants to say. She is not mean but she is lost
in between the physical world and the spirit world.”
The homeowner then explained that her daughter recently began to play with baby dolls when she never had before and asked Paul if that
could be as a result of spirit contact. Paul stated that it could be a way for the spirit to communicate and be with things that the spirit felt comfortable
with being such a young age. The homeowner then stated she had not played with baby dolls since she was four. She now has a boyfriend at school but then comes home and plays with baby dolls.
Paul stated that the duality of that was probably a result of communication with the spirit who wanted her to remain childlike and not
grow to be an adolescent.  “She will put the dolls away again…”  Paul also recommended that playing the Catholic radio station in the
background to help them both. “Another thing I can recommend is that you sit down and ask her about her friend.  Ask her what she looks
like. Also you can probably have someone sage the house. “At some point your daughter is going to have to communicate to her something like

I’ am in this room you are in that room. Ifyou want to communicate in this world you need to go towards the light and then
come back in. You have to go through the tunnel through the light and then you
can come back here.’”
Paul then stated that his impression was that the girl had drowned. The homeowner then stated her daughter was having numerous breathing
problems and the doctors were not sure what the cause was. Paul stated that she had lost her breath in some form in any event. The homeowner then stated that she appreciated the help because she had felt that it was her and not her daughter that the spirit was attached to. 
Paul stated that her breathing problem was probably in the evening and the homeowner stated it was.   
The homeowner was very appreciative as she now had a completely new perspective on the haunting that was occurring and that it
involved her daughter and not herself.  The psychic team explained ways that the homeowner to work to protect her daughter in case the spirit returned.
Morgana began her investigation and went about the apartment stopping at various places but ending up in the daughter’s bedroom where she
felt a presence.  “Something happened that was violent.” Morgana then began channeling an entity and put her hands to
her face while tears ran down. “It was hard to breathe, I am very trapped, very trapped, its female, there was sexual abuse or something.”  
“Is this female here for a reason?” Tim asked.  “There is a girl here by your daughter. How long has this female been here?”
“She kept trying to tell people to listen and nobody would listen to her. It’s been about 5 years? I keep hearing her saying ‘

She has to protect her she has to protect her.’” Morgana replied. 
She passed away about 5 years ago?” Tim asked.
“That’s what she said, but I keep hearing 1980. So I am not sure.”
 “Has she been trying to contact the homeowner?” Tim asked
“In dreams….” Morgana responded. 
“Ask her to talk to you. We want to hear her now. We want to hear her story.” Tim said. “Are you happy being here?”
 “I don’t want it to happen to anybody else, I have to stop it.” Morgana replied.
“Do you miss somebody? Is there something you still love?
Can you think back to when you were happy?” Tim asked. 
“The little dog, I liked the dog.”
“Would you like to see the dog again.?” 
“I could hold him when he was mean to me, I liked the dog then he killed the dog! He killed the dog! “ 
Morgana replied.
 “Do you ever see any light around you? I want you to see a light. Look up to your right, I want you to imagine a light, its bright.
Can you see it?” Tim said.
“I think something brighter, its soft, I see my dog but I can’t reach him.” Morgana said.
“I want you to call him, I want you to follow the dog.” Tim said.
“Will the little girl be ok? Do you promise? Do you promise she will not be hurt?” Morgana said.
Tim replied “Yes, she has her own angels, she will be ok. When you get there tell everyone we said hello.” 
Morgana then said, “I don’t want to go…don’t let anyone hurt her. She is too precious.”
The homeowner then told the entity through Morgana, “She will be ok, you can go. I will protect her, she will be ok.” 
“Ok I will go, I can go play with my dog….” Morgana finally stated and at that point it seemed the spirit of the girl had passed.
Morgana then stated that she felt the spirit who passed hadbeen choked to death. Morgana then said it probably happened in the eveningwhen the father was gone because the choking was from the spirits father. 

Once the investigations and readings were concluded, the team then briefed the owner on their findings and actions.  The owner was told the activity in the home should decrease if not stop completely.  The team would contact the owner in 2 weeks to determine if the intervention was a success. 

** Note. 
Most haunting we have noted include a secondary entity that
seems to be attracted by the disturbance of human spirits interacting with our
world.  These non-human entities seem to
feed upon the drama caused by the contact between earth bound spirits and our
world and do not wish the situation to improve. 
We call these entities, sentinels (info).  They tend to guard the situation from interference
of teams wishing to improve the situation for the owner.  The infamous “backlash” that often occurs
prior to or after an intervention comes from these entities.  The majority of ‘dark’ or evil feelings home
owners get when an earth bound spirit is in a home also comes from these sentinels
that are attracted to the scene. When earthbound spirits are released, these secondary entities leave as well. 
Upon the 2 week post investigation follow up interview, the client stated her daughter has ceased her fascination to play with dolls and that the uncomfortable feeling that was in the home is no longer there. 
Reported by the client.  FPRF will continue to monitor and follow up as needed.             

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation