Haunted Home
Case #53/Zephyrhills,  FL,  Home  5 Feb - 2011
Wesley Chapel House Spiritual Investigation 5 Feb 2011

Team Members: Tracy P. -Team Medium, Tim Tedana, Elena Finch (Science Team Member) & Nick Perkins (Science Team Member).

Science report by:  Nick Perkins

*  Original e-mail sent to FPRF for help recounting events dated 17 Jan 2011.

I understand that the Florida Paranormal Research Foundation may use what they find in our home or share our story with others. However, it was agreed upon that our names will not be used and any pictures taken will have our faces blacked out or hidden. Thank you.
Journal From this house. Many, many things have happened everyday. However it is hard to distinguish what was my own paranoia, imagination, or natural distortion of vision.  So, I have only documented what I know was true: without feelings attatched...random happenings when I wasn't aware of it's presence. These things happened for sure.  
6 months after moving in 2003, tried to sleep on a futon due to my back in the spare room. Something was running around and scratching. Ran to my son's room to help me find the "mouse". There was no animal in the room. Also a feeling of threat, dread.  I slept in my own room and never tried again to sleep in that room.
Last summer thought my husband was in the attic over our bathroom. Was scared he was in the attic heat with his asthma. Ran to the garage to the attic opening...he was on the lawn mower by the street. Asked him later if the space above our bathroom was a walkable space...he said no, only a crawl space. Whatever was up there was very heavy and walking.
September - was walking in from garage, something chased me and I felt threatened.  Ran through the door, after the door shut, something hit the door hard. Husband said "what the hell was that" and I started to cry the danger feeling was sooooo strong.
Little pretty lights just outside of porch door....dancing and happy. Big black patch chased them away. There is something always out there. I can feel it. My dog can feel it and sometimes barks at it.
Dog was wagging her tail and listening to something in the corner of the porch and looking at head level. This was not a bad thing. Think it was my dad looking at my son through the pool door. He loved my son dearly. May have come back for a visit? I was not scared. Neither was the dog.
In Sept. Woke up to black patch in our dressing area, looking at me I think.
9/20 Stuffed knocked off my closet shelf and my things moved around.
9/23 I was dusting in the computer room. Something banged in the middle of the house where dog was sleeping. She ran to me tail between legs and whinning. Not like her at all. Skittish the rest of the day.
9/28 3 bangs in the garage or back bedroom, dog also heard this and looked at me with question.
10/17 Closet door on armoir opened...asked husband what he wanted and he said he didn't go in there. I was just in that room and the doors were shut.
10/18 Husband heard scratching in the computer room wall.
11/5 Heard glasses in the cupboard moving. We were sitting on couch watching tv. I looked at my husband to see if he heard this as it continued for a long time, but he was asleep.
1/6 Things in bathroom closet fell over due to me.  When I went to clean up 20 min later, went to the closet and something pounded on it from the inside. Ran to the porch, it growled at me through the pool door.
1/6 In the computer room on the computer....tinkling kept sounding, there was nothing there.
1/10 Loud bang in middle of house, husband heard this.
1/13 AM vacuuming in son's room, something smacked the wall. I ran out crying....feeling of dread.
        PM in bathroom getting ready to shower....walking in wall and ceiling coming toward me. Ran out crying and feeling of danger.
1/16 Black mass beside me while at computer....got very cold. Dread and fear. I calmly left the room.
Residential Investigations
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Science Investigation-

During the Science investigation Elena and I took numerous digital photos, evp recordings and digital video evidence.  After reviewing that collected evidence we found no great anomalies apparent however Elena’s fairly reliable camera malfunctioned and I did hear what appeared to be footsteps lightly in the attic on a separate occasion. Both occurrences were not remarkable in nature and perhaps could have been explained by environmental factors.
9:15 pm-The Spiritual Team arrived and quickly went to work in the back bedroom where the teenage son lives. Immediately Tracy picked up on a male presence. She said, “He doesn’t like women, he doesn’t despise them but he thinks they are weak and he is used to bullying women. He’s one of those that think women belong in the kitchen.”
 Tim asked “why is he here?” 
The reply was the statement, “A man’s castle is his home.”
Tim asked, “Did you used to live in this house?” To that question there was no reply. “Tell us about yourself we would like to know your story.”
The spirit through Tracy replied, “He needs to put her in her place.”
Once again Tim asked, “Can you tell us about yourself?”
“No, but that woman has too much to say. My wife knew her place.”
“Did you love your wife?” There was no response to that question.
“She changed, I wouldn’t exactly call it love but it was something,” the spirit replied through Tracy.
Tim asked “Did you love your kids?”
The reply from Tracy was “burden.”
Tim kept probing the subject of love with the entity. “So growing up you did not have much love?”
“You are a man what is love?” was the reply.  
“Your mother, father, your wife and children do not exist anymore here. Anything you hoped for you can still have, but that life you had is over. What did you hope for? “
I just wanted to get out of that house,” the spirit replied.
Tim replied, “That house does not exist anymore; you know your body died. Do you realize that? You are not happy right now.”
Tracy replied, “You don’t know anything about me!”
Tim then said “I know you’re not happy.”
Tracy then said “Look guy, you don’t know me, you don’t know what makes me happy. This sounds like @#**!  
“Right now you are not happy, you are in your own hell,” Tim responded.
The spirit then replied, “If this is hell then where my miserable father?”  
Tim then asked the spirit if it remembered getting sick.
“I got sick I am all better now.”
Tim replied, “No you died. There has been a light that has been after you since you passed away. You don’t have to be here. Everything you wanted you can still have. Do you see the light outside your window?”  
“Had to hide from daddy, momma didn’t do anything about it.”
“There is a light that’s calling you, you need to come home.”  
At that moment Tracy began to breathe heavily but became silent. Soon after that Tracy commented; “I have to back off of him, he makes my head hurt, he makes my face hurt.  Then Tracy began to talk about the impressions she received from this entity. He despised his mother because she did nothing to protect him. I think he left home early, married young and took his dad’s role and perpetrated his hatred for his mother upon his wife.
Tracy pinpointed that this man would have been in his 70’s now and had some tie to the area. She saw suspenders and a button-down shirt. She perceived that he might have been a child in the thirties. He passed in his late forties to early fifties and went unexpectedly, perhaps with a heart condition. He is local from something used to be here or close to here, which is not here anymore. Tracey felt there is a little child in the other part of the house and he bullies that child.
9:36 pm- We moved to the master bedroom and bathroom adjoining as Tracy said she sensed a childlike entity in that area of the house. She also stated that the male presence bullied that childlike entity and kept it so that it did not like to venture out.  She said there is a scary man here. She says he yells a lot. 
There was a long period of silence after which Tracy said “She was lost, and then there wasn’t anybody but her. She likes the dog; there is a nice lady here too. She likes the lady that is in here and that’s why she stays here. She keeps the bad man away. Sometimes I go and get the dog and the bad man comes and yells at me.
“Where are your parents? Tim asked.
“I don’t know”’ Tracy replied.
“Do you believe in angels?”
“Yes” Tracy replied.  
“We want to protect you from that bad man; do you know what angels look like? Would you like to see your mom and dad again? Do you miss them?”
The entity spoke in a distrusting tone and talked about how her mother did not want her to go with strangers.
“Do you see that bright light outside that window? Think about what that bright light looks like. See if you recognize anyone in that bright light,” Tim said.
All of a sudden Tracy, channeling the child exclaimed “I was looking for him! I was looking for him there he is!  My papi!
He got lost and I went looking for him and I got lost. How did he get there?” 
Tim said, “Go to him; tell him we said “hello.” Bye.”
 At that point it appeared that the child passed on into the light and had gone on.
9:45 p.m.  We concluded the work in the master bedroom and went back into the living room. In the living room and on the porch Tracy told Robin, the owner of the house, that she needed to take control of her house.  She said to let the male entity know she is not going anywhere and that she is in charge. She made this comment repeatedly that the key was for her to confront this entity, tell it she wanted it to leave and that she would not be frightened by it any longer.
Tracy also said a few times that the entity felt the husband was not taking on his manly duties by setting this all straight. Apparently the entity felt the woman ran the household or at least had too much influence on it.
Tracy and Tim continued to counsel Robin as she was apparently psychically sensitive as a child. Tracy said that perhaps she was drawing in spirits and that’s why they follow her. The homeowner, Robin, seemed very relieved that Tracy did sense entities in the house and that it was not her imagination. Both owners seemed curious as to the information Tracy shared. They talked at length of strategies going forward to take back the house from the male that was determined to stay.
  Final investivagtion outcome:  2 souls identified haunting the location.  1 soul rescued, one remains on site.

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation